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News Update 22 May 2015

Australian News
1. Terrorism – teen killed with IS / proposal to remove citizenship / de-radicalisation?
   1.1 Melbourne teen dies whilst fighting with jihadis
   1.2 Oliver Bridgeman - teen convert to Islam - goes to Syria
   1.3 IS fighters want to return home – in exchange for ‘warning others’
   1.4 Government proposals to deal with terrorism
2. Families and tax: Government’s Tax Discussion Paper’s questions don’t mention FAMILIES
3. Immigrants and refugees – Cambodia accepts first four refugees from Australia
4. IVF – A new play about Alan Trounson opens in Melbourne – ‘pioneer of IVF’
5. Royal Commission holds hearings at Ballarat
6. Catholic school staff go to ‘Naked for Satan’ for drinks

Overseas News
1. Girls going to Syria & Iraq to be ‘brides’ of IS/ISIS fighters
2.. Islam and ISIS / Islamic State
3.  Muslim sues – transferred after refusing to touch pork and alcohol
4. ‘Gender fluidity’ – to be taught in some American schools
5. IS hiding fighters among refugees
6. Sweden - single women get access to IVF
7. Prostitution in New Zealand – and campaign to ‘legalise’ it in Australia!

Coming events
1. National Day of Thanksgiving – 30 May 2015
2. Lecture by Dr Kameel Majdali

News Update 22 May 2015

Australian News

1. Terrorism – teen killed with IS / proposal to remove citizenship / de-radicalisation?
In the past week or so, there have been several developments relating to young Muslim men leaving Australia to fight with Islamic State, news of a Melbourne teen ‘jihadi’ being killed in the Middle East, others wanting to ‘come home’, and government proposals to deal with the situation.

1.1 Melbourne teen dies whilst fighting with jihadis
A Melbourne Muslim teenager, Irfaan Hussein, has reportedly died in the Middle East whilst fighting with ‘jihadis’. He was a close friend of “Numan Haider, 18, who was shot and killed after stabbing two police officers in Endeavour­ Hills in September” and was known to one of the teens charged over the alleged Anzac Day plot (who were also friends of Numan Haider – and they all apparently attended the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Springvale South (it closed after the recent arrests re the Anzac Day plot).

The question being asked about the actions of these Muslim teenagers – are they being ‘groomed’ or are they being ‘attracted’ by the call of the jihadis who are trying to follow the example of Mohammed and the writings of the Qur’an?

Article: Melbourne teen Irfaan Hussein dies fighting with jihadis in Middle East, Herald Sun, 18/5/2015.

1.2 Oliver Bridgeman - teen convert to Islam - goes to Syria
Oliver Bridgeman is a Queensland teenager - a school captain who loved rugby and the beach. Apparently he wanted to be a lawyer or doctor. But he converted to Islam in the middle of 2014 whilst doing Year 12, started a second Facebook page under the name Yusuf Oli and began attending a mosque. Earlier this year he went to Indonesia to help in an orphanage. This week media reports said he had gone to Syria to “fight for al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group the Al-Nusra Front”.

Since then, he has reportedly contacted his parents to tell them he was in the area the group controls, but wasn’t fighting - saying he was doing “humanitarian work” and wants to come home… time will tell what is really happening and how the government responds.
As the Courier Mail reports, for “returning from a terrorist hotspot without a “valid reason’ a person could be arrested and jailed for five years”, and “joining or fighting with “listed’ terrorist organisations” could lead to a 25 year prison sentence.

Article: Blond, rugby-loving school captain turns jihadist,, 16/5/2015.
Article: Toowoomba teen Oliver Bridgeman reportedly wants to come home from terror group, Brisbane Times, 21/5/2015.
Article: Toowoomba ‘terror teen’ Oliver Bridgeman wants to come home, Courier Mail, 21/5/2015.

1.3 IS fighters want to return home – in exchange for ‘warning others’
Media reports this week claim that several men who have been fighting with IS are ‘negotiating with the federal police to return home and not be punished in return for ‘warning others’ not to get involved. The AFP and the Prime Minister are reportedly not persuaded, saying those who return after fighting will be arrested, tried and imprisoned.

Article: Police, PM reject bid from Victorian ISIL fighter to warn others of peril, in exchange for being allowed home, Nine News, 19/5/2015.

1.4 Government proposals to deal with terrorism
The federal government is considering proposals to remove Australian citizenship from hate preachers and terrorists, and deporting them to their country of origin or a third country. The government had previously considered removing Australian citizenship from ‘dual nationals’, but Dan Tehan, chairman of Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, has written in the Herald Sun about extending that to people who only have Australian citizenship but immigrated to Australia from another country. A Cabinet source told the Herald Sun the removal of citizenship ‘would not affect Australian-born citizens who do not have or have not held another nationality’.

The government has since confirmed they are considering the removal of welfare and voting rights, as well as toughening the Citizenship Oath as ways to deal with terrorism.

Article: Hate preachers and terrorists could be stripped of citizenship under anti-terrorism proposal, Herald Sun, 15/5/2015.
Article: Tough anti-terrorism measures could strip suspects of welfare, vote, Herald Sun, 22/5/2015.
Opinion article by Dan Tehan: To be an Aussie is a gift that terrorists seek to destroy, Herald Sun, 16/5/2015.

2. Families and tax: Government’s Tax Discussion Paper’s questions don’t mention FAMILIES
In March, the federal government released a 203 page Discussion Paper on Taxation. As Ros Phillips of FamilyVoice pointed out this week, ‘the tax discussion paper asks 66 questions, but not one of them is about families, let alone single-income families’.

Ros notes that the Discussion Paper “only mentions households and families in passing.”

Following on from our concerns about the Budget proposals that reward double income families and ignore single income families, Barnaby Joyce asked this week why families with full-time mums are being ignored in the Tax Discussion Paper.

FamilyVoice Australia Media Release:  Families and tax: Joe should have a chat with Barnaby, 18/5/2015.

The Tax Discussion Paper – click here.
The Tax Discussion Paper’s 66 Questions click here.
Joe Hockey’s speech on launching the Tax Discussion Paper – click here.

SUBMISSIONS INVITED – the government is inviting everyone to make a submission or comment on the Taxation Discussion Paper – submissions close on June 1, 2015.
Click here for info.
To make a submission, click here.

They want ALL comments, stating “Whether your submission is 20 pages or one paragraph the Government is keen to hear from you.”

3. Immigrants and refugees – Cambodia accepts first four refugees from Australia
Last year the federal government announced a deal had been made with Cambodia to resettle people found to be ‘refugees’, with additional ‘aid’ being given to Cambodia in return. This week it has been confirmed that the first four such people will be settled in Cambodia.

Article: Cambodia approves final resettlement of four refugees held in Australia, ABC, 22/5/2015.

4. IVF – A new play about Alan Trounson opens in Melbourne – ‘pioneer of IVF’
A play by Alan Trouson’s daughter is now showing in Melbourne. The play depicts her father and herself, “Infertile couples then and now, religious leaders (including Jesus) feminists and right-to-lifers”.” In media reports, she talks about hysteria and death threats, so this play undoubtedly promotes her father’s work. (Media report here)

As Pro-Life Victoria write, “This play will no doubt generate much discussion in newspapers, on the airwaves and in television studios. It is important we be armed with arguments questioning what has always been the concern of the pro-life movement, the number, whereabouts and fate of the excess embryos created in the process of in vitro fertilization… We need to be asking about the number of embryos in storage in Australia.”

Pro Life Victoria continued, “In the light of this event about to be staged, a report just out of Britain is very timely. In March this year, Life News reported:

“Over 2 Million Human Embryos Have Been Killed in the UK in IVF Since 1990. In Britain, the number of destroyed in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos has risen to nearly 170,000 a year and since 1990, over two million embryos have been discarded. The public body set up to regulate the IVF industry, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, released the new statistics earlier this year….”

Email addresses for letters to the editor:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Radio 3AW phone number: 03 96900693

5. Royal Commission holds hearings at Ballarat
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is holding a three-week hearing at Ballarat (starting 19 May) – investigating child sexual abuse in schools, churches and institutions run by the Catholic Church. The Commission has set out a detailed ‘Scope and Purpose’ for the first three-week hearing, which is being held at the Ballarat Magistrates Court. A second hearing, into responses by the Church, will be held later this year.
The website for the Ballarat hearing:
Royal Commission to hold public hearing into Catholic Church authorities in Ballarat

6. Catholic school staff go to ‘Naked for Satan’ for drinks
When an administrator at a Catholic primary school in Melbourne ‘accidentally’ sent an email to parents instead of to staff about an ‘end-of term’ drinks function, the media commented on whether a drinks function should be held at 4 pm on a ‘student-free day’. The timing of the event didn’t really seem to be the main problem, especially since staff would be at a ‘parent-teacher reporting evening’ until 9 pm the previous night!

One of our readers rightly commented about his concern regarding the venue – which is called ‘Naked for Satan’ – and asked why a Catholic school would have an event at such a venue…
Article: Parent frustration over student-free day after St Bede’s Primary School email error reveals teacher drinks, Herald Sun, 21/5/2015.

Overseas News

1. Girls going to Syria & Iraq to be ‘brides’ of IS/ISIS fighters
This week Foreign Correspondent showed a revealing story of young Muslim girls going to war zones in Syria and Iraq to be ‘brides of IS fighters.

Program: U.K. - Brides of Isis, Foreign Correspondent, ABC, 19/5/2015.

Program overview: “They're mostly young, educated and middle class - yet more than 60 British women and girls have chosen to move to Syria and live in the so called "Islamic State", under a deeply repressive regime. So, according to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, have a number of Australian women. This BBC investigation reveals how the women marry fighters, and become part of a powerful army of online recruiters, persuading other young girls on social media to join them and about 500 other Western women thought to be living in the self-declared caliphate.”

2. Islam and ISIS / Islamic State
A nun whose Foundation works in 35 countries, helping the poor and persecuted, has spoken up about Islam and Islamic State/ISIS. She helps Christian and Yazidi women who are being sold into slavery.

Sister Hatune Dogan said, “The mission of (Abu Bakr) Baghdadi, of ISIS, is to convert the world completely to the Islamic religion and bring them to Dar Al Salaam, as they call it. And Islam is not peace, please. Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is, he's a liar. ISIS is Islam; Islam is ISIS."

She said she was disappointed by the weak response from the West,

“We know that in Islam, there is no democracy. Islam and democracy are opposite, like black and white. And I hope America will understand. America today has the power that they can stop this disaster on the earth, with other Western countries.”

Article: Nun: 'Islam Is ISIS. Whoever Says Otherwise Is a Liar', CBN, 11/5/2015.

3. Muslim sues – transferred after refusing to touch pork and alcohol
When a Muslim employee of Costco in the USA, who was working as a cashier, refused to handle pork or alcohol, he was transferred to another job. He wasn’t happy, claimed discrimination, and sued the company. Pamela Geller reports that this isn’t the first time this has happened.
Article: Muslim Costco employee refuses to touch pork; sues after getting transferred to different department, Pamela Geller, 3/3/2015.

4. ‘Gender fluidity’ – to be taught in some American schools
Rick Moran, of PJ Media, writes, “One of the nation’s largest public school systems is contemplating introducing the concept of “gender fluidity” into its curriculum. In case you’re not up to speed on the latest in the gender identity nonsense, gender fluidity posits the notion that biology doesn’t matter — that no one is 100% girl or 100% boy. The radical gender identity crowd is bound and determined to mainstream transgenderism. In this campaign, science doesn’t matter. Biology is a fraud. Only personal feelings and fulfillment is what counts. I know that kids are growing up faster these days, but is this really an appropriate subject for middle schoolers?”

Rick cites an article from Fox News by Todd Starnes:

“Fairfax County Public Schools released a report recommending changes to their family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12. The changes, which critics call radical gender ideology, will be formally introduced next week.

“Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council responded: “The larger picture is this is really an attack on nature itself – the created order…”

“The plan calls for teaching seventh graders about transgenderism and tenth graders about the concept that sexuality is a broader spectrum — but it sure smells like unadulterated sex indoctrination. . .”

Todd goes on to provide a detailed outline of what will be taught at each year level about ‘sexual orientation’, gender identity, and so on…
One example: “Individual identity will also be described as having four parts – biological gender, gender identity (includes transgender), gender role, and sexual orientation (includes heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual).”

Rick points out, “But the scientific basis for transgenderism is still weak — especially as it is defined by the radicals. Like most of human sexuality, gender identity is poorly understood with much to learn. One thing is certain, however; it is a topic that should be approached with a lot more care and concern if it is going to be taught to middle schoolers.”

The School Board plans to introduce the proposed curriculum changes on May 21, 2015.

But when Todd Starnes asked the School Board about the curriculum, he wasn’t happy with the response:

“So I asked the school district to provide me with the textbooks and scientific data they will be using to instruct the children that there are dozens and dozens of possible genders. Here’s the reply I received from Torre: “Lessons have not been developed for the proposed lesson objectives,” he stated. “Because of the need to develop lessons, the proposed objectives would not be implemented until fall 2016.”

As Todd concluded, “In other words – they don’t have a clue.”

Oh… the school district recently “passed a measure that would allow boys and girls to choose whatever bathroom or locker room they felt like using.” The Schools claimed it was ‘co-incidental’ that it occurred at the same time the new ‘curriculum’ was introduced. Really????

Article: Coming soon to a school near you: ‘Gender Fluidity Studies’, PJ Media, 16/5/2015.

5. IS hiding fighters among refugees reports: “ISLAMIC State is exploiting the Mediterranean refugee crisis by smuggling fighters into Europe, an investigation has found. . .”

Interesting short article, listing several formal investigations and reports into methods used by IS…
Article: IS 'hides fighters among refugees',, 17/5/2015.

6. Sweden - single women get access to IVF
Another country allows single women to access IVF, creating more children without a father.
The article notes that other western countries have ‘already done this’ – including Australia!

Article: Sweden gives single women access to reproductive help, Herald Sun, 22/5/2015.

7. Prostitution in New Zealand – and campaign to ‘legalise’ it in Australia!
This article purports to promote the ‘wonderful conditions’ for prostitutes working in brothels in New Zealand – but it is really part of a CAMPAIGN by the prostitution industry calling for Australia to ‘legalise prostitution’.

The article gives the ‘secret’ for such wonderful (not!) conditions…

“It’s not pot luck that New Zealand prostitutes have it better. It can all be traced to a single piece of legislation that passed through parliament in 2003 — the Prostitution Reform Act.

The decision 12 years ago to decriminalise sex work meant it became legal to work in managed brothels without a size limit, work for yourself, work from home, work from the street or work from the web.”

Article: New Zealand is the best place in the world to work as a prostitute, Courier Mail, 22/5/2015.

Coming events

1. National Day of Thanksgiving – 30 May 2015
The annual National Day of Thanksgiving will be held on Saturday 30 May, 2015.
Full info at

2. Lecture by Dr Kameel Majdali
'After Sydney & Paris: What Lies Ahead for the Middle East and the World’.
Venue: Grow Church, 3-4, 100 New Street, Ringwood.
Data and Time: Monday 25 May, 2015 at 7.30 pm. 
Event info and flier posted on TAN’s Facebook page – click here.


News mike Fotolia 57267122 320x200You might think, from reading the News Update, that it is all rather depressing. However, we had have had a nice week, visiting family for Mother’s Day and sharing with Christian friends.

So keep smiling J

May God bless you as you read and pray about these matters…


News Update 15 May 2015

Australian News

1. Federal parliament to conduct Inquiry into halal (and other) certification

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has succeeded in getting the parliament to conduct an Inquiry into halal certification. The Inquiry will be conducted by the Senate Economics References Committee over a period of six months. The Inquiry will also consider other ‘certification schemes’ – such as kosher foods, organic products and genetically modified foods.

You can read Senator Bernardi’s motion on the Senate Hansard – it sets out the ‘Terms of Reference’ – click here.

The Terms of Reference include investigation into the extent of the food certification schemes and certifiers, current labelling requirements, the need for companies to label products that are ‘certified’, the fees paid by manufacturers and the impact on prices, the impact on export markets, and the “extent and adequacy of available to the public about certifiers including, but not limited to, certification processes, fees and financial records.”

The Terms of Reference also ask for an investigation of “whether current schemes provide enough information for Australian consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.”

The Senate Committee hasn’t set up the Inquiry website yet – we will let you know when they are accepting submissions.

Article: Cory Bernardi forces parliamentary inquiry into halal and kosher certifications, The Age, 14/5/2015.

2. Budget – families and child care
As expected, the federal budget has provided a large increase in childcare subsidies, as well as combining several childcare schemes into one scheme. Our concern with this is that it places the focus on putting children into childcare rather than encouraging, and allowing, parents to choose the most appropriate form of care for their children – including the option of a mother staying at home to care for a young family.

The government is removing the ‘Supplement in the Family Tax Benefit paid to large families (4 or more children). The government has previously, in the 2014 Budget, said that the increase in childcare could be partly paid for by cutting the Family Tax Benefit Part B – which would directly affect single income families. However, this measure is still ‘stuck’ in the Senate from last year’s Budget! (SMH article)

The new childcare policy encourages women to return to the workforce and put their children in childcare. Families who choose to have one parent, usually the mother, stay at home to care for children, especially in those pre-school years, are already worse off under the family payments system, and they could be further disadvantaged under the new Budget.

The new Childcare proposals actually allow for more childcare hours than the ‘work hours’ completed under the ‘Activity Test’ (which include study and volunteering). If both parents work more than 8 hours a fortnight, they can access up to 36 hours of subsidised childcare a fortnight (increasing to up to 100 hours of subsidised hours of childcare if 49 or more hours are worked by both parents). If families earn under $65,000 they don’t have to pass an ‘activity test’ and “will be eligible to receive up to 24 hours subsidised care per fortnight”.

So maybe a mum at home caring for her children can get help – but ONLY if they choose to put their child into childcare, not if they look after them at home!

Read the Budget Paper on ‘More affordable child care’ – click here.

FULL Budget papers online – click here for overview and detailed papers.

The Families Package – click here.

We support ‘income splitting’, where a single income family can split the income between the husband and wife, thus gaining a tax advantage as they have two ‘tax thresholds’.

FamilyVoice issued a Media Release –

“There is a huge omission from the federal budget childcare package – and that is any acknowledgement of or subsidy for the best childcare of all,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today. “Longitudinal, randomised studies continue to confirm what most people instinctively understand – in general, children under two or three do best when cared for by a parent (usually mum). 

The Media Release goes on to give the research about children being affected by long hours in childcare, and the comparative payments made to single income and double income families.

FamilyVoice Media Release: Budget flaw: no subsidy for top quality childcare, 11/5/2015.

3. Government scraps the ‘Relationships Counselling’ trial
Last year the government provided funding of up to $200 a couple for relationships counselling, which could be used on pre-marriage education or parenting or relationships counselling. The scheme was championed by Kevin Andrews, then the Minister, as important in helping lower the divorce rate. [Info about the trial – click here.]

The trial is not being continued – with the 2015 Budget not providing funds for the scheme.

Actually on doing a little more research, I’ve found out that the new Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison, cancelled the scheme in February this year, saying that not many people had taken up the offer of vouchers to assist with counselling (10,000 out of a possible 100,000).

Article: Overhaul of family benefits to how Australians parent, 9msn, 12/5/2015.

Article: Scott Morrison cancels Federal Government's relationship counselling voucher program to direct money to frontline services, ABC, 2/2/2015.

4. Victoria: Inquiry into conduct of 2014 Victorian election
The Victorian Legislative Assembly has asked (on 5 May) the Electoral Matters Committee to conduct an Inquiry into the conduct of the 2014 Victorian State Election. The Committee will report back to the parliament by no later than 1 December 2015.

Submissions will be invited (no information yet) and Public Hearings will be held.

Inquiry webpageclick here.

5. Victoria – Police arrest teen who had bomb-making equipment
In the latest counter-terrorism raid in Melbourne, police arrested a 17 year old teenager in Melbourne’s north. Police searched the home and found “improvised explosive devices (IEDs)”.

The teenager was charged with ‘engaging in an act in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act’. Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright said he could face an adult court rather than a children’s court. He said, "We do believe the young man intended to explode the device at an event over the coming days. We will allege he was well advanced in preparing a bomb."

Whilst the ABC report doesn’t mention Islam or Muslim, the Fairfax report said that some of the “accused's former schoolmates” said they were shocked when the accused boy “began posting radical views on Facebook late last month” – including “If you find the act of lashing the fornicator, stoning the adulterer, cutting the hand of the thief unislamic (sic), then know that you've been following some other religion and not Islam.”

He also apparently stated, “Islam is not a religion of peace, but one of justice.”

Article: Teen charged with terrorism offences after Melbourne police raids, ABC, 11/5/2015.

Article: Arrested teenager may face adult court on terror-related charges, The Age, 11/5/2015.

6. NSW: Anglicans respond to Dept of Education BANNING SRE material
Following our report last week about attacks by FIRIS on Scripture, or Special Religious Education (SRE), classes at state schools classes in NSW schools, and FIRIS’ criticism of some resource material, the Department of Education has apparently ‘banned’ three texts used by the Anglican Church in NSW in the Scripture classes ‘because the texts violated departmental policy’. (The books are Teen Sex By The Book by Patricia Weerakoon, You: An Introduction by Michael Jensen, and A Sneaking Suspicion by John Dickson).

Anglican leaders have expressed concern about the ban and Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli said he has now asked the department to review the decision to ban the books: “Department officials will meet with SRE providers to discuss the issue.’’

Whilst FIRIS had complained about the messages on monogamy, divorce and homosexuality, a Department of Education spokesman “denied the decision to ban the books was because of a pro-monogamy message but because they potentially breached the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 and other legislation.”

The Daily Telegraph notes, “Sydney Anglican SRE director Jon Thorpe said the church community was outraged it was being banned from teaching Christian values in scripture class.”

Article: Anglican church angry over Department of Education banning of “one-partner” material, Daily Telegraph, 9/5/2015.

7. Highest ranked Medical Officer in the Defence Force is a lesbian
We’ve often reported on the growing endorsement of homosexuality by the Australian Defence Force, and the participation of the defence forces in the Sydney homosexual mardi gras, where they march in uniform.

The Parade Commander for the 2015 Defence Forces participation in the mardi gras parade was Air Commodore Tracy Smart – she is a lesbian with a partner.

The Defence Forces homosexual activist group is called “DEFGLIS - Defence LGBTI Information Service” which is a homosexual activist group in the military (website here).
The DEFGLIS report of their mardi gras participation – click here.

It has recently been announced that Tracy Smart has been promoted to Air Vice-Marshal – and soon she will be the ‘highest ranked Medical Officer in the Defence Forces’.

Flinders University, where she studied medicine, reports that she will be posted “into the dual positions of Command Joint Health (CJHLTH) and Surgeon General of the Australian Defence Force (SGADF) to take effect from December 2015.”

Article: Air Commodore (AIRCDRE) Tracy Smart to become the highest ranked Medical Officer in the Australian Defence Force, Flinders University, 5/3/2015.

Facebook post by RAAF about the 2015 mardi gras parade – click here.

Wear it with Pride notes that she Tracy Smart is “the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) highest ranked lesbian officer and the first openly gay officer to reach its upper "star" ranks.”

When she was promoted to ‘Air Commodore’ in 2012, the Chief of the Air Force celebrated the occasion, along with Tracy’s partner, Lisa.
See 'Subtle role modelling' brings goodwill out in force, SMH, 13/5/2012.

8. Celebrating Mother’s Day – chooses Penny Wong
Yes, in a feature article on motherhood for Mother’s Day, chose to feature Penny Wong. Her female partner has now had a second daughter.

Article: Penny Wong ‘motherhood has been the most rewarding experience it can be’,, 10/5/2015.

9. Another Council goes down the ‘pro-homosexual’ path
Moonee Valley Council, in Melbourne’s west, is planning to be ‘more friendly’ for homosexuals – well, actually for anyone who fits the acronym LGBTIQ.

A LGBTIQ working group was set up in mid-2014, and the Council has now published a ‘Draft Action Plan’. The Council states that this is one of three action plans “to fall under our Diversity, Access and Equity Policy.” They also state, “The LGBTIQ Action Plan will set out to improve access and equity, and acknowledge and celebrate our sexual and gender diverse community members.”

Some of the proposals include “forming a youth LGBTIQ group, using images of diverse families in council publications, publishing a list of resources and services on the council website and considering gender-neutral facilities (toilets and change rooms) when upgrading or building new infrastructure”. The draft plan also suggests flying rainbow flags more often!

Read the Council’s Draft Action Plan webpage. If you want to see just HOW BROAD and FAR-REACHING these proposals actually are, please READ the Draft Action Plan – you will be shocked!

The Council is having a ‘public consultation’ until 22 May, 2015. Feedback can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Article: Moonee Valley forms plan to make city more LGBTIQ-friendly, Moonee Valley Leader, 7/5/2015.

Overseas News

1. UK election – Conservatives win – appoint lesbian to ‘government’
The Conservative Party has won enough seats to govern in their own right. Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed the first lesbian in the Conservatives to hold a position in the government ministry. Margot James will be an “Assistant Government Whip”.

Article: David Cameron appoints first lesbian to a Conservative Government, Pink News, 13/5/2015.

Just before Easter, David Cameron gave a message to Britain (2.5 min) saying how he supported religious freedom – he also claimed that Britain is a ‘Christian country’. He did mention that Christians celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead. He talked about Christians helping others and spoke about persecution overseas, but didn’t mention the restriction of religious freedoms by laws that he supported, such as homosexual ‘marriage’ and the Equality Act!

David Cameron’s speech and article: David Cameron declares: ‘Britain is still a Christian country, Telegraph, 5/4/2015.

He also gave an interview to Premier Christianity, which covered other areas – but still not defending the right of Christian conscience or even mentioning that the crucifixion is the central part of Easter!

Resistance and Renewalwere very critical of the speech.

Interview/speech on Premier – click here.

Resistance and Renewal’s critique of the speech/interview – click here.

2. Ireland – Referendum on homosexual ‘marriage’
Ireland will be voting in a referendum on homosexual ‘marriage’ on May 22, 2015.

The referendum is about whether to include a new clause to Article 41 of the Constitution: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”

In our News Update last week, we reported that the Northern Ireland Assembly had rejected a Bill to reject homosexual marriage for the fourth time – and wrongly stated that they were to have a referendum on the matter – when it is actually Ireland (Republic of Ireland) that is having a referendum).

Coming Events

1. Bobby Schindler speaks in Melbourne – Tuesday 19 May - Family Council

If you live in Melbourne, you might like to hear Bobby Schindler speak…
Info about the event – click here.
Date: Tuesday 19th May, 2015.
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: St Leonard’s Catholic Church, 349 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.
Free entry – a collection will be taken to cover expenses.

In the meantime, here is an insightful article by Bobby about his sister, Terri Schiavo’s death.
Nine Years Ago My Sister Terri Schiavo Was Starved to Death, Our Health Care System is Worse Now, Life News, 20/3/2014.

2. Keep our Kids Porn-Free – meetings hosted by FamilyVoice
Family Voice is hosting a number of meetings around Australia (Vic, Tas, SA, NSW) in the coming week – with Miranda Suit and Pippa Smith of Safermedia, UK
- click here for details

3. National Day of Thanksgiving – 30 May 2015
The annual National Day of Thanksgiving will be held on Saturday 30 May, 2015.

Full info at
An E-News on this will be sent out next week.

4. Lecture by Dr Kameel Majdali
'After Sydney & Paris: What Lies Ahead for the Middle East and the World’. Kameel notes that ‘With so much happening in the Middle East and global economy, it is important that people get balanced information with a good dose of Bible.’

Venue: Grow Church, 3-4, 100 New Street, Ringwood.
Data and Time: Monday 25 May, 2015 at 7.30 pm.
Event info and flier posted on TAN’s Facebook page – click here.

Kameel runs a ministry called Teach All Nations and conducts tours of Israel and the ‘Bible lands’. He was formerly the Principal of Harvest Bible College in Melbourne.


News ball Fotolia 31010118 320x200More news on a wide range of issues… with our Prayer Focus last week, we’ve included news from the past fortnight…



News Update – 8 May 2015

Australian News
1. Increase in children with ‘transgender’ problems at Melbourne clinic
2. Peter Singer on Q & A - on the rights of chimpanzees
3. Rape … and comments about women walking alone at night
4. Marriage – Qantas CEO Alan Joyce pushes for homosexual ‘marriage’
5. Marriage – Labor’s Chris Bowen and Ed Husic (a Muslim) now SUPPORT homosexual ‘marriage’
6. NSW: Scripture classes attacked by FIRIS and the Greens
7. Vic: Police to wear ‘full body armour and work in pairs’
8. Victoria: Euthanasia motion fails – but a parliamentary inquiry on ‘end-of-life’
9. Federal ‘Sex Party’ de-registered
10. Peter Costello on the Bible, finance, state intervention and ‘progressive’ Christianity
11. Victorian Supreme Court hears case against ‘pro-life protesters’
12. Conference on sex offenders
13. Julie Bishop compares threat of Islamic State to ‘cold war communism’

Overseas News
1. UK: UK Elections – expected result Conservatives win – possibly in minority govt
2. Northern Ireland - Assembly rejects homosexual ‘marriage’
3. Nepal – human traffickers target children
4. USA: ‘Transgender’ - Bruce Jenner says he is a woman


News Update – 8 May 2015

Australian News

1. Increase in children with ‘transgender’ problems at Melbourne clinic
In recent years, we have highlighted the issue of young boys deciding they are a ‘girl’, and girls deciding they are a ‘boy’. The Age featured another one of these stories last week. ‘Ollie’, who was born as a girl, Molly, has decided he is a ‘boy’ and is attending a ‘gender dysphoria’ clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The clinic says they had two patients in 2003 – it has grown to 104 in 2014 – and they say they are expecting MORE this year.

The children are given ‘puberty blockers’ at the age of 10 or 11, which stops development. Previously such cases had to be given approval by the Family Court, but a ruling by a Family Court judge gave a precedent that means no approval is needed. If children decide, at around 16, to take hormones, they and their family must obtain Family Court approval showing they are “Gullick competent” to give consent – and surgery cannot be done until they turn 18.

In a Four Corners program in November 2014, the Chief Justice of the Family Court Diana Bryant said she wanted this reviewed and that there could be a test case to the full bench of the Family Court, and then to the High Court, to decide if the court needed to be involved at all. She also said that the court could put in place simpler arrangements for parents and children to prove “capacity to consent”.

There is no evidence that people are born in the ‘wrong sex’ or ‘wrong gender’ – even though Justice Bryant claimed it was “innate”. It’s important to note that the Clinic’s doctors met with Justice Bryant before she made those statements! The problem is that cases brought before the Family Court are often held in private and no-one presenting an ‘alternative view’ is heard by the Court! We only hear about the cases AFTER decisions are made by the Family Court! The transgender lobby works closely with the homosexual lobby to advance their ‘rights’.

Of course, as Christians we know that God made ‘male and female’ . . . and we can’t change it!

Article: Ollie's brave journey: Gender clinic helps growing number of young transgender people, The Age, 30/4/2015.
Article: Family Court Chief Justice calls for rethink on how High Court handles cases involving transgender children, ABC, 18/11/2014.

2. Peter Singer on Q & A - on the rights of chimpanzees
On Q and A on Monday night, one of the guests was the notorious ethicist and philosopher Peter Singer, who is well known for his views on animal rights, bestiality and infanticide.
On Q and A, they didn’t go near his views on infanticide or bestiality (more info on his views below).

He was asked about a court case in New York about whether chimpanzees have ‘rights’ as a person – the chimps involved were being used for medical research. He said that the chimps are close to humans… and should have those ‘rights’. He went on to say, “I would see that the extension of these basic rights to chimpanzees would be a kind of a bridge that would help to narrow the gulf that I think we now feel exists between humans and animals.”

Q and A program, Monday 4 May, 2015 - Assault, Altruism and Emissions

On criticising Peter Singer’s views on infanticide, an excellent article by Scott Klusendorf, of Stand to Reason: Peter Singer’s Bold Defense of Infanticide

Peter Singer’s article about bestiality: Heavy Petting, 2001.

Critique of Peter Singer’s view on bestiality by Clive Hamilton, Vice Chancellor's Chair, Centre For Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics (CAPPE) at Charles Sturt University: Cory Bernardi is right, in Peter Singer’s anti-human world, The Conversation, 25/9/2012.

3. Rape … and comments about women walking alone at night
On Q & A, a question was asked about rape and comments that have been made by some people about women not walking alone at night.

The conviction of a homeless man for the tragic rape and murder of Renau Lau in a park in Melbourne was in the news last week (article here). Following the rape of an Albury teenager by three men last week, the Mayor of Albury said that women shouldn’t walk alone at night because of the dangers (article). The mayor was criticised, with some saying women should be able to walk anywhere – and that the person responsible for the rape is the man, the rapist - not the woman. Cr Kevin Mack later apologised for his comments (article).

However, his remark was similar to that of ‘Victorian Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Michael Hughes over the stabbing death of Melbourne teenager Masa Vukotic in a suburban park at night’, who said, "I suggest to people, particularly females, they shouldn't be alone in parks - I'm sorry to say that, that is the case. We just need to be a little bit more careful, a little bit more security conscious and we as a public need to look after each other."

Yes, he was criticised too!

On this issue, Peter Singer actually gave a sensible response, saying ALL people, men and women, should be careful: “I think the comments apply to men and women. They can be dangerous places. You can't expect the state to protect you everywhere. We don't really want to have a state in which there are police in every park 24/7. So I think, you know, advising people how to stay safe is a reasonable sort of thing for people to do and it's not really blaming the victim. It's just trying to reduce the incidence of victims. We know who’s to blame. There’s no question that it’s the rapist or the assaulter who’s to blame but, at the same time, using a bit of common sense to avoid being a victim, I don't see anything wrong with telling people to do that.”

4. Marriage – Qantas CEO Alan Joyce pushes for homosexual ‘marriage’
We recently reported that a number of corporations, encouraged by the Diversity Council and homosexual groups, are actively campaigning for homosexual ‘marriage’.

This week, Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, was publically advocating for the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia. That isn’t surprising, since Alan Joyce is openly homosexual. He complained that he couldn’t ‘marry’ his partner of 15 years in the country where they both have passports (ie: Australia).

On Tuesday this week, Joyce spoke at a ‘Breakfast’ organised by homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality, about “the importance of same-sex marriage to corporate Australia”. 
The Age reported that, “The CEOs of SBS, Carnival Cruises, City of Sydney, St Vincent's Hospital, Virgin Mobile, St George and ASTRA are due to attend, as well as representatives from organisations such as Google, Boston Consulting Group, NAB, American Express, Deloitte, Macquarie Bank and Westpac.”

Article: It's about a fair go: Alan Joyce on same-sex marriage, SMH, 5/5/2015.

5. Marriage – Labor’s Chris Bowen and Ed Husic (a Muslim) now SUPPORT homosexual ‘marriage’
Australian Marriage Equality is celebrating the fact that Labor’s Chris Bowen has told Sky News that he will support ‘reform’ and vote FOR homosexual ‘marriage’. Previously, Chris Bowen had voted AGAINST homosexual ‘marriage’.

His reason?
“It is our right as a citizen to get married, it should be a right applied equally," Mr Bowen said. In addition, it was ‘personal experience’: “I have friends who had to go overseas to get married, I don't think they should have to go overseas to get married as Australian citizens."

A few days later, Muslim MP Ed Husic, a Labor frontbencher from western Sydney, announced that he, too, has changed his mind and now supports ‘marriage equality’.
Then Julie Owens, the Labor shadow treasurer and also from western Sydney, said she would also now vote for homosexual ‘marriage’.

In fact, Rodney Croome now claims that, if these three MPs from WESTERN Sydney can support homosexual ‘marriage’, then other Labor MPs have ‘no excuse’ for not supporting it too. He claimed ‘the tide has turned’, stating, “The nation is increasingly comfortable with the prospect of same-sex couples marrying, and it’s time for them to come out for reform.”

This should remind us all that the homosexual activists are actively campaigning – speaking to local MPs and trying to persuade them to change their mind! They are so persistent that they are wearing down any opposition that these MPs might have had.

We need to keep contacting our federal MPs and Senators. They need to hear the OTHER side of the story!
Click here to see our page with contact details for federal MPs and Senators.

Article: Federal Labor MP Chris Bowen moves to support same-sex marriage, ABC, 3/5/2015.
Article: AME Media Release: Bowen’s Marriage equality support hailed, 3/5/2015.
Article: Muslim MP Ed Husic comes out in favour of gay marriage, GNN, 6/5/2015.
Article: Western Sydney Labor MPs set to change vote to support same-sex marriage in Parliament, ABC, 6/5/2015.
AME Media Release: Western Sydney labor support for marriage equality means other labor MPs have no more excuses, 6/5/2015.

6. NSW: Scripture classes attacked by FIRIS and the Greens
The same group that has attacked Special Religious Instruction in Victorian schools is also criticising Scripture classes in NSW public schools. Lobby group Fairness in Religions in Schools (FIRIS) has done an analysis of several texts that are used.

The Greens MP John Kaye has picked up the campaign – he and FIRIS complain that the material from the Anglican curriculum texts ‘promotes sexual abstinence outside a "lifelong relationship" and the doctrine of male headship and female submission’. So what's wrong with that?

They say a sample lesson from another provider, Seed: SRE, claims divorce happens "because of human sinfulness and ignorance".
One of the texts they criticise (they claim it links teen sex to drug addiction and alcoholism, and describes homosexuality as "misplaced sexual desire") isn’t even used in Scripture classes or curricula – it was written to be used by Christian parents with their children! It just happened to be advertised by the publisher NEAR the Scripture material!!!

Article: Scripture classes – calls for crackdown on public schools, SMH, 6/5/2015.

7. Vic: Police to wear ‘full body armour and work in pairs’
Due to a heightened terrorist risk, and the ongoing trial Sevdet Besim, Victoria Police have been told to wear ‘full body armour’ in public, only patrol in pairs, not to be at a station on their own, and not to travel to other officers’ homes in marked cars…

Article: Victoria Police to wear body armour at all times and work in pairs amid potential terror threat, 9msn, 8/5/2015.

8. Victoria: Euthanasia motion fails – but a parliamentary inquiry on ‘end-of-life’
The motion from Greens MLC Colleen Hartland, to send the matter of euthanasia to the Victorian Law Reform Commission for an Inquiry, has failed to gain support. However, the government proposed a parliamentary Inquiry into ‘end-of-life matters’. This would include palliative care and support for people when dying, and is significantly better than an inquiry into ‘euthanasia’.

The Legislative Council passed a government motion (on 7 May) that asks the Legal and Social Issues Committee of the Legislative Council to conduct an inquiry.
We will need to monitor this, make submissions and speak with our MPs.

Read Paul Russell’s report: Euthanasia 'off the table' in Victorian Parliament - for now, HOPE, 7/5/2015.

9. Federal ‘Sex Party’ de-registered
The Sex Party is complaining – the Australian Electoral Commission has de-registered the Sex Party, saying they don’t have the required 500 members.

The Sex Party is NOT happy – and say they plan to appeal. They say they have 6,000 signed statements from people saying they want to be a member… of course, the AEC CHECKS to see if people really are members – in response, the Sex Party claimed that their ‘members’ are often young people who ‘move often’ and change their address!

Apparently it won’t affect Victoria, where Sex Party president Fiona Patten is now an MLC – they are separately registered in Victoria.

Article: Australian Sex Party to "vigorously" appeal federal deregistration, GNN, 7/5/2015.

10. Peter Costello on the Bible, finance, state intervention and ‘progressive’ Christianity
“In a speech at the Centre for Independent Studies, Mr Costello cited a parable in the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 20 Verses 1-15 the labourers in the vineyard), and asked: Could this parable be illustrating a truth that is in short supply today? Could it be suggesting that people should be expected to make decisions about their lives, including economic decisions, and be expected to live with the consequences? Could it be telling us that a big part of being human is to make choices and to live with the consequences? Could it even be that we need no Nanny-State to watch over our behaviour and to protect us, in our own best interests, from the consequences of our own actions?...”

A very interesting speech where Peter compares the differing theological views (traditional and progressive) on state intervention – he asks, “Is it not entirely possible that the same could be said of today’s opinion makers? Is it possible that today’s theologians with their belief in State power and Government intervention are just reflecting the spirit of the Age?”

Media Release from CIS and Full transcript of speech by Peter Costello:
Costello: Bible suggests we should be expected to make our own decisions and live with the consequences, 29/4/2015.

11. Victorian Supreme Court hears case against ‘pro-life protesters’
The Victorian Supreme Court is hearing a case brought by the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne - an abortion clinic - against the Melbourne City Council. The Clinic claims that the Council has ‘failed to apply a law that allows protesters who are deemed a "nuisance" to be moved away’.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has sided with the abortion clinic, with Counsel for the Commission, Kate Eastman SC, saying that ‘protesters harassing women and staff should be deemed a nuisance to public health under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act, which defends the rights of people to access legal health services’. She also claimed that this was ‘not inconsistent’ with the state’s Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

Of course, the Helpers, who stand outside the clinic, do not refuse access to the clinic. Helpers of God's Precious Infants spokesman Dave Forster denied claims his group harassed or intimidated people. The Supreme Court case has been adjourned until June. It will all depend on the interpretation of the word “nuisance”! 

Meanwhile the Sex Party is trying to get the Labor government to agree to introduce ‘bubble zones’ around abortion clinics to stop people witnessing nearby…

Article: Anti-abortion protesters deemed a nuisance, The Age, 3/5/2015.

12. Conference on sex offenders
At the end of April, a conference about online safety and sex offenders was held on the Gold Coast – called the Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference there were 300 delegates from around the world. The focus was ‘online safety for children’. One of the issues addressed was ‘female sex offenders’ – although only about 5% of offenders are female, organisers said this is an area that has had little research.

Article: Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference to focus on female sex offenders,, 28/4/2015.

13. Julie Bishop compares threat of Islamic State to ‘cold war communism’
In a speech to the Sydney Institute last week, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that Islamic State is “the most significant threat to the global, rules-based order to emerge in the past 70 years", since the Nazis of World War II. She stated that this included the "the rise of communism and the Cold War".

Article: Islamic State bigger threat to world order than Cold War communism: Julie Bishop, SMH, 27/4/2015.

Sydney Institute Dinner speech by Hon Julie Bishopclick here to listen.

Overseas News

1. UK: UK Elections – expected result Conservatives win – possibly in minority govt
Following the UK elections yesterday, the Conservatives are expected to win enough seats to form government, although it may be a minority government in coalition with another party. They need 326 seats for an absolute majority (650 seats in the House of Commons).
(Read news of election results here.)

Labour lost a lot of seats in Scotland, to the Scottish National Party. The Liberal Democrats lost votes, and are expected to hold about 6 seats. UKIP was expected to do well, especially with people upset by the Conservative Party’s being ‘less conservative’ – UKIP won a large number of seats to represent the UK in the European Parliament (the system is based on proportional representation where parties with 2% of the vote get representation) – however, at present it is thought they might only win 2 seats.

In the lead-up to the election, a good overview of where the parties stand on ‘Counter-Extremism’ was published by Gatestone Institute (a detailed overview with a short summary at the beginning) …

Depending on who has won the election, it should still provide useful information about how the new government will tackle Islam in Britain.

Article: Counter-Extremism and The 2015 British Elections, Gatestone Institute, 1/5/2015.

2. Northern Ireland - Assembly rejects homosexual ‘marriage’
Those promoting the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage’ DO NOT give up! The Northern Ireland Assembly has just debated and voted on the issue for a FOURTH time! The motion, put by Sinn Féin, was defeated – by 49 votes to 47. The problem is that activists keep going, hoping they will ‘wear down’ the opposition and getting more and more people to vote FOR their proposal! And often they are very successful at that…

The health minister, Jim Wells (DUP) was criticised during the debate, for making comments linking gay relationships and child abuse. The statement was “You don't bring a child up in a homosexual relationship. That a child is far more likely to be abused and neglected...."

It was also confirmed last week that police are ‘investigating an incident involving a lesbian couple during a door-to-door election canvas’ – it is alleged that during a conversation with them he ‘was critical of their lifestyle’. Mr Wells has now resigned as health minister, due to his wife’s serious health problems. He has issued a public apology, saying the statement he made did not reflect his own view or that of the party.

But it seems that one cannot make such comments – even with the supporting evidence - without coming under severe criticism in the parliament and having complaints made against you!

But a referendum on homosexual ‘marriage’ is being held….

Article: Gay marriage: NI Assembly rejects motion for fourth time, BBC, 27/4/2015.

3. Nepal – human traffickers target children
Born2Fly, a group that works to stop child trafficking, reports that human traffickers are capturing children caught up in the midst of the Nepal earthquake aftermath… often disguising themselves as aid workers.

Please pray for children, as well as adults, as they cope with the situation in Nepal and neighbouring countries.

Article: Human Traffickers are Doing This in the Midst of the Earthquake Chaos; Nepal Believers are Pleading for Prayer to Stop It

4. USA: ‘Transgender’ - Bruce Jenner says he is a woman
There is a continuing push from activists to support people who decide they are the opposite gender or opposite sex…

In an in-depth interview with US ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner announced that he plans to transition to become a ‘woman’ and a ‘documentary is to be made of the ‘transition’….

Who is Bruce Jenner?
He is a former Olympic decatholon athlete. He has had three marriages, and has 10 children (six of his own and four step children) and seven grandchildren. He gained notoriety through the TV reality show about the Kardashians – he was married to Kris for nearly 24 years until 2015, and her children are his step-children.
A two part special is being made for the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ series – click here for an article and the TV show promo.
Sources: Wikipedia overview of Bruce Jenner – click here.
Article about the interviewclick here. Much more on Google News here


News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200I really do try and make these News Updates shorter – but there are always so many issues to deal with!

This week I’ve provided longer summaries of the ‘jihad plot’ in Melbourne and the ‘A Current Affair’ segment about the “Hillsong: Let Hope Arise” movie…. so you can get the ‘big picture’ without reading ALL the articles!

Hopefully, with the headings, you can browse and read the items that interest you!



News Update - 23 April 2015

Australian News
1. Anzac Day – Saturday 25 April
2. Surrogacy – Family Court judge calls for commercial surrogacy to be legalised in Australia
3. Climate funding: Govt gives money to Bjorn Lomborg Centre
4. Heart-warming story of a father and son
5. Movie about the Hillsong United band
6. Muslim teens arrested in Melbourne over alleged Anzac Day Jihad plot
7. Update - Vaccination – Government removes ‘religious’ loophole
8. Halal certification – Andrew Bolt writes

Overseas News
1. India – rape and the treatment of women
2. USA: When Christian organisations employ homosexuals
3. USA: National March for Marriage – this Saturday, 25 April

Coming Events
1. Family Council of Victoria event: CHOOSE LIFE – Bobby Schindler
2. Euthanasia conference in ADELAIDE – organised by HOPE


News Update - 23 April 2015

Australian News

1. Anzac Day – Saturday 25 April
Every year, on Anzac Day, we remember the sacrifice of those who have defended our nation, and the Commonwealth. Of course, the actual date, 25 April 1915, marked a tragic event - the landing on Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey, fighting against the Ottoman Empire, and the deaths of thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers, the ANZACS.

Tomorrow marks the centenary of that event. Whilst we would all like to remember, and celebrate, the END of the war, this date of the start of the war for Australia is very significant. This year, leaders have encouraged more people to attend, in response to a foiled attack allegedly planned by young Muslim men in Melbourne (see item below).

Our Army, Air Force and Navy are still providing protection for our nation and participating in operations overseas. Please pray for them and their families, for protection and encouragement, on Anzac Day and in the days to come.

2. Surrogacy – Family Court judge calls for commercial surrogacy to be legalised in Australia
Recent debate about commercial surrogacy has been heighted by ‘negative’ stories about failed overseas surrogacy arrangements – baby Gammy in Thailand (info) and a case in October 2014, where only one twin was taken to Australia because the parents preferred one sex (info). As a result, the government of Thailand has now banned overseas commercial surrogacy (source).

Of course, the response of some activists is to campaign for legalised commercial surrogacy IN AUSTRALIA. Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant has recently called for Australia to legalise commercial surrogacy!

Homosexual activists have also been calling for the legalisation of commercial surrogacy – after all, they are one of the main groups using the overseas surrogates.

The article quotes Professor Jenni Millbank from the University of Technology in Sydney, an “expert in family law”. She supports the legalisation of commercial surrogacy in Australia and said, “A number of leading thinkers, policy makers and researchers in Australia are coming to a consensus that we need to liberalise domestic surrogacy."

But Jenni Millbank is a lesbian activist – it’s hardly surprising that she would agree!

And they quote Robert Reith, the President of Surrogacy Australia – but that’s the lobby group calling for legalisation of commercial surrogacy.

A typical argument is ‘legalise it so we can regulate it and make sure it is ethical’!

Of course, the problem is that it isn’t ethical. We oppose all surrogacy, whether ‘altruistic’ (no money involved, as in Australia) or commercial (paying the woman for carrying a child, as in the USA, Thailand, India and so on).

Article: Commercial surrogacy should be legalised, Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant says, ABC, 18/4/2015.
Bill Muehlenberg’s article: Promoting baby buying and selling

3. Climate funding: Govt gives money to Bjorn Lomborg Centre
The government has announced that $4 million in funding will be “given to establish Dr Bjorn Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus Centre methodology at the University of Western Australia (UWA) business school.”

Dr Lomborg is known as the ‘sceptical environmentalist’ and has said the concerns about ‘climate change’ have been overstated. The decision to fund a centre investigating ‘climate change’ was made in 2014, and several location options were considered.

Naturally, the Greens are NOT happy – initially they complained about Education Minister, Christopher Pyne – but it has now been revealed that the decision came from Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office.

Article: Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office the origin for controversial Bjorn Lomborg centre decision, SMH, 23/4/2015.

4. Heart-warming story of a father and son
This article recounts the event of a father carrying his son, who has cerebral palsy, over the Overland Track in Tasmania… raising money for charity…

Article: Charity walk on Overland Track a success for father who carried son with cerebral palsy for a week, World Today, 20/4/2015.

5. Movie about the Hillsong United band
The media loves to criticise – and often gets the ‘facts’ wrong! This week A Current Affair on Channel 9 ran a critical story about a forthcoming movie: Hillsong: Let Hope Arise. The film, which screens in theatres on Sept 30, 2015, is about the Hillsong United band. The ACA segment claimed this movie was made BY Hillsong.

The intro to the Current Affair segment gives their slant – especially the last line: “They've been packing out church services, conferences and concerts all over Australia. Now, get ready for the major motion picture. Hillsong has gone to Hollywood, and is about to release a feature film about their band Hillsong United. But where is all the money going to go?”
Watch ACA segment: Hillsong goes to Hollywood, ACA, 21/4/2015.

The truth is that Hillsong is NOT making the movie. The idea for the production came from people in the movie industry. The film was announced in July 2014. The producers have almost completed the film, and are negotiating about distribution. Warner Bros had initially planned the documentary but pulled out in January (read article at Christian Post) A new distributor picked up the film in March, and had scheduled a release date of 29 March – but the official movie website now says the film will screen in cinemas on September 29, 2015.

The movie website explains the background to the making of the movie. The Director, Michael John Warren, writes, “I’m not a religious person, but I learned things from working with and becoming friends with the members of Hillsong UNITED. They are lovely people. They are sincerely giving. They are sincerely supportive. I don’t believe the same things they believe, but I’m learning from them and I’m taking lessons from them and I believe I’ve become a better person having spent a year studying them. Their mission — without exaggeration – is to make music to save souls. They are trying to get people to discover Jesus. That’s probably the most righteous reason to make music. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s hard to look at that and not feel good about it…” read more here.

Hillsong have responded to the ACA program:

They write, “There was no factual basis whatsoever to the story on A Current Affair about Hillsong Church, and the program made no attempt to contact us to get the facts - or even hear our perspective - before airing this piece of fiction. The movie “Let Hope Rise” is being produced by an outside production company who approached us, and Hillsong Church has not invested one cent into this movie. Furthermore, we operate like any other church financially and support people pastorally across the world. This story was yet again, nothing more than tabloid trash and we believe the vast majority of Australians view it as such.”

Read Hillsong’s statement in response to the ACA story – click here.
Read Hillsong’s statement about the film and distribution – click here.
Movie website – click here.
About the movie – click here.

6. Muslim teens arrested in Melbourne over alleged Anzac Day Jihad plot
A huge operation by the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police has led to raids in Melbourne’s south-east, in Narre Warren, Hallam and Hampton Park. Several Muslim teenagers were arrested and three have now been charged. It is alleged that they were planning an attack on Anzac Day – of running over a police officer, stealing his weapon and then going on a shooting spree.

The boys were connected to the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Springvale South. Following the controversy, the Centre has announced this week that is has now CLOSED! Some Islamic leaders, and others, in Melbourne have urged police to keep a watch on the leader, Harun Mehicevic. Others, including Waleed Aly, have warned that closing the centre will send the ideas ‘underground’. But we need to expose and deal with the ideas!

The Al-Furqan Centre was “also attended by Abdul Numan Haidar, who was shot dead after stabbing two police officers in Endeavour Hills last year”. Abdul Numan Haidar was known to the teenagers who were arrested this week.

Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews spoke about the arrests, but contended that “These are not people of faith” and these are “Not matters of faith”. However, it seems very clear that they were all committed Muslims attending an Islamic Centre and influenced by other Muslims to ‘join the jihad’.

Police in the UK have also arrested a 14 year old teenager in connection with the same plot. It has also been revealed that the teenagers had close connections with called Neil Prakash, also known as Abu Khalid al-Kambodi, who is known as a key Australian recruiter for Islamic State/ISIS. He also has links to Al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Springvale South. This week, a 12 minute video by Prakesh, explaining his story from a Buddhist to a Muslim, just over a year before leaving to fight with IS, appeared online.

Controversial Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne has defended the young men – which isn’t surprising since he has been a regular speaker at the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre. He has also been linked to Numan Haider.

In the UK, Scotland Yard has increased security for Anzac Day celebrations after the arrests, and after an ISIS video was released, calling for ‘sleeper cells’ to launch attacks in the West, with the message “We want your blood, it tastes so wonderful!”

An ‘manual’ by Islamic State (ISIS) has been posted online, “instructing jihadists in the West on how best to conduct attacks. The 70-page manual - written in fluent English - instructs interested terrorists on creating one or two-man sleeper cells, having them change their names, appearances and mannerisms so as to go undetected and slip past Western security, reports IBN Live.”

Please pray for police and security agencies as they monitor such situations, and endeavour to keep our community safe.


-      Alleged Anzac terror plots 'evil' (Daniel Andrews), Sky News, 18/4/2015.
-      Terror plot: teenagers linked to top Islamic State recruiter Abu Khalid al-Kambodi, SMH, 20/4/2015.
-      From Buddhist to jihadist: Melbourne man Neil Prakash's journey to Islamic State, Age, 23/4/2015.
-      Melbourne's Al-Furqan Islamic Centre, attended by several terrorism accused, closes its doors, ABC, 23/4/2015.
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-      Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne backs Melbourne terror raid suspects, AAP, The Australian, 20/4/2015.
-      Islamic leaders urge police to keep a close watch on leader of closed Al-Furqan centre, Herald Sun, 23/4/2015.
-      Isis video threatens UK attack and calls for 'blood' as Scotland Yard reviews Anzac Day security in wake of Melbourne 'terror plot', Independent, 19/4/2015.
-      ISIS Guide Teaches How to Befriend, Rob and Kill Westerners. Read article at Israel National News – click here.

7. Update - Vaccination – Government removes ‘religious’ loophole
Last week we reported that the federal government was removing grounds for ‘conscientious objection’ for parents who did not want to vaccinate their children. . If people don’t comply then they will lose welfare benefits such as Family Tax Benefit A and childcare subsidies.

One ground was left – ‘religious’ – but only for one group, the Christian Scientists, set up by Mary Baker Eddy (info). Now the federal government has announced that NO religious group will have an exemption.

Meanwhile, last month the British government announced that they will pay compensation for patients who suffered adverse reactions from the swine flu vaccine – including narcolepsy and cataplexy, which affect sleep patterns. Around 800 children across Europe suffered complications. At present there are around 60 claimants in the UK, around 80% of whom are children. The decision to pay compensation was announced in 2013 (source), and the amount of compensation, £60 million, was announced in March 2015.

Natural News, which is concerned about vaccination, reports even more strongly than the mainstream media!

Article: No Jab, No Pay reforms: Religious exemptions for vaccination dumped, Daily Telegraph, 19/4/2015.
Article: Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation, IB Times, 2/3/2015.

8. Halal certification – Andrew Bolt writes
Andrew Bolt is rightly urging that the ‘hidden profits’ from halal certification should be exposed. One of his proposals is that ‘halal certification’ of export meat be done by the federal Department of Agriculture – however, whilst it might stop the funds going to mosques, that would still mean that we, as taxpayers, are paying for it!
Article: Hidden profits from halal certificates should be exposed and stopped, Herald Sun, 20/4/2015.

Overseas News

1. India – rape and the treatment of women
Two years ago, a horrific rape and murder of a young Indian woman occurred - Jyoti Singh Pandey, in Delhi. This BBC documentary was shown on Four Corners in early April. The Indian government banned it from being shown in India.

Find out what really happened, and the situation regarding rape and violence against women in India…
Four Corners: India's Daughter, ABC, 7/4/2015. (No video online at this link.)

Watch BBC documentary on You Tubeclick here.

2. USA: When Christian organisations employ homosexuals
Lifesite reports that the Catholic Bishops are facing attacks for requiring Catholic teachers NOT to support same-sex ‘marriage’…. They then reveal that ”new evidence shows that a vice-president at the bishops’ own foreign relief agency is himself “married” to another man.

Lifesite comments: “Critics say the news confirms Catholic Relief Services’ history of hiring high-level employees who openly oppose fundamental Catholic moral teachings, and raises further doubts about the organization’s stewardship of Catholic funds. . .”

They report, “Public records show that Rick Estridge, Catholic Relief Services’ Vice President of Overseas Finance, who has worked for the U.S. Bishops’ official international humanitarian agency since as long ago as 2001, “married” his homosexual partner in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 4, 2013.”

Lifesite notes that “Estridge has also used social media to promote his views against Church teaching.”

Although the organisation did not respond to a request for comment prior to publication, “by Monday morning, Estridge's LinkedIn and Facebook profiles were taken down.”
Article: Catholic Relief Services vice-president is in a gay ‘marriage’, promotes gay agenda, Lifesite, 20/4/2015.

3. USA: National March for Marriage – this Saturday, 25 April
The third annual national March for Marriage will be held in Washington DC this Saturday, 25 April.

The March, led by the National Organization for Marriage and co-sponsored by other organisations, will go to the US Supreme Court, which is soon to decide (by June 2015) on several ‘marriage’ lawsuits – as NOM says, “before they decide whether marriage as it has existed throughout our history is unconstitutional.”

Click here for the ‘March for Marriage’ website.

Coming Events

1. Family Council of Victoria event: CHOOSE LIFE – Bobby Schindler
A special event on Tuesday 19 May – Bobby Schindler is the guest speaker. He is the brother of Terry Schiavo, who died ten years ago after her estranged husband obtained a court ruling to stop feeding her.

This year I’m President of the Family Council of Victoria – so I’d love to see you there!
Date: Tuesday 19 May, 2015 – at 7.30 pm. Click here for details.

2. Euthanasia conference in ADELAIDE – organised by HOPE
If you live in Adelaide, or would like a holiday in South Australia, you might like to attend the2015 Hope International Symposium. It is being held on 22-23 May 2015.

“This event will be the first International Symposium hosted in the southern hemisphere by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International.  Previous symposia were held in New York, Vancouver, Edinburgh and Toronto.”
Visit the Conference website for details, speakers etc.

Conference website -

HOPE website -


News jigsaw Fotolia 59083953 320x200Just a few items this week – but some in more depth…

ID for voting, vaccination and welfare, halal certification fact check, taxation (income splitting and ’bracket creep’), Hillary Clinton nominates for US President and announces support for homosexual ‘marriage’…



News Update 17 April 2015

Australian News
1. Federal parliamentary committee recommends ID for VOTING!
2. Update - NO vote on euthanasia motion
3. Halal certification – ABC does a ‘Fact Check’ on Pauline Hanson’s comments
4. ‘Hijab day’ in Dandenong
5. Taxation – rates, income splitting, bracket creep
6. Vaccination – childcare and Family Tax Benefit
7. Donor-conceived children fight for their rights

Overseas News
1. UK: Christian Concern reports victory in Lowestoft sex shop case
2. USA: Election still 18 months away – Hillary Clinton nominates for Democrats and declares SUPPORT for homosexual ‘marriage’

News Update 17 April 2015

Australian News

1. Federal parliamentary committee recommends ID for VOTING!
A good development – the federal parliamentary committee (Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters) that conducted an Inquiry into the last federal election has recommended that people should have to present ID in order to vote.

We welcome this proposal – we have been recommending this for many years – including to previous such Inquiries.

The Committee also recommended that voters should also be provided with a PEN instead of a PENCIL!

There was also discussion concerning minor parties and independents. The ABC reports, “Since last year, a clear majority of committee members have favoured optional preferential voting for "above the line" voting, partial preferential voting below the line, and the abolition of group voting tickets for Senate ballots.”
This is seen to be a move to limit the opportunity for very small parties to be elected.

As for the nearly 1,400 Senate ballot papers that went missing in WA, leading to another Senate election for that state, the Committee found that they may LITERALLY fallen off the back of a truck!

Parliamentary Committee INQUIRY home page: Inquiry into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2013 Federal Election and matters related thereto

FINAL REPORTclick here.

Article: Voters should be required to show identification, allowed to use pens for federal elections, parliamentary inquiry says, ABC, 15/4/2015.

2. Update - NO vote on euthanasia motion
Good news – the euthanasia motion that Greens MLC Colleen Hartland put to the Victorian Legislative Council wasn’t voted on when it was debated on Wednesday 15 April. The motion asked that the issue of euthanasia be sent to the Victorian Law Reform Commission for an Inquiry.
No vote was taken before the allocated time finished.

From the 18 speeches given, it seemed that the Greens didn’t have the numbers – with most Labor MLCs opposing the motion, the Labor ‘block vote’ would have been against the motion. Liberals had a ‘free vote’.

However, Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has since said that a VOTE will be taken on the motion when Parliament sits on Tuesday 5 May.
Media report: Victoria euthanasia law bid delayed, AAP, Weekly Times, 15/4/2015.

In the speeches, a range of positions were presented: Some Members supported the motion and supported euthanasia. Others supported the motion on the basis of obtaining more information, rather than supporting euthanasia itself. Others opposed the motion – whilst either opposing or being undecided on the issue of euthanasia. Some Members suggested that a parliamentary Inquiry would be more appropriate.

Thank you to those in Victoria for contacting your MLCs and Party leaders on this issue…

Some MPs commented adversely about getting emails from people outside their electorates… the important thing is to always contact your own MPs!

Click here to read the Legislative Council Hansard (draft) for Wednesday 15 April.
Page 16 – Colleen Hartland’s speech.
Other speeches follow – then begin again on Page 31.

Speeches were given by the following MPs:
Liberal – Inga Peulich - AGAINST the motion and against euthanasia.
Labor – Jaala Pulford - against motion but considering euthanasia.
Liberal – Mary Wooldridge – for motion but undecided on euthanasia.
Labor – Harriet Shing – against motion, undecided on euthanasia.
Sex Party – Fiona Patten – for motion and for euthanasia.
Liberal – Bernie Finn – against motion and against euthanasia.
DLP – Rachel Carling-Jenkins – against motion and against euthanasia.
Liberal – David Davis – against motion and undecided on euthanasia.
Liberal – Edward O’Donohue – FOR motion and FOR euthanasia.
Nationals – Damian Drum – support for motion – ‘getting more information’.
Liberal – Georgina Crozier – support for motion - ‘getting more information’.
Labor – Shaun Leane – support for motion (legal advice) and for euthanasia.
Liberal – Wendy Lovell - – support for motion – ‘getting more information’.
Labor – Cesar Melham – against motion, undecided on euthanasia.
Liberal – Simon Ramsay – for motion, undecided on euthanasia.
Labor – Gayle Tierney – against motion, undecided on euthanasia, proposed wider debate.
Labor - Mr Philip Dalidakis – against motion, undecided on euthanasia.

Further action:
Click here for MLC details – including electorates and contact information.
If you received a response from your MLC, please respond and thank them if they voted against the motion, and if they expressed concern about euthanasia.
If you live in Victoria, please continue to contact your FIVE Members in the Legislative Council.

3. Halal certification – ABC does a ‘Fact Check’ on Pauline Hanson’s comments
The ABC Fact Check unit is at it again. This time they checked the statements made by Pauline Hanson regarding halal certification. They rejected her claim that the halal certification industry was worth almost $3 trillion.

ABC Fact Check: Does halal certification fund terrorism?

BUT, as Boycott Halal in Australia responded, the figures actually came from Islamic groups involved in halal certification! Click here.

The ABC Fact Check found that there was ‘no evidence’ that funds from halal certification went to support terrorist groups (but did say they went to mosques).

However, Andrew Bolt notes that they didn’t check the ‘facts’ closely enough. He said, “I’m not sure many Australians think their purchase of food should include donations to mosques.” Then Andrew pointed out, “And the ABC curiously failed to mention past controversies surrounding two of the charities named as receiving money collected through halal certification.” They are Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief…
Andrew concluded, “The charities may well be as completely innocent as they say, but the ABC should at least have mentioned the allegations and explained why it believed the denials.”

Andrew Bolt: ABC didn’t check the halal certification closely enough, 14/4/2015.

4. ‘Hijab day’ in Dandenong
Yes, women in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s south-east, were recently called to wear an Islamic hijab for a ‘Hijab’ Day’!

The event was organised by two Muslim girls from Minaret College. They set up an information stall and provided hijabs… Just fifteen women participated in the event, which was filmed to be shown as a documentary on Greater Dandenong Council’s “Youth Channel”.

Although Council staff were involved, and the Mayor defended the organisation of the event, the event hadn’t been approved by the Council, and councillors complained that they weren’t consulted. At the following Council meeting, one Councillor asked why they didn’t call on all people to wear crucifixes to acknowledge Christianity.

Rita Panahi, a Herald Sun writer, criticised the scheme, saying, “What absolute harebrained idiocy to encourage empowered Western women to subjugate themselves in the name of diversity. Could you imagine the enormous uproar if a council put forward a plan for devout Muslim women to remove their head covering.”

She continued, “The unpalatable truth is that the root cause of much of the world’s entrenched misogyny is Islam and it manifests itself in a variety of ways including the requirement for women to cover up. This is not something to be celebrated or emulated. . .”

This isn’t the first time someone in Australia has called for ALL women to wear the hijab for a day… A ‘Headscarf Day’ was held on 29 November 2002, with the Independent Education Union, the Greens and Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, then with the Democrats, supporting the day and wearing headscarfs or hijabs to highlight the fact that they are worn by Muslim women! (Info here, here and here)

Concerningly, Natasha Stott-Despoja has been appointed by the Abbott Coalition government as the Ambassador for Women and Girls!

Debate over council‘s non-Muslim hijab move, Herald Sun, 9/4/2015.
City of Greater Dandenong’s hijab push backfires, Herald Sun, 14/4/2015.

Opinion article:
City of Greater Dandenong plan for non-Muslims to wear hijab ‘harebrained idiocy’, Rita Panahi, Herald Sun, 10/4/2015.

5. Taxation – rates, income splitting, bracket creep
Taxation is a perennial topic of discussion. As Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." (source)

Of course, we would all like to pay LESS tax!

Families, especially those on a single income, are often adversely affected, as double income families gain an advantage over single income families, where the mother is at home caring for children, by having two tax thresholds (as well as having taxpayer-paid childcare benefits). Thus we have supported income splitting for families – a practice that was recently adopted by the Canadian government (source).

This week, Peter Costello wrote an article criticising the current Liberal government for having high tax rates – referring to the statement by the government of making tax "lower, simpler, fairer", he said "Lower, simpler, fairer” is looking like some kind of morbid joke. None of the above proposals is for lower tax. None would make our tax system simpler."

He mentioned that ‘bracket creep’, where the dollar amount for going into the next ‘tax bracket’ stays fixed, is a problem.

Interestingly, around the time the Howard government, and Peter Costello as Treasurer, changed the tax system, increasing the tax thresholds, Peter spoke at an Endeavour Forum meeting. I asked a question, about income splitting and about indexing the brackets so that we wouldn’t get this ‘bracket creep’ problem again – the response then was that the brackets had been substantially increased and thus we wouldn’t have the problem again for a long time! Well, that time seems to have come!

Article: Taxation: Death by a thousand (non) cuts, Peter Costello, Daily Telegraph, 14/4/2015.

6. Vaccination – childcare and Family Tax Benefit
The Abbott government has announced that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children will be punished by not receiving welfare benefits such as childcare benefits and Family Tax Benefit A – apparently up to around $15,000 per child. Whilst ‘childcare’ might be based on the fact that children mix together, taxation is another matter.

A small proportion of people, around 3%, do not vaccinate their children based on conscientious objection on a range of grounds – “personal, philosophical, religious or medical belief”.
Click here to read the current Australian “Immunisation exemption conscientious objection form”.

Mr Abbott did leave some room for ‘religious conscientious objection’ – although not named, it was inferred there was one ‘church’ that would be exempt. It has now been revealed that the religion they are referring to is Church of Christ – Scientist, also known as the Christian Scientists. Why not exemptions for OTHER religious groups or individuals?

We have monitored the ‘vaccination debate’. We recognise that illnesses such as polio and smallpox have been largely eradicated and that vaccination plays a huge part in that – but the number of vaccinations required has increased in recent years. There are also concerns that some vaccines have been manufactured using tissue from aborted babies, as well as animal products. Some parents have reported that their children have had adverse reactions following vaccination. We have also reported adverse reactions, including deaths, from the Gardasil vaccine given to teenagers to ‘prevent HPV’.

Whatever approach you might take to the vaccination issue, one of the key concerns regarding this latest announcement is the ‘stick approach’ being used by government and the issue of freedom of choice. In his article, Bill Muehlenberg deliberately tried to avoid the ‘vaccination question’, but asked, ‘If they impose this sort of condition for not vaccinating children, what OTHER impositions might government put on their citizens?’
Article: Vaccination-exempt church revealed as Christian Scientists, SMH, 15/4/2015.

Article: Support for government push to withdraw welfare payments from anti vaccination parents, SMH, 13/4/2015.

Opinion – Bill Muehlenberg: Vaccinations, the Public Good, and Big Brother

7. Donor-conceived children fight for their rights
We hear a lot about IVF and surrogacy, especially in recent times from the homosexual lobby.

However, a group of people are fighting for their rights – to know WHO the donor was reports, “Victoria’s laws will soon centralise all donor information (currently it is held at individual clinics). A donor conceived person will be able to make an application for information or to request contact with their donor. That request will be passed onto the donor, and they will have the chance to respond to that. It’s based on mutual levels of consent over what information is received and what levels of contact that person will have. Counselling services will also help facilitate the process. Coinciding with the change in the law, a conference on donor conception will be held in Melbourne on Saturday June 27. For more information, see

Article: Donor-conceived kids fight for their rights,, 11/4/2015.

Overseas News

1. UK: Christian Concern reports victory in Lowestoft sex shop case
Christian Concern writes, “Councillors in Lowestoft have rejected a licensing application for the opening of a Sex Entertainment Venue in the town centre. Please join us in giving thanks for this important victory. The case was supported by the Christian Legal Centre. This was the third licensing application for a Sex Entertainment Venue to be heard by Lowestoft councillors in a period of just 12 months.”

Churches combined to campaign against the proposed sex venue.
The report includes a short 2 minute video about the case.

Christian Concern report: Victory in Lowestoft sex shop cas

2. USA: Election still 18 months away – Hillary Clinton nominates for Democrats and declares SUPPORT for homosexual ‘marriage’
Yes, it is still more than 18 months to the US election for President. We’ve already reported that Ted Cruz, a conservative Christian, has nominated for the Republicans.

Another Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, the brother of George Bush, is also planning to visit Liberty University (where Ted Cruz announced his nomination). Salon claims that he is ‘pandering to the religious right’ (see Salon article).

This week, on 12 April, Hillary Clinton nominated as a Presidential candidate for the Democrats… three days later she declared that she also announced that she now fully supports homosexual ‘marriage’, calling it a constitutional right!

In June 2014, she said "marriage had always been a matter left to the states".  This week, she changed her position.

Mind you, her views were already supportive of homosexuality. In the June 2014 interview, she stated that she supported moves by activists at the state level, saying, "I fully endorse the efforts by activists who work state-by-state and in fact that is what is working."

Her campaign announcement video (on 12 April) featured a male homosexual couple and a lesbian couple! Neither couple knew that film of them was to appear in the campaign launch. No wonder the media went looking for an answer!

Articles and information:
Campaign launch video and transcript (brief) – click here.
Also the video is online here at ABC (USA).

Article on the male homosexual couple – click here.
Article on the lesbian couple – click here.

Media reports:
Hillary Clinton has a new position on same-sex marriage
, CNN, 15/4/2015.
Hillary Clinton's Big Shift On Same-Sex Marriage, TPM, 15/4/2015.

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