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Firstly, we have decided that over December/January we will try to send one weekly email update. This will, of course, depend on what happens between now and February and the urgency required to deal with issues.
They will be posted on our 'Latest News' page.

Unfortunately, this week's news, right across the world, continues to be dominated by one issue - homosexuality. Unfortunately, we can't avoid it just because we are sick and tired of it - that is what those promoting it want us to do. They will continue to try to wear us down - but we won't let them, will we?

Second - some good news
Nigerian Senate passes anti-homosexual/lesbian Bill, defying British 'aid' threat
The Nigerian Senate passed a bill banning same-sex marriages, and open displays of SSA, on Nov. 29th, despite a threat from Britain to withhold aid from the nation for violating what Britain calls homosexual 'rights'.

The Bill will now go to the Nigeria's House of Representatives for a vote before President Goodluck Jonathan can sign it into law.

Full article @

SALT Comment: Many people have criticised the Bill, and will no doubt continue to do so, but Praise God for the determination of the Nigerian government for standing firm. Many false claims about death sentences where bandied about when this Bill was foreshadowed but that related only to adults who seduce minors into same-sex activity.

Taking a stand against the greatest cause of sexual disease in Africa is imperative if they are to have any chance of breaking out of their 'third world' poverty.

Thirdly - the ongoing bad news
1. Australia - Liberal backlash against Tony Abbott and NO conscience vote.

Liberals defy Abbott on same-sex marriage (The Australian - December 15, 2011)
"LIBERALS agitating for a free vote on same-sex marriage have stepped up their campaign, with a key moderate arguing the party has never denied its MPs a conscience vote granted to their Labor rivals. Victorian MP Russell Broadbent yesterday said the Coalition should not be "afraid" of a conscience vote on same-sex marriage while senator Simon Birmingham said he would continue to fight in the Party room for a free vote..".
Full article @ The Australian  

SALT Comment: It should be noted that the Labor Party does not usually allow a conscience vote on anything other than what they call 'life issues'. This position was a ruse to get abortion 'rights' on to the ALP platform because without a conscience vote the Party would (probably) have rejected it. The same ruse has now been played to get same-sex 'marriage' on the same platform for the same reason.

The Liberal/Nat Party should not simply follow that ruse down the same slippery slope. A conscience vote is always available to Liberal/Nat Party MPs - sure, it might affect their 'rise' through the ranks but it would not get them dismissed from the Party as it would if they were Labor MPs.

Please Pray that the Lib/Nat coalition will stand strongly against same-sex 'marriage' and any legal recognition of s-s relationships. 

2. UK House of Lords - debate on civil partnerships in churches
Yesterday (14 Dec 2011), Baroness O'Caithain proposed a motion in the UK House of Lords that would have stopped registration of civil partnerships on church premises. Just prior to the debate she withdrew the motion.  

SALT Comment: Homosexuals in the United Kingdom are now allowed to register their 'civil partnerships' in churches. This new legislation, which came into effect on 5 Dec 2011, means churches can now choose to register civil partnerships on their premises.

When the law was passed in 2004, these partnerships were NOT allowed to be registered. But activists keep working away to get laws changed!

Baroness O'Caithain proposed her motion because she was concerned that churches could eventually be forced to register civil partnerships. During the debate Lord Alli (who moved the original amendment) said that the legislation includes a 'conscience clause' for churches who don't want to register civil partnerships.

But of course, a legal challenge could still be made. The government maintained that this is 'voluntary' - but also said said that if such a challenge was successful they would 'revisit the law'!Read BBC report - Peer drops fight over same-sex ceremonies in churches

3. President Obama promotes global homosexual rights
On December 6, 2001, US President Barack Obama declared that all US federal agencies dealing with diplomacy and foreign aid must promote homosexual rights. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also declared this in a speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Dec 6.

CFAM investigates this further - and reports that, "Every federal agency engaged overseas, and "other agencies as the President may designate," is directed to "combat the criminalization of LGBT status or conduct abroad," assist LGBT refugees and asylum seekers, leverage aid to advance LGBT non-discrimination, respond swiftly to abuses of LGBT persons abroad, enlist international organizations "in the fight," and report on progress."
Read full C-FAM article: Obama Elevates LGBT as U.S. Foreign Policy Priority  

SALT Comment: This overt declaration of global support for, and promotion of, homosexual rights shows exactly where President Obama and his government are heading.
Read the official Memorandum issued by President Obama - you will be shocked to see the extent of this development. 

Read President Obama's Official Memorandum
Read the White House official 'Fact Sheet' on this development.

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