News with hand SXC 1109654 23086232 320x200From marriage to abortion, from pornography to censorship, we face many challenges in the world today. We must continue to ‘look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith’ Hebrews 12:2 (Yes, we’ve just finished reading Hebrews.)

May God bless you as you look to Him.



News Update 21 August 2015

Australian News
1. ‘Halal certification’ – Senate Committee holds public hearing
2. Marriage UPDATE – Entsch Bill, Plebiscite/Referendum update, Media Watch
     2.1 Warren Entsch introduces his Bill on same-sex ‘marriage’
     2.2 Referendum or plebiscite - George Brandis rules out a referendum
     2.3 Uluru bark petition
     2.4 MEDIA WATCH – Paul Barry - ONE-SIDED debate on same-sex ‘marriage’
     2.5 Some great commentary: Piers Akerman & Miranda Devine
     2.6 Sen Eric Abetz on homosexual ‘marriage’
3. High rates of ‘family violence’ in homosexual relationships
4. FIRIS Billboard about religion
5. Vic: Vaccinations required for childcare
6. Graham Preston faces court case in Tasmania
7. Bernard Gaynor in federal court this week – against Defence Force

Overseas News
1. Pornography in hotels – Hilton Hotels REMOVES it!
2. Prison chaplain told to NOT say ‘homosexuality is sinful’
3. Planned Parenthood – more horrifying videos
4. Ashley Madison’s website for ‘cheaters’ – details posted ONLINE


News Update 21 August 2015

Australian News

1. ‘Halal certification’ – Senate Committee holds public hearing
The Senate Economic References Committee is currently holding an Inquiry into the certification of food, including halal certification is continuing.
Submissions closed on 31 July.

A public hearing was held today – with representatives from the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Export Council of Australia, Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Kosher Australia, The Kashrut Authority of Australia, Australian Organic Limited, Australian Certified Organic speaking in the morning. In the afternoon three government departments made presentations: Department of Agriculture, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Industry and Science and the Department of Health.

But no-one was speaking about ‘halal certification’ – from either side!

2. Marriage UPDATE – Entsch Bill, Plebiscite/Referendum update, Media Watch

2.1 Warren Entsch introduces his Bill on same-sex ‘marriage’
This week Liberal MP Warren Entsch introduced his private member’s Bill aimed at legalising homosexual ‘marriage’.
- Read the Marriage Legislation Amendment Bill – click here.
- Read Warren Entsch’s Second Reading speech – click here.

It is unlikely that the Bill will come to a vote – since the Coalition has not allowed a ‘free vote’ on the issue, advocates for same-sex ‘marriage’ don’t think it would pass!
Some Liberal MPs have said they would “cross the floor” to vote for the Bill.

What does the Bill say?
It would change the definition of marriage in Section 5 of the Marriage Act, added in 2004 –"marriage" means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. The NEW definition would replace “a man and a woman” with the words, “two people”.

Mr Entsch said his Bill would protect ministers, so they would have the right to refuse to ‘marry’ homosexuals “for any reason”. For how long?

Who was in the chamber?
The Australian reports, “Liberal MPs Teresa Gambaro, Natasha Griggs and Wyatt Roy, Labor’s Tim Watts, Wayne Swan and Laurie Ferguson, and crossbenchers Adam Bandt, Cathy McGowan and Andrew Wilkie. A few ministers — Malcolm Turnbull, Christopher Pyne and Simon Birmingham. . . Several dozen Labor MPs, including Bill Shorten, sat on the opposition benches.”

This is the argument we have to contend with: Mr Entsch said his Bill was designed to promote “an inclusive Australia, not a divided one. A divided nation is what we will be if we continue to allow discrimination in relation to marriage on the basis of a person’s sexuality.”

Article: Same-sex marriage bill: Warren Entsch in plea for ‘united Australia, The Australian, 17/8/2015.

2.2 Referendum or plebiscite - George Brandis rules out a referendum
During the past week, following the Prime Minister’s announcement that they would hold a ‘referendum or plebiscite’ on the issue of same-sex ‘marriage’, there was some debate amongst government Ministers about which they would opt for.

Scott Morrison proposed a ‘referendum’. George Brandis, the Attorney-General, has since stated that a referendum would not be held, saying it is "entirely unnecessary". A referendum is not needed to allow same-sex ‘marriage’ to be legalised. That’s because, in December 2013, the High Court ruled that Section 51 of the Constitution gives the Commonwealth the power to make laws regarding marriage – the decision also said that ‘marriage’ is not what it meant in 1901 when the Constitution was established, but that ‘marriage’ could include same-sex ‘marriage’ (and even polygamy) if the parliament decided that! (SummaryFull decision)

A plebiscite is not binding on the parliament – it is in effect a huge and expensive ‘opinion poll’! It may or may not be compulsory.

If the Coalition decides to proceed with a ‘public vote’ we will all need to continue to stand firmly against the legalisation of same-sex ‘marriage’.

In response to queries to our News Update, where we reported that the Coalition was proposing a ‘public vote’, we received some responses saying ‘Why not let the people decide?’

Some thoughts on that…

-      We are concerned about the principle of letting the ‘people decide morality’ – if we ask the ‘people’ about same-sex ‘marriage’ then why not other things like abortion or euthanasia?
-      It is by no means clear that ‘the people will vote against it’.
-      In the Irish referendum, huge amounts of money were donated by left-leaning groups and philanthropists in the USA.
-      Inevitably we would get the ‘NO side’ and be criticised as being bigoted and unloving by those in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ – just have a look at this week’s Q & A!

But, if it is to be held, we will have to accept that - and fight on!

Antony Green, the ABC’s election analyst explains the difference between a referendum and a plebiscite – click here.

Article: George Brandis slaps down Scott Morrison over proposal to hold same-sex marriage referendum, SMH, 13/8/2015.

2.3 Uluru bark petition
On Monday last week, when Parliament resumed, the Uluru Bark Petition was presented by 70 indigenous people from across Australia – it said that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and called on the government to “honour the sanctity of both the tradition of marriage and the spiritual implication of this sacred union.
Senators Eric Abetz and Aboriginal Senator Joanna Lindgren received the Uluru Bark Petition.

The indigenous leaders also presented the petition to Speaker Tony Smith. Indigenous MP Ken Wyatt told parliament that fathers and mothers were deeply honoured in Aboriginal culture, and said "They form the foundation of our families, class and system, and pass down our teaching, culture our traditions from generation to generation.”

Of course, some aboriginal leaders, including homosexual ones, disagreed with the statement and said the Uluru Bark Petition didn’t represent them!

Read about the Uluru Bark Petition – click here.

Article: Federal parliament has been petitioned by a group of Aboriginal leaders to oppose legalising same-sex marriage, SBS, 20/8/2015.
Article: Aboriginal LGBTQIs voice their views on Aboriginal petition against same-sex marriage, SBS, NITV, 17/8/2015.

2.4 MEDIA WATCH – Paul Barry - ONE-SIDED debate on same-sex ‘marriage’
On Monday night, in an item titled, ‘Media equality on marriage equality?’, host Paul Barry asked the question “Do both sides of the marriage equality debate get equal billing in the media?”

His conclusion – after referring to the banning of Marriage Alliance ads, complaints to Foxtel and Fairfax for showing the ads, and so on he concluded that our side, those opposing homosexual ‘marriage’, aren’t getting a fair go.

He went on to compare the number of interviews that Rodney Croome and supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’ got compared to those opposing it – HIGHLY weighted in Croome’s favour!

Have a look at the short Media Watch segment – click here.

2.5 Some great commentary: Piers Akerman & Miranda Devine

Gay and godless: Left pushing their agenda, Daily Telegraph, 14/8/2015.

“HOMOSEXUAL marriage is a minor issue for most Australians but it is being pushed to the forefront by the ABC and other agenda-driven organisations hell-bent on marginalising religion in their push for a secular nation. Mainstream Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and followers of other faiths believe in the traditional form of marriage which has prevailed in all cultures for millennia. Many for whom homosexual marriage has suddenly become a burning issue are those who take issue with religion.

“Abruptly changing age-old definitions to suit relatively recent fashions is extremely dangerous, but it is clear that Labor believes it is even more dangerous to take a principled stand in electorates where there is a large Green and/or homosexual vote.

“The ABC’s Radio National is obsessed with the issue, though its presenters do not warn listeners of their personal conflicts of interest. . .”

Miranda Devine – column on PM Tony Abbott’s actions on homosexual ‘marriage’
“YOU can measure suburban grassroots support for Tony Abbott in inverse proportion to the vehemence of his opponents. And his opponents are feral at the moment on gay marriage.

Virtually with one voice the media establishment and the political class have condemned the Prime Minister for his plan to allow the public to vote on such contentious social change. Even some of his more image-conscious cabinet colleagues confidently proclaim he is on the “wrong side of history”. When have we heard this said before about Abbott?
On the republic. On climate change. On both issues he stood firm, was denigrated for it and eventually was shown to have been on the right side of history.

“Time will tell whether gay marriage will give Abbott the trifecta. But there was a clue in the overwhelming 2:1 majority in the Coalition party room — even stronger among the back bench — during Tuesday night’s marathon meeting which rejected a “free vote” — a.k.a. a “conscience vote”, a.k.a. a proxy vote — for same sex marriage.
But right now the sore losers in his government are running around briefing journalists against him…

“It’s a puzzle. If the advocates of gay marriage are as confident as they claim that close to three quarters of the public is with them, then why are they so upset about the decision of the Coalition party room to allow a public vote?
Either they have been lying about community sentiment or they have nothing to fear.
The only way to legitimise such a contentious and important re-engineering of the foundational institution of our society is to allow a public vote. ..”

Article: Miranda Devine: PM Tony Abbott right to rain on irate rainbow parade, Daily Telegraph, 15/8/2015.

2.6 Sen Eric Abetz on homosexual ‘marriage’
Last week, some media outlets reported that, during the Coalition Party Room debate, Senator Eric Abetz made a comment about homosexual couples not wanting to marry. Some wrongly reported that he said none of them wanted to ‘marry’ – Senator Abetz pointed out that the reports were false.

In a statement, Senator Abetz said, “Reports in the media today that I said that “gay men did not want to get married” are simply false. My view is well known.  As I said at a public forum in Hobart last week, not all members of the gay community have the same view on this question. Basing a story on second or third-hand reports of a party room discussion without any verification with me or my office, is extremely poor journalism. It is even worse that the Labor Leader, without knowing what was actually said, has chosen to accept this false report.  But, of course, he has form in this approach.” 

Please pray for Senator Abetz and his family.

Sen Abetz: Statement - media reports today, 12/8/2015.

Article: Eric Abetz says lots of gay men don't want to marry, citing Dolce and Gabbana, SMH, 11/8/2015.

Article: Eric Abetz slams 'false' reports, The New Daily, 11/8/2015.

3. High rates of ‘family violence’ in homosexual relationships
The mainstream media usually don’t report on the higher rates of domestic violence in homosexual relationships, despite research by pro-homosexual groups such as Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV) showing the problems.

However, a presentation by GLHV to the Royal Commission into Family Violence highlighted the issue. The Age reported that Philomena Horsley from GLHV said that ‘despite research that shows that one third of people in same sex relationships suffer from domestic abuse there is a lack of awareness and willingness to address the problem.....’ She said, “We know that LGBTI people have higher rates of depression and anxiety and mental illness overall, combined with the social isolation mean that the experience of violence just becomes part of a spectrum of experiences."
Article: Family violence in lesbian, gay, and transgender community hidden despite high rates, The Age, 11/8/2015.

Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria research:

Private Lives 2 (2012) – click here.

A Closer Look at Private Lives 2 (2015) – click here.

4. FIRIS Billboard about religion
The activist group Fairness in Religion in Schools recently posted a Billboard which declared “God says you are stuck in your sin and need to be rescued from his judgement”. The quote was taken from quotes from an Anglican SRE text in NSW. Media report here.
The aim of FIRIS is to horrify parents and get them to withdraw their children from Scripture classes.

However, it does present the gospel message in a public space.

Cameron Spink, from our Resistance Thinking group, has written a short piece titled When Atheists Promote the Gospel.

The Bible Society have an article called Why Christians don’t need to hate the new anti-scripture billboard

5. Vic: Vaccinations required for childcare
The Victorian government has announced that pre-schoolers will not be able to attend child care or kindergarten unless they are vaccinated. Conscientious objections won’t be allowed – the only exemption if for children with a medical certificate.

A law will be introduced to parliament soon and the scheme starts from 1 January 2016.
This proposal follows moves by the Federal Government that affect social security payments if children are not vaccinated.

Article: New 'no jab, no play' vaccination laws to be introduced in Victoria, ABC, 16/8/2015.

6. Graham Preston faces court case in Tasmania
Graham Preston is due to face court in Tasmania, along with two others, for being within 150 metres of an abortion clinic in Tasmania in April this year. The case will be heard in December, and their lawyer said that the issue would be a constitutional argument over freedom of speech and religious freedom.

Article: Anti-abortionists to argue constitutional issues over protest charges, ABC, 17/8/2015.

7. Bernard Gaynor in federal court this week – against Defence Force
Bernard has spent three days in federal court this week: “fighting to have my commission reinstated and to protect the Constitutional rights that conservative and Christian Australians have to political communication and religious freedom.”

The legal battles are ongoing. In early August, Bernard wrote, “On 4 September I will be in the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal after we won an appeal overturning an earlier decision that Gary Burns’ complaints against me weren’t vexatious.” Gary Burns has more than 20 claims of discrimination against Bernard.

In a update today, Bernard writes, “He has lodged complaints against me for such things as criticising homosexuals who exposed themselves to children at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. He's also lodged complaints about his own comments left on my Facebook page.” Bernard faces a fine of $100,000 if found ‘guilty’!

Please pray for Bernard and his family.

Overseas News

1. Pornography in hotels – Hilton Hotels REMOVES it!
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, formerly Morality in Media (Porn Harms), is running a campaign to call all hotel chains to remove pornography from their in-room television services.They have a web campaign called ‘Dirty Dozen’, which lists the biggest groups - hotel chains, libraries, Facebook etc - that continue to make pornography available.

This week the NCSE announced a victory – Hilton Hotels has announced that their hotels and resorts will NO LONGER have pornography available in their hotel rooms. Hilton will now be REMOVED from the ‘Dirty Dozen’. Well done!

Article: Victory! Hilton Worldwide Agrees to Remove all On-Demand “Adult” Movies, National Center on Sexual Exploitation, 17/8/2015.

2. Prison chaplain told to NOT say ‘homosexuality is sinful’
As Todd Starnes said, “The Christian purge has begun”.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision to allow homosexual ‘marriage’, a prison volunteer has been told he is BANNED unless he promises to NOT say homosexuality is ‘sinful’.

Todd writes, “It wasn’t so much a choice as it was a demand. Chaplain David Wells was told he could either sign a state-mandated document promising to never tell inmates that homosexuality is “sinful” or else the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice would revoke his credentials.
“We could not sign that paper,” Chaplain Wells told me in a telephone call from his home in Kentucky. “It broke my heart.” The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice revoked his volunteer credentials as an ordained minister – ending 13 years of ministry to underage inmates at the Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center….”

David Wells is being defenced by Liberty Counsel. Mat Staver, the Founder and President, writes, “David Wells, a Christian who has served as a prison ministry volunteer for more than 10 years, has been banned by the state of Kentucky from serving in prisons.

Why? Because Wells refused to agree with that state's new pro-homosexual edict! Wells was barred from visiting, counseling, or leading worship services for juveniles because he refused to change his biblical viewpoint on homosexuality.

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) equates the teaching of biblical morality with "derogatory," "biased," and "hateful" speech. In so doing, the DJJ policy creates an unconstitutional religious litmus test that purges Christians from ministering in Kentucky prisons.

The harsh reality in America is that sexual orientation is being elevated to a protected class. Homosexual rights now trump religious liberties in a nation founded on religious liberty and right of conscience. Now we must fight back!

Liberty Counsel's legal team is standing with David Wells. My team is defending his religious liberties against state officials. We will fight to have his First Amendment rights restored and his credentials reinstated.”

They also state, they are fighting “against the anti-Christian tyranny of the state” – and have other cases, three in Kentucky, related to people facing legal action based on their view of homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’.

Articles: The Christian purge has begun: Chaplains banned from preaching that homosexuality is a sin, Todd Stanes, Fox, 11/8/2015.

Prison Ministry Banned Under New Edict (Liberty Counsel), Liberty Counsel, 18/8/2015.

3. Planned Parenthood – more horrifying videos
More revealing videos have been released about Planned Parenthood – with employees describing how abortions are done to preserve organs so they can be harvested and ‘sold’.

Lifesite reports on the seventh video released by the Center for Medical Progress: They write, “A former procurement technician who helped harvest organs at Planned Parenthood said she saw a baby boy's heart beating outside his body before the child's body parts were extracted….”
Report: Aborted baby’s heart was beating as we harvested his brains: worker in new Planned Parenthood video, Lifesite, 19/8/2015.

Bill Muehlenberg writes about the third video:
“The third and most damning video so far of Planned Parenthood is now available. How can anyone any longer support this gruesome and diabolical death cult? 
Read it here.

4. Ashley Madison’s website for ‘cheaters’ – details posted ONLINE

A few weeks ago a group reported that they had hacked into Ashley Madison’s website and obtained details of 37 million users - including many in Australia – this is a website for ‘married people wanting to have an adulterous affair’. The hackers threatened to publish the details unless the site was closed down.

The company didn’t shut the site – and now the hackers have posted all the details online, including email addresses and credit card details! They also claim that many of the ‘female profiles’ are “fake”. The hackers have just published a second lot of data, which they claim includes emails sent by the founder.
Article: Ashley Madison hack: hackers claim cheaters' details dumped online, SMH, 18/8/2015.


News Update – 13 August – Marriage, Islam, Hillsong, Child abuse...

News ball Fotolia 31010118 320x200This week, an update on the same-sex ‘marriage’ situation and a variety of news, some from last week…


News Update - 7 August 2015

Australian News
1. Marriage UPDATE
     1.1 Entsch’s ‘marriage’ Bill, crossing the floor & ‘sacking’ MPs
     1.2 Online POLLS… regarding same-sex ‘marriage’ – Please VOTE!
     1.3 Foxtel & Fairfax harassed for screening Marriage Alliance ADS
     1.4 Rainbows and flowers…
     1.5 Dr Ryan Anderson visits Australia to speak on homosexual ‘marriage’
     1.6 Julie Bishop on families, rights and ‘same sex families’
2. ADF pays $10K a year to help homosexuals prevent HIV!
3. Spreading the ISIS message in Goulburn Supermax secure prison
4. Hillsong and the engaged homosexual couple involved in the choir
5. VCAT grants approval to Bendigo Mosque
6. WA – Child abuse – eight men charged, including a minister
7. St Kilda – and Rowena Allen – lobby for ‘gay pride’ football game
8. Transgender children

Overseas News
1. Germany – ‘no-go’ zones
2. UK – Child sexual abuse investigations - former British PM Edward Health
3. Planned Parenthood – abortions and sale of aborted baby parts
4. Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion in Money Transfers
5. Islamic State “selling sex slaves’Australian News

 News Update - 7 August 2015

Australian News
1. Marriage UPDATE

1.1 Entsch’s ‘marriage’ Bill, crossing the floor & ‘sacking’ MPs

Liberal back bencher Warren Entsch says he intends to continue with his plan to introduce his ‘cross-party’ Bill on same-sex ‘marriage’ into the parliament next Monday. (1) He said he would ‘cross the floor’ to vote for the ‘re-definition of marriage’. Dean Smith, an openly homosexual Liberal Senator from WA, said he would also vote for the Bill. reported that Warren Entsch said, “I think there will be a handful of people on my side that will vote for this. Absolutely I will be crossing the floor. But even with some support I don’t think the support is there to see it succeed.” (2)

Tony Abbott was asked if Coalition MPs would be sacked if they voted for same-sex ‘marriage’ – his reply was the backbenchers can always vote according to conscience but Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries had to follow Party policy or they would have to go to the back bench and lose their Ministerial position. (2)

Malcom Turnbull said he didn’t support a referendum or plebiscite AFTER the next election, as it would dominate the political agenda leading up to the election. (2)

Article (1): Entsch remains loyal to PM despite dudding of marriage equality Bill, Cairns Post, 13/8/2015.

Article (2): Liberal MP Warren Entsch to lead way with cross-party bill on same-sex marriage,, 12/8/2015.

Article: Gay marriage split: Liberal senator Dean Smith vows to cross the floor, SMH, 12/8/2015.
Article: Is this the start of a mutiny on gay marriage? Liberal party's first openly gay MP vows to defy Tony Abbott and cross the floor in support of controversial bill, Daily Mail, 13/8/2015.

1.2 Online POLLS… regarding same-sex ‘marriage’ – Please VOTE! poll – click here
Would you vote for or against same-sex marriage in a referendum?
Current result – with Total votes - 49,526:
     - Yes, I would vote for same-sex marriage - 72.76%  (36,002 votes) 
     - No, I would vote against same-sex marriage - 27.24%  (13,524 votes)

Herald Sun poll - CLICK HERE (mentioned two days ago…)
Two questions…
- What do you want - a referendum on same-sex marriage or let the parliament decide?
- Would you vote for or against same-sex marriage in a referendum?
Current result: Referendum 81%, Parliament 19%
For same-sex ‘marriage’ – 23% / Against same-sex ‘marriage’ – 77%
Total votes – around 4,000.

1.3 Foxtel & Fairfax harassed for screening Marriage Alliance ADS
Foxtel went ahead and screened the Marriage Alliance ads – which Channels 7 & 10 had refused to screen. They have since been harassed by some ‘angry customers’ who say they plan to CANCEL their Foxtel account.

Fairfax was criticised by intolerant people who were angry about an online ad run by the group… SMH reported “Fairfax Media, the publisher of this website, has also attracted some angry comments for running the Marriage Alliance's ad online. On Monday afternoon a Fairfax Media spokesman said:  "The advertising Fairfax runs is just that, advertising, and not reflective of the company's position on anything whatsoever."

Fairfax posted an interesting response on their Facebook page… "This decision was not made lightly and was made with the active involvement of senior gay executives. We believe this debate should be won by the force of the argument in favour of reform, not by refusing to engage in debate or to allow contrary opinions to be put." 

Australian Marriage Forum took out a full page ad in The Australian newspaper on Monday 10 August, arguing that "all relationships matter. But not all relationships are Marriage". 

Article: Foxtel customers angered by ads against same-sex marriage, SMH, 10/8/2015.

1.4 Rainbows and flowers…
FamilyVoice issued a Media Release asking why there were MANY reports about the homosexual rainbow at Canberra and virtually nothing about the flowers…
Is ‘marriage equality’ a HIGH PRIORITY issue?

In a word, ‘NO’! The Sexton research reported in this week’s Australian confirms that the mainstream media are out of step with public sentiment on this issue.

Ros Phillips pointed out in her Media Release …“The so-called ‘marriage equality’ campaign has featured on front pages and prime time TV for many months.  You would expect most people would say it was a high priority issue,” she said.  “But no – the Sexton survey found that it rated 13th, way below employment, the economy, the environment, education and health.  This was so for those who strongly support same-sex marriage.  Those who oppose it rated the issue slightly higher.”

Media Release: We saw the rainbow, but where were the flowers?, FamilyVoice Australia, 11/8/2015.

1.5 Dr Ryan Anderson visits Australia to speak on homosexual ‘marriage’
The tour, by Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation, has been organised by the Australian Christian Lobby and others are sponsoring the tour. His topic is “The Cost of Equality”. Dan Flynn of ACL writes, “What comes next with same-sex marriage may not be what you think. In his trademark articulate and cordial style, Ryan will share insights into the future of marriage and religious freedom in today's climate. Well known for his work in the areas of religious liberty and marriage, he has been described by Robert George as the most compelling and courageous defender of marriage in the U.S.
Ryan was thrust into fame in America when he appeared on Piers Morgan Live with this well-reasoned defence of marriage."
Watch Ryan debate homosexual ‘marriage’ with Piers Morgan on CNN – click here

The event in Melbourne still has seats available.
Melbourne: Thursday 20th August, at 6pm The Cost of Equality.

1.6 Julie Bishop on families, rights and ‘same sex families’
We recently reported that the UN Human Rights Commission passed a motion to support the family.

Australia is NOT a member of the Commission, but Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told The Weekend Australian recently: “Australia elected not to co-sponsor the resolution ­because it sought to ascribe human rights to the family unit. Under International Human Rights law, human rights belong to individuals, not groups. In ­addition, the resolution failed to acknowledge that ­serious human rights abuses can occur within the family unit, for example, domestic violence, marital rape and early and enforced marriage.”

Significantly, in the light of the current debate over same-sex ‘marriage, she stated, “It also failed to recognise the diversity of family units, including same-sex families, extended indigenous kinship structures and single-parent families.”

Article: Julie Bishop makes stand for same-sex families, Dennis Shanahan, The Australian, 18/7/2015.
Article: A win for families! UN resolution protecting families a victory for sanity, Terri Kelleher, News Weekly, 1/8/2015.

2. ADF pays $10K a year to help homosexuals prevent HIV!Yes, the
Australian Defence Forces have revealed that they are paying $10,000 PER PERSON PER YEAR for a ‘once-a-day’ tablet – which is given to those considered ‘at risk’ of getting HIV…

The Australian reports that the ADF were guarded – but admitted that the drug Truvada is being given to a number of defence members - to “people who are at high risk [of getting HIV] — such as gay men and injecting drug users”. This is normally used for HIV infection, but is being trialled for use as a ‘prevention’ – called PrEP to try and stop HIV infection.

The Australian writes, “The drug Truvada is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for the treatment of HIV infection in Australia but has no endorsement for PrEP, unlik­e in the US, where the once-a-day tablet has been described as a game-changer for those at risk. When taken consistently, PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection in people who are at high risk — such as gay men and injecting drug users — by up to 92 per cent.”

Article: ADF paying $10k per person to prevent HIV in at-risk personnel, The Australian, 6/8/2015.

3. Spreading the ISIS message in Goulburn Supermax secure prison

Daily Mail reports, “There are fears a convicted murderer is contacting Islamic State fighters and criminals from inside one of Australia’s most secure prisons, after the killer’s Facebook profile was reportedly discovered – complete with a selfie of the man in his prison uniform. Masood Atai is serving a 24 year prison sentence at Goulburn Supermax prison for shooting a man dead in 2009 in Western Sydney. Atai was only 18 at the time and understood to have been involved with the Notorious outlaw motorcycle gang…”

Article: Convicted murderer discovered 'using Facebook to contact ISIS fighters and other criminals' inside one of Australia's most secure jails, Daily Mail Australia, 10/8/2015.

4. Hillsong and the engaged homosexual couple involved in the choir Since the initial reports about
Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly said they have been totally upfront with Hillsong NYC about their homosexual relationship - they have now published a statement about their involvement in the church. Senior Pastor Brian Houston had stated that they weren’t in leadership from the time the church first knew about the issue.
A video in November 2014 (posted at NTEB) shows him acknowledging that he knew about the issue, whilst the men were talking about their involvement in leading or being in the choir as late as December / January. Brian has now written a blog, on 4 August, titled ‘Do I love gay people?’ where he states “Put clearly, we do not affirm a gay lifestyle and because of this we do not knowingly have actively gay people in positions of leadership, either paid or unpaid.”

On 7 August, Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly responded by publishing a statement – ‘to friends’ where they talk about their relationship and involvement with Hillsong: click here to read it.
They begin,
“To our friends...
“We’re writing this post in response to so many of you who have kindly reached out. You’ve been wondering why we have been getting so many hateful comments on all of our social media in the past week, in which some of you have been tagged or engaged.
“The drama that is unfolding at the moment all revolves around the fact that we have been heavily involved in our church, Hillsong NYC. Josh has been with Hillsong for eight years in a variety of ways: choir director, vocal director, and worship team. I've been there since the beginning of our relationship, over three years ago, and eventually began singing in the choir and opening my apartment as the gathering place for a connect group for Hillsong members in the Broadway and theatrical communities.
“We have been open and forthright about our relationship from the get-go….

As Now the End Begins states, “It also remains to be seen, now that Hillsong have said that they "do not affirm the LGBT lifestyle", if they will hold to that position. Pushback from the LGBT community was immediate and we are sure the pressure on them will be overwhelming to retract their newly-stated position.”

Media and commentary:
Article: Hillsong Choir’s ‘Gay Couple’ Contradicts Brian Houston: ‘We Have Been Open, Forthright from Get-Go’, Christian News, 9/8/2015.

Article: Hillsong’s Recent Statement On Openly-Gay Choir Leaders Now Proven False, Now the End Begins.

4. VCAT grants approval to Bendigo Mosque
Last week VCAT granted permission – and refused an appeal by concerned residents – for the proposed mosque to be built in Bendigo.

The Muslim groups behind the mosque wrote, “The Australian Islamic Mission and the Muslim community of Bendigo has released a statement about VCAT’s decision to grant approval for the Bendigo mosque. The statement says the groups welcome the decision, and look forward to progressing the project: “The support from the Bendigo Mayor, councilors, members of parliament, multi-faith groups, the Bendigo Interfaith Council, religious leaders and the community has been overwhelming. We, the Australian Muslims of Bendigo cannot thank enough for their care and support…”

Article: Bendigo mosque receives planning approval by VCAT, ABC, 6/8/2015.

Article: Bendigo mosque to go ahead, VCAT rules, Bendigo Advertiser, 5/8/2015.

5. WA – Child abuse – eight men charged, including a minister
A father in WA has been charged with making his daughter (aged 11 to 13 at the time) available to male predators, who all sexually abused her. Charges included making and possessing child pornography..

One of the men charged was a pastor, David Volmer, who pleaded guilty in early July. The other men were all charged in late July.

An absolutely horrific account of the sexual abuse of a child. Please pray for the girl as she receives counselling and support.
Article: Eight WA men charged with more than 500 counts of child abuse, WA Today, 30/7/2015.

6. St Kilda – and Rowena Allen – lobby for ‘gay pride’ football game
St Kilda will ask the AFL for a landmark gay pride game in its 2016 fixture submission as part of a wider push to stamp out homophobia and foster equality. In an Australian-first, the Saints will request a primetime night match to celebrate diversity and offer gay fans and players a powerful gesture of acceptance.

“The submission will be made this month as part of St Kilda's home and away fixture request and has the backing of the Victorian government's new Gender and Sexuality Commissioner. Rowena Allen last week met with St Kilda chief executive Matt Finnis and will chair an advisory committee to get the rainbow match off the ground.

“The proposal includes pre-game and half-time packages for television audiences on the impact of homophobia in sport, with money raised going to charities supporting gender diverse and same-sex attracted youth.”

Of course it isn’t surprising that Rowena Allen, the new LGBTI ‘advocate’ is SUPPORTIVE!

Article: St Kilda lobby AFL for gay pride game, The Age, 2/8/2015.

7. Transgender children
A report from The Australian, published at the same time as ‘My Barbie Boy’ looks at the increasing number of children who are signing up to ‘change their gender’…
This article is VERY affirming of ‘transgender’ children and adults…

The specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Dr Michelle Telfer, says she doesn’t believe it is ‘biological’ – “Of all the research on causality… what is generally accepted is that it is probably very complex with interplay between genes, ­hormones which may determine how a gene is expressed and socio-cultural factors.”

The clinic at the “Royal Children’s Hospital recently received a windfall $6 million from the ­Vic­torian Government to cope with demand”!

Article: Transgender children: what’s behind the spike in numbers?, The Australian, 18/7/2015.

Overseas News

1. Germany – ‘no-go’ zones
Gatestone Institute has published a revealing article – about ‘no-go zones' in Germany…

“Spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by immigrants from the Middle East and the Balkans are turning parts of Duisburg, a key German industrial city, into "areas of lawlessness" — areas that are becoming de facto "no-go" zones for police, according to a confidential police report that was leaked to the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

The report, produced by the police headquarters of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state of Germany (and also the state with the largest Muslim population in Germany), warns that the government is losing control over problem neighborhoods and that the ability of police to maintain public order "cannot be guaranteed over the long term."

Article: Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany, Gatestone Institute, 1/8/2015.

2. UK – Child sexual abuse investigations - former British PM Edward Health
In the continuing investigations into child sexual abuse by those in high places, allegations against former Prime Minister Edward Heath, who died in 2005, are being investigated.

The BBC reports, “The police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is to investigate whether officers failed to pursue allegations of child abuse made against former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. A retired detective has alleged that claims were made in the 1990s but not followed up…”

Article: Sir Edward Heath abuse claims: IPCC investigates police, BBC, 3/8/2015.

3. Planned Parenthood – abortions and sale of aborted baby parts

Three videos have now emerged showing various Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of aborted babies and parts of babies.

Various reports:

- 60+ rallies nationwide demand Congress defund Planned Parenthood: two babies saved, Lifesite, 28/7/2015.
- BREAKING: Shock Planned Parenthood video catches affiliate vice president selling aborted baby parts, Lifesite, 28/7/2015.
- Planned Parenthood claims database, website hacked by anti-abortion ‘extremists’, Lifesite, 28/7/2015.

By Bill Muehlenberg…
“Yet more damning videos of the demonic baby killing machine known as Planned Parenthood. May they keep coming, and may they result in the closing down of this worldwide death cult: 
Article: The Ongoing Implosion of Planned Parenthood

“The third and most damning video so far of Planned Parenthood is now available. How can anyone any longer support this gruesome and diabolical death cult? 

Article: Planned Parenthood – the gift that keeps on giving, 29/7/2015.

4. Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion in Money Transfers

Follow the money trail!

“The Islamic State received $6.9 billion in funds in recent money transfers through banks in Iraq, according to the Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament.

Companies were able to transfer the monies from the main banks in Iraq to banks in the regions controlled by the Islamic State despite the supposedly strict security measures the Iraqi government says it has taken in order to stranglehold the terror organization militarily and financially. A member of the committee, Haitham El-Jabouri, told Al Araby Al Jadeed, a UK-based news outlet, the committee made requests to the banks to provide them with the names of the companies that sent the monies, but the requests were refused.”

Article: Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion in Money Transfers, Clarion Project, 28/7/2015.

5. Islamic State “selling sex slaves’
“New York: Islamic State is circulating a slave price list for captured women and children, and the group's ongoing appeal and barbarity pose an unprecedented challenge, a senior United Nations official says. The official, Zainab Bangura​, said that on a trip to Iraq in April she was given a copy of an Islamic State pamphlet, which included the list, showing that captured children as young as one fetch the highest price. The bidders include the group's own fighters and wealthy Middle Easterners…”
Article: Islamic State selling sex slaves, the younger the better, claims UN official, SMH, 4/8/2015.


News hand Fotolia 43542893 320x200Each week seems to get busier. There is so much happening with regard to the battle over homosexual ‘marriage’ that I felt led to call it a ‘Tsunami’!

I’ll send a separate email on MONDAY with a full update on ‘marriage’.

Please read, pray and act over these matters.

May God bless and keep you  as you look to Him,


News Update – 24 July 2015

Australian News
1. Marriage – a TSUNAMI is coming!
     1.1 Labor Party Conference this weekend
     1.2 21 Days of prayer for marriage – 20 July to 9 August
2. Muslim father who married off 12 year old daughter jailed for SIX YEARS
3. Victoria: End-of life Inquiry – Submissions needed!
4. Halal certification – submissions to Inquiry – close 31 JULY
5. What is the ‘fastest growing religion in Australia’?
6. Transgenderism & ‘Gender non-conforming’ - boys and girls
7. Council executive who disagreed with ‘rainbow flag’ in ‘mediation’!
8. Report on ‘Reclaim Australia’ and anti-racism rallies
9. ACT – Result of poll on ‘protest ban’ outside abortion clinic
10. Birth certificates, donor conception and IVF

Overseas News
1. Pakistan: Asia Bibi allowed to appeal against death sentence
2. UK – Sexual abuse and ‘cover-ups’
     2.1 60 Minutes – allegations of horrific paedophile abuse at Westminster re politicians etc
     2.2 Court cases re Hampstead children – please pray
3. Islam: Why do Muslim women join ISIS?
4. Lord Carey and Barnabas Fund urge UK to accept persecuted Christians


News Update – 24 July 2015

Australian News

1. Marriage – a TSUNAMI is coming!
Yesterday, when I was preparing this News Update, there were so many developments this week (and action by pro-homosexual groups) that I’ve decided to publish a SEPARATE ‘Marriage Update’ on MONDAY next week – with recent news and a CALL to ACTION!

The word ‘Tsunami’ was impressed on my mind by the Holy Spirit, and I think that is what we are facing…. Peter had the word ‘Avalanche’ and the image of a snowball rolling downhill, gaining size and momentum.

So just two matters for this weekend:

1.1 Labor Party Conference this weekend
Pray that the national Labor Party Conference does NOT force all Labor MPs to vote FOR homosexual ‘marriage’. In April, Labor Deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek made this proposal but copped a backlash from her Party colleagues (source). She backed down ‘a bit’ in June, after Bill Shorten expressed more support for the issue, but said, “I expect that the binding vote issue will still come up, but it is less important than the fact that we have a Labor Party that is publicly (demonstrating) the majority of the Labor Party are supportive of this.”

Pray that the issue doesn’t come up – and that, if it does, it is NOT supported!

1.2 '21 Days of prayer for marriage' – 20 July to 9 August
Christian leaders and organisations across Australia are calling Christians to pray - ‘21 Days of Prayer for Marriage’ – asking God for a ‘miracle’ to preserve marriage between a man and a woman. The 21 Days are from 20 July to 9 August – this leads up to the return of federal parliament (on 10 August) and the expected introduction of a ‘cross-party’ Bill aimed at legalising homosexual ‘marriage’.

The Website has information, a Prayer Plan & Devotional Guide, a suggested prayer for marriage and more.

Please PRAY – and encourage your church and Christian friends to pray as well…

Website: A Miracle for Marriage – 21 days of prayer

2. Muslim father who married off 12 year old daughter jailed for SIX YEARS
A Muslim man from NSW, who ‘married’ his daughter to a 26 year old Muslim when she was just 12 years old, has been sent to prison for six years. The man was found guilty of ‘procuring a child aged under 14 for unlawful sexual activity’ and ‘being an accessory before the fact to a serious indictable offence’. During sentencing, Judge Deborah Sweeney, said, “That this man thought his actions were justified by his religious faith does not excuse what he did. (The father's) role was to protect his daughter.'

The man’s response?
The barrister said, 'His reply was 'everything's perfect. He couldn't feel better'.

So no remorse…. No regrets!
Article: 'Everything's perfect. He couldn't be better': Callous Muslim convert who married off his 12-year-old daughter to a 26-year-old man and allowed them to have sex at his home is jailed for six years, Daily Mail Australia, 17 July 2015.

3. Victoria: End-of life Inquiry – Submissions needed!
The Victorian Legislative Council is currently conducting an Inquiry into ‘end-of-life decisions’. The Inquiry includes discussion of palliative care and also euthanasia. Many of the submissions are from supporters of euthanasia – often telling ‘sad’ stories or saying they want to die when they choose.

We MUST have our say! Please make a submission. Closing date is 31 July 2015.
Click here for our E-News post with full details of the Inquiry and making a submission.

The Committee is currently holding public hearings around Victoria. Click here for details of public hearings.

4. Halal certification – submissions to Inquiry – close 31 JULY
Don’t forget to make a submission regarding ‘halal certification’ – click here to read our E-News post about the Inquiry.
Submissions close next Friday, 31 July.

5. What is the ‘fastest growing religion in Australia’?
An in-depth report from SBS reveals that it is Hinduism – of course, the ‘growth rate’ compares the increase with the previous number following that religion, so it doesn’t tell us actual numerical growth. The report includes statistics and graphs of the number in various religions in Australia – as well as around the world.

It is also notes that “Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion with the world's population of 1.6 billion Muslims predicted to expand to 2.3 billion by 2050, according to the Pew Research Centre.

Article: What's the fastest growing religion in Australia?, SBS, 17/7/2015.

6. Transgenderism & ‘Gender non-conforming’ - boys and girls
Another feature article, this time in the Weekend Australian, about cross-dressing and transgender children. This time, it was written by a US mother about her 7 year old ‘Barbie Boy’, who they call ‘gender non-conforming’ – in this case he still wants to have his boy body but act as a girl. But she is also supportive of ‘transitioning’ from one gender to the other!
The story is not actually new – the mother wrote a book about it in 2013 and writes about it in a blog.

Posted online – click here (or here at The Australian, subscriber only).

7. Council executive who disagreed with ‘rainbow flag’ in ‘mediation’!
We recently reported that Peter Harder, the CEO of SA’s Copper Coast Council, had resigned after the local Council voted to fly the homosexual rainbow flag during South Australia’s homosexual Feast Festival in November.

The ABC reports that Mr Harder and the Council are in ‘mediation’ to discuss his options. The Mayor has asked for a statement as to why he found it untenable to continue in his role. Mr Harder said he would remain in his position if common ground could be found, but if not, "we'll have to part ways". A decision is expected at the next council meeting on August 5.

Article: Council executive in mediation over rainbow flag, ABC, 22/7/2015.

8. Report on ‘Reclaim Australia’ and 'anti-racism' rallies
The media have reported on the opposing rallies held by Reclaim Australia and the ‘anti-racism’ protests led by Socialist Alliance and their friends.

Many media reports tried to paint Reclaim Australia as violent and nasty. But the violent attacks came from the other side – as we have seen at pro-life marches and the World Congress of the Family event in Melbourne last year. One person pointed out that the police FACED the ‘anti-racist’ protesters, knowing where the trouble would come from!

Andrew Bolt wrote an insightful report – about the lop-sided way the media reported on the rallies. He also posted the speech that LNP MP George Christensen prepared for the Mackay Reclaim Australia rally

Article: There were two sets of protesters on the street. The media savaged the more peaceful, Herald Sun, 20/7/2015.

Q Society issued a Media Release about the “deliberate provocation by a coalition of violent left-wing hooligans and radical Islamists in Melbourne.”

9. ACT – Result of poll on ‘protest ban’ outside abortion clinic

Great result! Thank you for voting – the poll about whether people supported the Greens MP’s plan to outlaw any ‘protest’ – including peaceful prayer vigils – outside Canberra’s abortion clinic was overwhelmingly our way – with 76%!
The result - Total votes: 2805.
POLL: Do you support Shane Rattenbury's plan to outlaw protests near Canberra's abortion clinic?
Yes. We need to protect the women who use these services. 24%
No. It's an attack on free speech to deny people's right to protest. 76%

Article and POLL (at bottom): Shane Rattenbury prepares to ban anti-abortion protests outside Canberra's abortion clinic, Canberra Times, 20/7/2015.

10. Birth certificates, donor conception and IVF
Knowing one’s biological heritage is vitally important and that is often lost in donor conception, IVF and surrogacy. In the past, laws have kept donors ‘anonymous’. In recent years, some laws have been changed to allow ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2’ to allow lesbian partners to be on a birth certificate as the parent – with NO mention of a biological father!

Damien Adams, from South Australia, who was conceived from donor sperm, says he believes the "donor-conceived community is perhaps the last group of disenfranchised people" after a court ruled he cannot change his birth certificate earlier this year. He wanted to have his father's name changed to "unknown" on his birth certificate. Mr Adams does not know who his biological father is and wants his birth certificate to be as honest as possible. "So it wasn't just for me, it was also for my children and my descendants. So if anybody ever conducted genealogy in the future, that they wouldn't be led down the wrong path. So it's not about anything untoward, my dad who raised me who I love very much; it's just a matter of having something that is truthful and accurate."

Article: Birth certificate should be honest to aid genealogy, donor-conceived SA man Damien Adams says, ABC World Today, 20/7/2015.

Overseas News

1. Pakistan: Asia Bibi allowed to appeal against death sentence
Good news!
The Supreme Court in Pakistan has suspended the execution of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman convicted of ‘blasphemy’ – and allowed her to appeal against the death sentence. No date has been set for the hearing of the appeal.

Asia Bibi, who has been on death row for nearly five years, has denied insulting Mohammed, saying that her ‘Muslim accusers were acting on a personal grudge’.

Article: Pakistan Supreme Court suspends Asia Bibi death sentence, BBC, 22/7/2015.

2. UK – Sexual abuse and ‘cover-ups’
2.1 60 Minutes – allegations of horrific paedophile abuse by politicians etc
This week 60 Minutes ran a program on shocking allegations of child sexual abuse amongst politicians, Lords and spies in the UK…
They summarise, “It’s shaping up to be the biggest political scandal in Britain’s history. There is new evidence that some of the country’s most respected men were in fact depraved paedophiles. Leaders that were preying on children as young as eight and nine. Many of the kids were trafficked from state-run homes and other institutions to be abused by MPs, Lords, and spies. They were protected from on high by a secret code, and have never been held to account for their horrific crimes. 60 Minutes investigates the scandal and the cover up, speaks to the victims and the witnesses, and confronts a member of the notorious paedophile information exchange. Reporter Ross Coulthart also reveals how children were killed in order to protect this network of predators – and how the driver to the Australian High Commissioner could hold the key to blowing this case wide open.”

Watch the program: Spies, Lords and Predators, 60 Minutes, 19/7/2015.

2.2 Court cases re Hampstead children – please pray
Please pray for the ‘Hampstead children’ who are currently the subject of court cases related to allegations of sexual abuse abuse. The main website documenting their story is – but is down until today due to court hearings.

A hearing about ‘permission to appeal’ a court judgement was held on 23 July. The Court is also deciding on the children’s care – options include their father (an alleged abuser), long-term foster care, or their grandparents. They have currently been residing with their mother.

Before it’s News reports that there has been a ‘cover-up’ of the events and cite medical evidence (source).

3. Islam: Why do Muslim women join ISIS?
Australian academic Anne Aly claims that talking about Muslim women being ‘jihadi brides’ is sexist. She writes that Muslim women are actively involved, both in conflict itself and in preventing terrorism….

Article: 'Jihadi brides' aren't oppressed. They join Isis for the same reasons men do. - Anne Aly, Malaysian Digest, 4/3/2015

4. Lord Carey and Barnabas Fund urge UK to accept persecuted Christians
Lord Carey and Barnabas Fund are appealing to Prime Minister David Cameron to accept persecuted Christians who are fleeing from Syria.

According to the Telegraph, last week Barnabas Fund and Lord Weidenfeld helped smuggle 42 Christian families out of Syria to Beirut – they were then flown to Poland where they received safe haven.

Barnabas Fund is running a petition to all western governments (including Australia):

We call upon our governments:
1. To work with governments in the Middle East to provide and support secure areas for displaced Christian communities that have fled from violence and persecution
2. To welcome Christian refugees and give them priority as asylum seekers. We urge our politicians and leaders to recognise that Christians are especially targeted and uniquely in need of safe refuge.

Please SIGN the petition at Barnabas Fund website – click here.

You can also download the petition – print it out and get people from your church to sign it!

Article: UK is denying refuge to Christians fleeing ISIL, say church leaders, Telegraph, 18/7/2015.


News Update – 17 July – rainbow flag, marriage, persecuted Christians, Islam funding, abortion

News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200Another round of news – just when I think it is finished, another item comes in – this time, it was that the Victorian government has just appointed a ‘Sexuality and Gender Commissioner’!

Please pray as you read!




News Update 16 July 2015

Australian News

1. Vic: Gender and Sexuality Commissioner appointed
The Andrews Labor government has ticked off another election promise – appointing a ‘Gender and Sexuality Commissioner’. The appointment of Rowena Allen was announced by the Minister for Equality, Martin Foley, who said, "It will be Ms Allen's role, working across government, working across the community, to challenge and bring around reform to make sure every Victorian feels safe to be who they are."

Is Ms Allen ‘neutral’ – without pre-conceived ideas about sexuality or gender?

No – she will be an activist advocate for homosexual causes.

The government’s media release says, “The Commissioner will champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex (LGBTI) Victorians within the Government. The creation of the role was a Labor election commitment. Ms Allen is an effective, experienced and longstanding advocate for LGBTI Victorians and has held leadership positions in the community and government sectors.”

“As the founding CEO of UnitingCare Cutting Edge, Ms Allen established Victoria’s first rural support group for young LGBTI people.”

In addition, “Ms Allen has been a member of three Victorian Government LGBTI ministerial advisory groups and chaired the ministerial advisory committee on LGBTI  Health and Wellbeing between 2007 and 2009.”

Yes, Rowena is a lesbian (read her story here) and has a daughter with her partner Kaye Bradshaw (read story here). She is also a member of the Uniting Church, and has been a co-convenor of Uniting Network, the homosexual advocacy group in the Uniting Church (story here).

Well, there you have it – an ADVOCATE for homosexual rights is now the Commissioner!
Government Media release: Rowena Allen Is Victoria’s First Gender And Sexuality Commissioner, 15/7/2015.

Article: Rowena Allen announced as Victoria's first gender and sexuality commissioner, ABC, 15/7/2015.

2. SA: One Council REJECTS the homosexual flag
Some good news – this week, ‘the Tea Tree Gully Council (in Adelaide) overwhelmingly rejected a push by the South Australian ‘Feast Festival’ for councils to fly the Rainbow Flag during November when the festival – the SA version of the Sydney homosexual mardi gras – is held.’

Family Voice’s research officer Ros Phillips reported, “Two councillors – Matthew Harbinson and Damian Wyld – moved and seconded a motion directing Council not to fly the Rainbow Flag during the current term (which ends in late 2018). No one spoke against the motion, which passed by 10 votes to 2.” 

Well done!

Source: SA Council rejects ‘Rainbow Flag’, 10:2, FamilyVoice Australia Media Release, 15/7/2015.

3. Update: homosexual ‘marriage’

3.1 Religious freedom – important issue in the debate, says Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly, editor of The Australian has written a very important article about the problem of protecting religious freedom in the context of the debate on homosexual ‘marriage’.

He began, “The central issue in any Australian recognition of same-sex marriage remains almost invisible — whether the state’s re-definition of civil marriage will authorise an assault on churches, institutions and individuals who retain their belief in the traditional view of marriage.”

He went on, “The real issue is conceptually simple — it is whether same-sex marriage will deny conscience rights to much of the population. The alternative is a new spirit of tolerance guaranteed by law where same-sex marriage sits in parallel with undiminished ­religious liberty.”

Mr Kelly cites the statements by Tim Wilson, the homosexual Human Rights Commissioner, about the lack of protection for religious freedom in any of the proposed Bills and who talked of putting both ‘rights’ – ‘homosexual ‘marriage’ and freedom of religion - beside each other with equal weight. Mr Kelly also writes about the 'civil marriage, religious ceremony' proposal.

One of the dangers is that, if it was proposed that religious freedoms were protected, then more politicians might be ‘persuaded’ to support the Bill – which is certainly the aim of Tim Wilson, who supports homosexual ‘marriage’.

Of course, even if a supposed Bill were to contain additional clauses to ‘protect’ religious freedom, these can always be challenged and CHANGED! In addition, state discrimination laws already prohibit discrimination for goods and services, etc.

Article: The same-sex marriage debate and the right to religious belief, Paul Kelly, The Australian, 11/7/2015.

3.2 Penny Wong is wrong – compelling letter from a man raised by a lesbian couple
An excellent and compelling letter in The Australian on 6 July from Robert, a man raised by two mothers…

“As a child from a same sex union I can tell I can tell Wong she is wrong. The absence of a father brought me plenty of embarrassment, frustration, sexual confusion, feeling short changed in life and eventually anger resulting in being kicked out of school, petty theft and run in's with the law in my younger days. Penny will never know what it is like to stand there with friends and wonder how does a man behave/communicate, how does one simply be a man. This mindset haunted me well into my 30's and was the cause of much apprehension and crises of confidence as I raised my own family. As I look at my son and see how he has embraced life and taken for granted the things I struggled with for many years I think how fortunate he is to come from a 2 parent male/female family. Hmosexuals and lesbians are totally wrong to think their children are on an equal footing with their peers, the children are at a distinct disadvantage because homosexuality is not the normal family arrangement, having a female mum and a male dad describes the vast majority of families and it always will. Children find security and confidence in being the same as their peers and differing only in the way THEY choose.”

Letter posted at the Australian – click here.

3.3 Uniting Church considers same-sex ‘marriage’ at Assembly in Perth

“The Uniting Church will consider at its assembly its role in conducting state-recognised marriages if same-sex marriage laws are approved.” The Assembly was held in Perth this week.

The Uniting Church has been working on their response regarding same-sex ‘marriage’ for some time. They released a Discussion Paper in May 2014.

The conservative / Biblical part of the Uniting Church, the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC) prepared a response to the Discussion Paper.

Article: Uniting Church considers marriage options, AAP, 13/7/2015.
Uniting Church Discussion paper – click here.
Response by ACC – click here.

3.4. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – another journalist shows a personal position in interview…
When the ABC Drive program interviewed Alex Blackwell, the vice-captain of the Australian women’s cricket team about her decision to ‘marry’ her lesbian partner in England, the host, Sally Warhaft, wasn’t content to leave it at that. She went on, in a very supportive tone, to ask how it felt to NOT be able to marry in her homes country… which she had represented etc etc and turned into a political discussion.

Article: Australian cricket star Alex Blackwell to marry partner in gay ceremony, SMH, 5/7/2015.

3.5 Same-sex ‘marriage’ debate – at the National Press Club – 29 July
Senator Cory Bernardi is certainly prepared to defend his position. A debate on same-sex ‘marriage’ will be held on Wednesday 29 July, 2015.

His opponent?
Senator Penny Wong.

Check out the details – if you live in Canberra, you might consider attending to give him your support. Or contact Cory to encourage him - click here.
National Press Club debate/lunch detailsclick here.

3.6 Marriage - Lecture by Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher
At a time when marriage is under threat, and we are confronting campaigns to legalise homosexual ‘marriage, Archbishop Fisher is providing a timely response. The lecture addresses the importance of marriage and family ‘and their role in the social fabric’.
Lecture: Same‐Sex ‘Marriage’: Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and the Family
Date: 22 July 2015
Time: 6pm for 6:30pm start
Location: The School Hall, St Mary’s Cathedral College, Cathedral Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

3.7. Marriage message – stand up to those who “bully”
Archbishop Fisher also spoke strongly against homosexual ‘marriage’ in a sermon recently. He said that “powerful forces” are “determined to silence any opposition” and “bully us all into accepting the deconstruction and redefinition of a fundamental institution.”
Read about his message at this Lifesite report: Stand up to gay ‘marriage’ bullies, says Australian archbishop

Overseas News

1. Good news – Jewish Peer who fled Nazis rescuing Christians fleeing ISIS
Repaying his debt of gratitude for being rescued – a Jewish Peer in the UK is helping Christians…

The Independent reports, “A Jewish peer who fled occupied Austria as a child is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christians from Syria and Iraq as a way of showing his gratitude to the religion whose members saved him from the Nazis. Lord Weidenfeld says he has “a debt to repay” to Christians fleeing Isis, because the Quakers and the Plymouth Brethren fed and clothed him and helped him to reach Britain in 1938. Having arrived in Britain on a train a year before the start of the Second World War with just a few shillings to his name, Lord Weidenfeld went on to establish the Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing business a decade later. He was made a life peer in 1976.”

“The publisher is spearheading Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund, which last week supported the flight of 150 Syrian Christians to Poland on a privately chartered plane to allow them to seek refuge, making them the first beneficiaries of the resettlement project….”

The project has been criticised for not helping Muslims – but Lord Weidnefeld says it is a very personal response for him to help Christians, “I can’t save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side. Let others do what they like for the Muslims.”

We’re thankful that Lord Weidenfeld is setting such a fine example in helping persecuted Christians who are fleeing from ISIS in large numbers!

Keep praying for persecuted Christians...

Article: Jewish peer who fled Nazis is rescuing Christians fleeing Isis to repay 'debt', The Independent, 14/7/2015.

2. India: Combating sex selection abortions - PM – selfies with daughter
Another ‘good news story’!

With India having a very high rate of abortions of baby girls, known as ‘sex-selection abortions’, India’s Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, has begun a new initiative – a “Selfie with Daughter” campaign that encourages men to take photos of themselves with their daughters and post them online on social media with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter!

India has tried various methods – both ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’ approaches – to try and reduce the number of sex selection abortions of baby girls. It was reported this week that, “India’s child sex ratio has deteriorated sharply over the past 20 years, dropping to 918 girls for every 1,000 boys born in 2011 from 945 in 1991.”

Article: India: Prime Minister Launches “Selfie With Daughter” Campaign to Stop Sex-Selection Abortions, Life News, 7/7/2015.

3. World Congress of Families responds to ‘hate claims’ by pro-homosexual groups
The World Congress of Families has responded (in a 28 page report) to various reports and claims by pro-homosexual groups. They rebut the claims, in particular the claim that the WCF is a “hate group” that were published in reports after the WCF announced they planned to hold a Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, later this year.

The WCF states, “Soon after announcing the location of WCF IX, a barrage of unprecedented protests from radical gay rights groups emerged, resulting in a variety of negative, and unwarranted attacks on the WCF initiated primarily by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The most significant of these baseless attacks was the labeling of WCF as a “hate group,” one that encourages or supports violence against the LGBT community. Nothing could be further from the truth, as WCF strongly opposes violence and would never advocate violence or hatred toward any group of people, regardless of differences….”

Read the Executive Summary and the detailed report:
A CALL FOR CIVIL DIALOGUE AND CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT - The World Congress of Families Responds to The Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center

4. Saudi funding to promote Islam – Prince pledges $32 billion!
For many years, Saudi Arabia has provided funding for the promotion and expansion of Islam around the world – including the building of mosques in America and in Australia. See Merv Bendle’s 2008 account of Saudi funding in Australia.

A lot of funding has come from Saudi Prince Alwaleed. He has also provided large grants to universities: “In 2005, moreover, he spent $40 million to expand Islamic studies at U.S. colleges — donating $20 million to Harvard University to create a campuswide Shariah law studies program, while pumping another $20 million into Georgetown University for a “Muslim-Christian understanding” program run by notorious Islamic apologist John Esposito.”

Now Saudi Prince Alwaleed has pledged his $32 billion fortune to ‘charity’. But with a twist – he says that much of his philanthropic work will help “foster cultural understanding” of Islam in America and the West.

As Investor’s Business Daily said, “Arab Bill Gates Could Turn ‘Shariah Creep’ Into Full Trot.” They said, “That means promoting the kingdom’s brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam.”
They concluded, “Despite fawning press reports, Alwaleed’s charitable pledge is no cause for celebration. It’s cause for alarm. His billions will finance Islamist pressure groups who exist to force Western civilization to yield to Islamic no-go zones, Shariah courts and blasphemy laws.

If unmatched by patriotic philanthropists, the Saudi prince’s huge endowment could be a major setback for state and local efforts to push back against Islamization.”

A very enlightening article about the funding of Islam around the world…

Article: Saudi Prince pledges $32 billion to “charity”: promoting Islam, while censoring criticism of it, Jihad Watch, 8/7/2015.

5. USA: Aftermath of Supreme Court decision on homosexual ‘marriage’

5.1 USA: Possible challenge to US Supreme Court ruling on ‘marriage’
Conservative pro-marriage groups in the US are urging Ohio (which was the state where the law on ‘marriage’ was challenged by homosexuals in the recent US Supreme Court hearing) to apply for the US Supreme Court to conduct a RE-HEARING of the case regarding homosexual ‘marriage’.

They are concerned about the implications regarding polygamy, following a claim made by a Montana man to marry two women.

In addition, two of the Justices are personal supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’, having performed ‘marriage’ ceremonies for homosexual couples while the matter was before their Court.

One Justice, Ruth Ginsberg, gave comments supporting homosexual rights whilst the Supreme Court was hearing the case. The Foundation for Moral Law expressed concern at these actions, which depart for the ‘neutral standard’ expected of judges.

Please pray that a RE-HEARING is held!

Article: Polygamy express: Supremes could face issue, WND, 13/7/2015.

5.2 USA: Californian Democrats move to REMOVE ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from federal law
Democrats in the US Congress have introduced a law to remove the words ‘husband’ and wife’ from all US federal laws. Lois Capps, who proposed the Bill, wants to replace them with words such as ‘spouse’ or ‘married couple’. More than two dozen Democrats have supported the Bill. The words husband and wife were deleted from California state law last year in order to accommodate same sex marriage.

"The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts," Capps said. "Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages."

Of course, that is being seen as the next step after legalising homosexual ‘marriage’… but it CAN happen even without the legalising of homosexual ‘marriage’.

Article: For Next Step Towards ‘Equality,’ Democrats Want to Eliminate These Two Words From Federal Law, The Blaze, 9/7/2015.

Article: Dems declare war on words 'husband,' 'wife', Washington Examiner, 9/7/2015.

The situation in Australia…

Changing the law to remove ‘husband and wife’ doesn’t just happen AFTER same-sex ‘marriage is legalised.

In most Australian states, and in Commonwealth law, this has ALREADY happened!

In Tasmania, those changes were made in the late 1990s and early 2000s – BEFORE the Relationships Register was established in 2003!

“This is due in part to the aforementioned legislative reforms of the late 1990s and early 2000s, in which the terms ‘husband’, ‘wife’ and ‘spouse’ were replaced by the terms ‘significant partner’ and ‘caring partner’ in Tasmanian law”. (Source)

Similar changes were made in Victoria – in fact, when domestic partnerships were legalised din the early 2000s, long before even the Relationships Register legislation. The law uses terms ‘spouse’ or ‘domestic partner’ instead of husband and wife.
This is now commonly used – for example, see Vic Roads car registration, Law Handbook on wills, Coroner’s court etc. Some other states have also enacted similar laws – see this page on laws relating to intestacy.

As for Australian Commonwealth law, many laws were changed to ‘remove discrimination’. In the law that was passed, changing 84 laws, there is still some references to husband and wife, but mostly as a subset of ‘spouse’… but in many cases there was this change: “Omit word “husband” (wherever occurring), substitute “spouse or de facto partner”.

In other cases ‘de facto partner’ was added, and given the same rights as a spouse. (See the 2008 law with the 84 changes).

The federal Taxation Office refers to the word ‘spouse’ and says:

Your spouse includes another person (whether of the same or opposite sex):

-      who you were in a relationship with that was registered under a prescribed State or Territory law, or

-      who, although not legally married to you, lived with you on a genuine domestic basis in a relationship as a couple.

You get the idea – this is already a LOST cause in Australia!

5.3 USA: FAKE article alleges pastor jailed for not ‘marrying’ homosexuals
if you have seen an article about a Christian minister in Vermont, USA, being jailed for 12 months for refusing to ‘MARRY’ a homosexual couple, then please DON’T forward it on. The article is a FAKE or hoax!

It was originally posted on a ‘fake news’ site, News Examiner – but then reported by regular news outlets as a genuine story. Part of the confusion arose because the article was also posted on a ‘fake news’ site,, which LOOKS like the official NBC news website – but it isn’t!

For your information I provide the links:
The ‘HOAX” article on News Examiner and

SNOPES account – showing it is a HOAX – click here.

6. Genetically Modified food – study finds rats infertile after eating GM corn
We’ve heard a lot about genetically modified food – a recent study in Egypt found that rats were infertile after being fed GM corn…

“Researchers from the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Anatomy and Embryology, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt, have found that several unsavory changes occur when rats were fed GM corn. The rats’ organs/body weight and serum biochemistry were altered, indicating potential adverse health and toxic effects…”

Article: New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile, Natural Society, 1/7/2015.

7. UN Human Rights Council passes FAMILY RESOLUTION
Some more good news – the United Nations Human Rights Council passes a resolution supporting the FAMILY by a vote of 27 for and 14 against.

Those opposing the motion included the United States – those supporting included Russia, China, Belarus, and more than a dozen Muslim and African countries.

The proposals was put forward by conservative pro-family groups, so this was a good outcome.

Sharon Slater, of Family Watch International, and chair of a coalition of groups, the UN Family Rights Caucus, said, “It is the first time ever in the history of the United Nations that a comprehensive resolution has been passed calling for the protection of the family as a fundamental unit of society, recognizing the prior right of parents to educate their children, and calling on all nations to create family-sensitive policies and recognize their binding obligations under treaty to protect the family.”

Predictably, feminist and sexual advocacy groups weren’t happy!

Article: UN passes ‘unprecedented’ pro-family resolution, outraging sexual radicals, Lifesite, 9/7/2015.

The Resolution – overview and full text – click here.

8. Russia: Scientists meet in Moscow to affirm ‘fetus is human – ban abortion’
A symposium held last week in Moscow, the Moscow Pro-Life Festival, had two dozen scientists making the “case that science overwhelmingly confirms the humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception – and to demand that “prenatal infanticide” be banned in the country.”

Article: Top scientists meet in Moscow, tell Russian government: Fetus is human. Ban abortion, Lifesite News, 15/7/2015.

9. USA: Planned Parenthood and the use of ‘baby parts’ from abortions
You may have heard the furore this week about an undercover video claiming that Planned Parenthood ‘sells baby parts’ from abortions.

The video was produced by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group. The Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood is heard discussing the cost of ‘specimens’ and the abortion processes used.

In addition, some claimed that it sounds like ‘partial birth abortion’ is being used in order to obtain complete organs, a method of abortion that is illegal in the USA.

In response Planned Parenthood say they “don’t sell” the body parts of aborted babies – which is illegal. However, they do say they are involved in helping clients make “tissue donations” to research facilities and claim that they are able to ‘charge costs’ under the legislation!

Media Matters pointed out that the video is edited – and that the missing parts confirm the ‘tissue donation for costs’ aspect. This was then reported by other progressive groups such as Think Progress.

The Center for Medical Progress has now posted the FULL video and transcript.

Video/Report from Center for Medical Progress click here.
Article: Undercover video catches Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts, Lifesite, 14/7/2015.
Article: Planned Parenthood: Selling aborted babies’ organs was a ‘humanitarian undertaking, Lifesite, 14/7/2015.
Article: Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood after video reveals harvesting baby organs, Lifesite, 15/7/2015.


News mike Fotolia 57267122 320x200Another round-up of news, with more developments on homosexual ‘marriage’ – both in Australia and overseas.

Why do we focus on this at the present time?

Because the ‘other side’ are pushing hard to have homosexuality accepted as ‘normal’ and homosexual ‘marriage’ legalised and accepted.

Please pray and act as you read!


News Update 10 July 2015

Australian News

1. SA: Changing the law re transgender and ‘sex re-assignment’
2. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – the latest developments
   2.1 Discrimination complaint made about Catholic Bishops marriage booklet
   2.2 Archbishop Porteous defends the Catholic Bishops booklet
   2.3 Andrew Bolt criticises homosexual activists and supports traditional marriage
   2.4 Presbyterian Church, NSW – may withdraw from performing ‘marriages’
   2.5 Response to Presbyterian letter from Sydney Anglicans
   2.6 Religious freedom – protection for celebrants
   2.7 Proposal by Tim Wilson – ‘civil marriage’ plus ‘religious ceremony’
   2.8 QLD: Another minister supports homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘generational shift’
3. Tasmania: Man ordered to apologise for ‘anti-homosexual’ pamphlets
4. University of SA report provides profile of Australian Muslims
5. Terror alert may be lifted to ‘extreme’

Overseas News
1. USA: Homosexual ‘marriage’ decision applies to MILITARY bases
2. USA: Aftermath of homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘Get rid of military chaplains who don’t support it’
3. USA: Episcopalian Church votes to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
4. Audacity Movie – about homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’
6. Ireland: Children have better language skills if cared for by a RELATIVE
7. Scientist jailed for AIDS research fraud
8. USA: Baptist University drops ‘homosexual acts’ from sexual misconduct code – comparison with Hillsong College action


News Update 10 July 2015


Australian News

1. SA: Changing the law re transgender and ‘sex re-assignment’
An Inquiry is currently being held by the South Australian Legislative Council’s Legislative Review Committee into transgender issues. It was initiated in February 2015 by Greens MLC Tammy Franks, who put forward a Bill to repeal the ‘Sexual Reassignment Act’.

Her reasoning?
The Act was passed nearly 30 years ago and she claims it is outdated! “Just remove the bureaucracy and let people get on with their lives. Everyone has the right to choose their chosen identity and we should respect that.”

The Legislative Council referred the Bill to the Committee for an Inquiry. Submissions were received until April 2015. We hadn’t heard about the Inquiry until now.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported this week on the submissions received – most of them support changes to the law. One transgender person called for them to be able to change their gender according to “preference” – removing the current requirement to have sex re-assignment surgery in order to legally change one’s gender with the Births, Deaths and Marriages registry. Another proposal was to allow a “non-specific” gender category on official forms, whilst others wanted more open access to hospitals and doctors. Some submissions asked for the “REMOVAL of a requirement that married couples divorce before one partner can officially change their gender.”

We don’t support any of those proposals!

1. Inquiry website – click here, then select Current Inquiries, then ‘Inquiry into the Sexual Reassignment Act’.
2. Submissions to the Inquiry – select Submissions from (1).
2. Terms of Reference for the Inquiry – select Terms of Reference.
Article: Raft of changes proposed to update the Sexual Reassignment Act, Adelaide Advertiser, 7/7/2015.

2. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – the latest developments

2.1 Discrimination complaint made about Catholic Bishops marriage booklet
Following our report that Rodney Croome (Australian Marriage Equality) had urged people to complain about the booklet on marriage published by the Catholic Bishops, a Tasmanian transgender activist has lodged a complaint with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission. Martine Delaney is the spokesperson for the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, and has just announced she is running as a Greens candidate for federal parliament.

This isn’t the first complaint Martine Delaney has made – a previous complaint was about an anti-Greens ad which mentioned transgender rights. Martine Delaney also made news when she applied to play soccer as a female (source).

Article: Tasmanian activist Martine Delaney launches bid to become first transgender federal politician, ABC, 6/7/2015.

2.2 Archbishop Porteous defends the Catholic Bishops booklet
Meanwhile Archbishop Julian Porteous, Tasmania’s Catholic archbishop, has defended his actions, with a statement and a 2 minute video.

He said, “I have received many emails and personal words of thanks from parents. I have also received some criticisms of my action. I understand that some parents have disagreed with what I have done, and I appreciate that some may find this teaching difficult to accept. I simply wish to clearly express the teaching of the Catholic Church. I am simply fulfilling one of my roles as bishop and that is to be the official teacher of the Catholic faith in a diocese. I present this teaching as a positive contribution to the [marriage] debate as it outlines why the Church stands by the official definition of marriage as found in our laws.”

Article and video: Archbishop Porteous defends marriage booklet, Cath News, 9/7/2015.

2.3 Andrew Bolt criticises homosexual activists and supports traditional marriage
Andrew Bolt warned that some of those pushing for homosexual ‘marriage “are not into tolerance at all”. The title of his article said it all: “Churches beware: the same-sex marriage push is a Trojan Horse”.

When few religious leaders are speaking loudly on this issue, Andrew is a refreshing voice.

“It is no mystery that the archbishop — and every other bishop of the Catholic Church up to Pope Francis himself — is, and always will be, opposed to gay marriage.

“The church holds that marital love can be expressed only through the natural biological sexual union of man and woman, the only relationship that can, naturally, of itself, produce children.

“Until about five minutes ago, this was the uncontroversial, biologically based universal about marriage and sex within marriage.

“Christians, Jews, Muslims and most others the world over share this view. However, homosexual campaigners want to remove the natural biological centre of conjugality and replace it with the ephemera of romantic love, with its heart-shaped symbolism, something to which the young are notoriously susceptible. . .”

Article: Churches beware: the same-sex marriage push is a Trojan Horse, Herald Sun, 7/7/2015.

2.4 Presbyterian Church, NSW – may withdraw from performing ‘marriages’
At their recent Assembly, the Presbyterian Church in NSW decided that, if homosexual ‘marriage’ was legalised, they may not participate in performing marriages.

In a pastoral letter about the decision, Kevin Murray, the moderator of the NSW Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, wrote, “The assembly considered what the church should do if marriage is redefined in Australia. It decided to ask the General ­Assembly of Australia to withdraw the whole church from the Marriage Act, so that our ministers could no longer solemnise marriages under the Marriage Act.”

He continued, “The report which recommended this decision argued that if the Federal Government were to redefine marriage to include same-sex marriage then it would corrupt a good gift of God into a wrong. That would mean that ministers would then be acting for the government in a system which did not reflect the Biblical view of marriage. In this case the positive reason for our co-operation with the Marriage Act would have been removed, and we would be better to avoid association with evil by no longer acting as celebrants.”

Mr Murray wrote, “I want to stress that this is not a final decision. Rather, we have asked the General Assembly of Australia to consider the issue. That could take place at the next regular meeting of the General Assembly of Australia in September next year, or an emergency meeting may be called.”

He mentioned that the Church could possibly introduce a form of ‘church marriage’ that isn’t recognised under the Marriage Act, and that couples could have a ‘civil marriage’ as well.

Read the pastoral letter from the Moderatorclick here.

2.5 Response to Presbyterian letter from Sydney Anglicans
Michael Jensen, from Sydney Anglicans, responded – he said that senior Anglican Bishop Robert Forsyth, who is chairman of a diocesan Religious Freedom reference group, said, “It is difficult for people who believe what God has said about marriage. Their views, and the view of the state, would be deeply different if there is a change (in the Marriage Act).  Some may say we shouldn’t be involved if it is different. I think we are heading towards the view that if we still have the freedom to teach and deal with marriage as we believe God’s word allows, then we see no reason to pull out, but it is early days yet.”

He also considered the view put by Tim Wilson, the human rights Commissioner (see 2.7).

Response by Michael Jensen – click here.

Media report: Gay marriage: church could opt out of legal weddings, The Australian, 7/7/2015.

2.6 Religious freedom – protection for celebrants?
Senator David Leyonhjelm has criticised the ‘marriage equality’ Bill proposed by Labor – saying it doesn’t adequately protect religious freedom. He said that his Bill allows civil celebrants to refuse to ‘marry’ homosexuals because of their ‘conscience’, but the Labor Bill doesn’t include this ‘protection’.

Media report: Gay marriage: church could opt out of legal weddings, The Australian, 7/7/2015.

2.7 Proposal by Tim Wilson – ‘civil marriage’ plus ‘religious ceremony’
Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, an open homosexual who supports same-sex ‘marriage’, has said that the current ‘marriage equality’ Bills do not adequately protect religious freedom.

He is promoting an option that keeps civil marriage separate from religious marriage or religious ceremonies. In addition, he says that there should be protection of religious freedom relating to celebrants, cake makers, photographers and venues based on conscience and religious beliefs. [Article at The Australian, subscriber only]

He first outlined this view in a speech to the National Press Club in March 2015, and expanded on that in a further article shortly afterwards.

2.8 QLD: Another minister supports homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘generational shift’
No wonder the world isn’t concerned about what the church thinks or says! A Queensland Anglican minister has announced he supports homosexual ‘marriage’, even though his ‘Church’ held a more ‘sacred’ view about marriage.
His reason?
The media reported that he said, “It's a generational shift - it's just a feature of modern life and each of us has our own thing." The paper also reported that he said, "In my previous parish two of my clergy were gay and in a long-term monogamous relationship."

Article: Reverend points to 'generational shift on same-sex marriage', Warwick Daily News, 30/6/2015.

3. Tasmania: Man ordered to apologise for ‘anti-homosexual’ pamphlets
The Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has ordered James Durston to apologise for a pamphlet about homosexuality that he produced and distributed in Hobart in 2013. A complaint was made by Robert Williams, a homosexual man, about statements in the pamphlet – which included statistics about disease, length of life, accidents and crime. It also mentioned that the Bible says ‘homosexuality is abominable’.

We would not state some of the things published in the pamphlet. However, as we noted recently, even citing official statistics from government websites leads to being labelled ‘hateful’ and a ‘bigot’! We prefer to focus on ‘official data’ and information from homosexual websites relating to health risks (as on our Homosexuality and Health webpage)

The Tribunal ordered that James publish an apology in The Mercury newspaper within 14 days. “The advertisement has to be no smaller than 85 millimetres wide, and 94 millimetres long. If he fails to do so, Mr Dunston will be liable for a fine.”

Mr Durston has now written to the Tribunal, the Minster and the Commissioner, stating that he will not apologise. If he doesn’t apologise, it is reported that he would be liable for a fine of $1540. He says that he plans to appeal the decision.

Article: Tasmanian man who distributed anti-gay pamphlets ordered to apologise, ABC, 30/6/2015.

Article: Man won't apologise for anti-gay booklet, AAP, Sky News, 8/7/2015.

4. University of SA report provides profile of Australian Muslims
The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia has published an 83 page report that provides a profile of Muslims in Australia – covering numbers, growth, employment and so on, using data from the 2011 census.

The Centre claims, “This report aims to make people not only learn new things about Australian Muslims but, as a result of that, unlearn old things”!

REPORT: Australian Muslims: A demographic, social and economic profile of Muslims in Australia

Media article: Australian Muslims profiled in UniSA report by International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, ABC, 26/6/2015.

5. Terror alert may be lifted to ‘extreme’
The ‘terror alert’ level in Australia may be lifted to ‘extreme’ following recent global attacks, according to recent reports. The government is preparing a new national terror alert level system to help prepare the nation for the threat of a terrorist attack on home soil.

Article: Australia’s terror alert may be lifted to extreme after global attacks, Daily Telegraph, 27/6/2015.

Overseas News
1. USA: Homosexual ‘marriage’ decision applies to MILITARY bases
The recent US Supreme Court decision on homosexual ‘marriage’ also applies to all US Military bases…

Since September 2013, the US government had allowed homosexual ‘marriages’ to be performed on US military bases only where that state allowed them.

Now homosexual ‘marriages’ will be allowed to be performed in ALL military chapels on ALL military bases. Clergy will be allowed to refuse to conduct a homosexual ‘marriage’ on grounds of religious conscience…. That led to the outburst from Mikey Weinstein (below) calling for ALL chaplains who don’t support homosexual ‘marriage’ to be DISMISSED!

Article: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Extends to all U.S. Military Bases, NBC, 26/6/2015.

2. USA: Aftermath of homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘Get rid of military chaplains who don’t support it’
It didn’t take long… in fact on the SAME DAY the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’, activist Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was ‘demanding the U.S. military conduct a purge of chaplains who holds to the traditional teaching of homosexuality and marriage’. As World Net Daily points out, that is the stand on marriage that was “espoused by the first commander in chief, George Washington.”

Mikey Weinstein, who is Jewish, has campaigned against religious discrimination, Christian teaching and proselytising in the military (info here).

In an op-ed, Weinstein wrote, “Nobody is arguing that these losers don’t have a right to their religious beliefs.”

But he continued, “However, as long as these faux "victimized" chaplains insist on accepting a government paycheck from us, the American taxpayers, while nurturing and maintaining the state of antagonism between their religion and the sexual/gender identities of service members, then they don't belong in the military.

"At this stage, the only honorable thing that these losers can do is to fold up their uniforms, turn in their papers, and get the hell out of the American military chaplaincy. If they are unwilling or too cowardly to do so, then the Department of Defense must expeditiously cleanse itself of the intolerant filth that insists on lingering in the ranks of our armed forces.

Charming – but that is an inevitable consequence of legalising homosexual ‘marriage’. Anyone who is paid by the government loses their freedom of religion and freedom of conscience according to this activist!

Article: Pentagon urged to boot chaplains who oppose 'gay marriage, WND, 29/6/2015.

3. USA: Episcopalian Church votes to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
Another church supports homosexual ‘marriage’. At their national assembly in Salt Lake City on 1 July, the Episcopalian Church (part of the world-wide Anglican Church) voted to allow religious weddings for homosexual couples in their churches.

The move was approved by the House of Deputies, the voting body of clergy and lay people. The House of Bishops had voted in favour the day before – by 129 votes to 26 votes, with five abstaining.

The Church stated, “Rapid changes in civil law concerning marriage in the United States, along with the responses received as part of the SCLM church-wide consultation process, indicate a need for equivalent proper liturgies in jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is legal. Further, the SCLM consultation process indicated a pastoral need for equivalent marriage rites that could be used by any couple”.

Thus they changed the liturgy used for marriage ceremonies – stripping out the words husband and wife, and only referring to ‘the couple’… Of course, there is NO mention that marriage is between a man and a woman!
See the changes to the liturgy – click here.

Article: Episcopalian church votes to approve same-sex marriage, CBS, 1/7/2015.

4. Audacity Movie – about homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’
Check out the new movie - 'Audacity' - a movie from Ray Comfort - about homosexuality and same-sex 'marriage'. The film combines a dramatised story with interviews with people on the street about homosexuality and same-sex 'marriage'.
Joe Dallas, of Genesis Counselling, (and a former homosexual himself), says, “Audacity’ is both compelling and equipping. It couldn’t be more timely.”
Check out 'Audacity'! It will be officially launched on August 19 - but can be downloaded now for US$19.99...


5. UK: Faith schools and teaching homosexuality
Labour MP Andy Burnham, said to be the ‘front-runner’ to lead the Labour Party, recently said that ALL schools should be forced to teach about homosexual relationships… of course, he meant that they should be presented in a positive light!

“That has to be tackled right there, and not only should SRE be absolutely compulsory, but there must be absolute equality in terms of all relationships within Sex and Relationships Education in terms of how it is taught...”

Article: Faith schools must be forced to teach about homosexuality – Andy Burnham, Telegraph, 25/6/2015.

6. Ireland: Children have better language skills if cared for by a RELATIVE
Yes, we all know the importance of children spending time with their mother when young.

Recent research from Ireland…

‘Infants cared for by a relative develop better language skills by the age of three than those cared for in settings such as crèches, according to new research. Children looked after in crèches develop better motor-skills such as hand eye co-ordination by the same age, finds the study, commissioned by Túsla - the Child and Family Agency - and the Irish Research Council, and carried out by Maynooth University.

The research found that language skills are the only element in which children who are cared for by their own extended families fare better by the age of three.’

Article: Better language skills at age 3 if young minded by relatives – study, Irish Times, 7/7/2015.

7. Scientist jailed for AIDS research fraud
Ethics is scientific research is of the utmost importance – which is why action was taken against a scientist who added rabbit blood to a vaccine being used in AIDS research. His initial finding of ‘success’ came from an accidental mixing of human and rabbit blood – but he later deliberately added the rabbit blood to try and show the vaccine was ‘successful’ and to impress his supervisor.

He’s now been sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison for making false statements in research reports and ordered to pay $7.2 million to a federal government agency that funded the research.

Article: Ex-Iowa State Scientist Gets Prison for Faking HIV Research, AP, ABC News, 1/7/2015.

8. USA: Baptist University drops ‘homosexual acts’ from sexual misconduct code - – comparison with Hillsong College action
Some media articles have reported that Baylor, the world’s largest Baptist University, has dropped ‘homosexual acts’ from its sexual misconduct code. But it wasn’t the only change. The previous policy also ‘mandated disciplinary action for sexual assault, incest, adultery and fornication.’ They have also been removed.

However, it is not as bad as some reports sounded… the policy, adopted in May 2015, affirms the Biblical standard of sex within marriage. The university said that the change of wording better reflects its values as a “caring community”.

The new policy is: "Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity. Thus, it is expected that Baylor students, faculty and staff will engage in behaviors consistent with this understanding of human sexuality.”

The University says the “policy will be interpreted by the University in a manner consistent with the Baptist Faith and Message of 1963.” They also state, “In all disciplinary procedures Baylor University will seek to be redemptive in the lives of the individuals involved and to witness to the high moral standards of the Christian faith.”

The Baptist Faith and Message of 1963 statement originally didn't include anything about marriage, but a statement about marriage being between a man and a woman, and sex only within that marriage, was added in 1998 - but it is still known as the 1963 statement - read Statement.

Of course, with homosexual 'marriage' now legalised, one has to ask what is meant by "marital fidelity" - hopefully Baylor will re-assess their policy in this light!

But the action taken by Baylor is quite different to the situation when Hillsong College (connected to Hillsong in Australia) removed homosexuality from its list of proscribed sexual conduct in the Student Handbook in 2014 – but left all the other prohibitions in place! The effect was to remove homosexuality from the list of ‘sexual sins’!
(See article by Aprising Ministries and our report. See current Student Handbook, p 12)

Policy posted on Baylor website – click here.

Article: World's Largest Baptist University Drops 'Homosexual Acts' From Sexual Misconduct Code, Charisma, 8/7/2015.


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