Same-sex marriage report released

The federal parliament is currentlyconsidering same-sex 'marriage' - with two separate private member's Bills and Inquiries by the House of Representatives and the Senate.. The House of Representatives Committee, that is currently considering two different Bills on this matter, released its Report this week. [The Senate one is due to be published on 25 June, 2012,]

The Committee didn't make a recommendation as to whether this should be legalised. However, the Chair of the Committee, Graham Perrett (Labor), fully endorsed same-sex 'marriage' in the Foreword to the report and in his other comments in the Report. Two Labor MPs opposed the proposals, two Liberal MPs opposed it, and the Greens MP Adam Bandt supported it (of course!)

The Bills were briefly debated when they were introduced - then debate was adjourned until after the winter recess - in mid-August.

On Adam Bandt's Bill - he was the only one to speak in favour (speech).
SIX MPs spoke against it - Stuart Robert (Liberal), John Murphy (Labor), Darren Chester (Nationals), Scott Buchholz (Liberal), Shayne Neumann (Labor), Deb O'Neill (Labor).

On Stephen Jones' Bill (he is an ALP Member, but it is a private member's Bill)
Those speaking for the Bill: Melissa Parke (Labor), Tanya Plibersek (Labor), Andrew Leigh (Labor).
Those speaking against the Bill: Scott Buchholz (Liberal), Stuart Robert (Liberal).

For details of the Inquiry into these two Bills, see our campaign page - click here

To read the Committee's Report - click here.

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