Broken Britain and broken families

This week we've seen riots in London and seen them spreading throughout Britain.

Many people are wondering what is causing the unrest and the violence on the streets.

All around we see a lack of meaning, broken families, fatherlessness, unemployment and a sense of worthlessness along with a lack of discipline.

Here are a couple of reports analysing the problem:

Theodore Dalrymple has long monitored the problems of broken families and the society in Britain and elsewhere....

His current article is insightful...
British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite - The Australian, 11/8/2011.

Another of his essays in City Journal:
British Degeneracy on Parade - The riots should surprise no one who’s been paying attention. 11/8/2011

Christian groups in the UK are talking about the collapse of the family:
'Broken Britain': Christians call on PM to address family breakdown - Christian Today, 11/8/2011.

Could it happen in Australia?

Already in some places we see violence on the streets that seems unexplainable. Vandalism that is unexplainable, graffiti, violent attacks... a full scale riot is perhaps not far away when you really look at what is happening.

If we remove Christianity from society, then people have no moral compass to decide what is right and wrong.
I recall hearing that Charles Colson, of Prison Fellowship, once told a UK Prime Minister, who asked him how to resolve these social problems....
"Get the children back into Sunday School" ... perhaps good advice - a revival and return to Christian values and beliefs is really needed!

Both here and in Britian - in fact, around the world!

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