News ball Fotolia 31010118 320x200With our Prayer Focus last week, we’re catching up on the news from the past couple of weeks.

For the latest news on the Safe Schools Coalition issue, see our separate Update (10/3/2016).

This week there’s news on marriage, the mardi gras, sex ed at kindergarten, LGBTI aged care, medicinal marijuana, funding of Islamic schools and the Royal Commission on child sexual abuse…


News Update 11 March

Australian News

1. Marriage – plebiscite, Christian view, politics and more
     1.1 Timing of a plebiscite – Brandis and Turnbull
     1.2 Scott Morrison opposes same-sex ‘marriage’ and will speak out
     1.3 Facebook supports homosexual ‘marriage’ with an AME ‘Banner’!
     1.4 Sen Joe Bullock resigns – a supporter of traditional marriage
     1.5 ‘No’ to SSM - Leaked pamphlet authorised by Chris Miles is criticised by homosexuals
     1.6 What is the ‘Christian’ view on marriage?
2. Tony Abbott speaks about his government’s record and the ‘scurrilous rumours’
3. Mardi gras – Turnbull, Shorten, homosexual ‘marriage’, Facebook & SBS
     3.1 Turnbull and Shorten at the mardi gras parade
     3.2 SBS broadcasts the mardi gras
4. Kinder children being taught about sex and gender!
5. LGBTI Aged Care – Michael Kirby lobbies on the issue
6. Medicinal marijuana will be ‘legally grown in Australia’
7. Islamic School of Canberra – funding withdrawn
8. Vic: Govt in talks to ‘draft treaty with aboriginal people’
9. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Overseas News

1. Romania: 2.1 million signatures on PETITION supporting traditional marriage
2. UK: Christian magistrate removed from office by Lord Chancellor
3. UK: Treatment for ‘gender confusion’ in children rises 1,000%

News Update 11 March

Australian News

1. Marriage – plebiscite, Christian view, politics and more

1.1 Timing of a plebiscite – Brandis and Turnbull
This week Attorney-General George Brandis, who is organising the arrangements (and the question) for a plebiscite, said that a plebiscite would be held later this year. He also said that, if the plebiscite supported same-sex ‘marriage’, then legislation would be drafted and voted on by the end of the year.

Malcolm Turnbull responded by saying a plebiscite may not be held this year – but would be held 'as soon as possible' after the federal election. Colleagues in the Coalition said they hadn’t heard of that proposal. The AEC said it would take several months to organise a plebiscite.

Of course, if an election is held EARLY (a double dissolution or an election in August), there could still be time to organise and hold a plebiscite.

Article: Brandis ignites backlash with gay marriage shock, Australian, 7/3/2016.
Article: Backlash on marriage plebiscite timing, Sky News, 7/3/2016.

1.2 Scott Morrison opposes same-sex ‘marriage’ and will speak out
Scott Morrison, the federal Treasurer, has said that he will continue to oppose any change to the Marriage Act, and would oppose same-sex ‘marriage’ during any public debate in the lead-up to a plebiscite.

He said he will actively campaign against same-sex ‘marriage’ and told 2GBI don't plan to keep my opinion to myself on these issues and I don't think anyone should - that's the whole point of having a plebiscite."

Article: Treasurer won't hold back on gay marriage, Courier Mail, 7/3/2016.

1.3 Facebook supports homosexual ‘marriage’ with an AME ‘Banner’!
Facebook has decided to allow supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’ to add a ‘banner’ to their profile pictures to “to show their support for marriage equality as the yes and no camps ramp up their campaigns”. The ‘banner’ supports homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality’, run by Rodney Croome.

Article: Facebook boost for same-sex marriage 'yes' campaign, SMH, 1/3/2016.

1.4 Sen Joe Bullock resigns – a supporter of traditional marriage
Senator Joe Bullock has resigned from the Senate – he began his term at the last election.

As a member of the Labor Party he would have been FORCED to vote for same-sex ‘marriage’ in the coming years – something which he cannot do.

Joe was recently outspoken against the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ and was criticised by Labor colleagues. Joe is a committed Christian and a member of a Baptist Church in WA. He will be missed from the Parliament.

1.5 ‘No’ to SSM - Leaked pamphlet authorised by Chris Miles is criticised by homosexual groups
Fairfax media reports that a ‘leaked pamphlet’ has been obtained. The pamphlet has been funded and prepared by former Liberal MP Chris Miles from Tasmania. Chris was a founder of the conservative Lyons Forum in federal parliament.

The pamphlet (only three sides shown – of possibly six) describes the rights and benefits that same-sex couples have and quotes research about outcomes for children from various family types, with reference to drug use, unemployment and so on… Mr Miles told Fairfax he believes the pamphlet is "thoughtful and constructive".

But of course, ANY criticism is seen as negative and ‘bigoted’!

Bill Shorten said that the ‘pamphlet showed the "unhinged and unfounded abuse" a plebiscite campaign could encourage’! As for Rodney Croome, his response was predictable!

Article: Leaked pamphlet claims gay marriage would lead to sexual diseases, drug use and unemployment, SMH, 29/2/2016.

1.6 What is the ‘Christian’ view on marriage?
In the recent Q&A program a question was asked by a man who said he was a Christian and that ACL didn’t represent him. Lyle Shelton from ACL answered that “We don’t claim to speak for all Christians...”, but was challenged by lesbian doctor Kerryn Phelps, who said “40 faith leaders have distanced themselves from you last week.”

She was referring to a recent letter, published on homosexual media sites, from ’40 church leaders’ saying they wanted a vote in parliament instead of a plebiscite. They were very critical of statements made by those supporting traditional marriage.

But were they REALLY ‘church leaders’?

John Sandeman, the editor of Eternity Magazine, examined the issue. He noted that “The National Church Life Survey reveals that 73 per cent of the people surveyed in the last 5-yearly church census said they opposed same sex marriage, ” so in that sense ACL’s view was “representative”. He also pointed out that ACL organises Make it Count events which leaders of many denominations attend. In addition, Open Letters organised by ACL have been signed by denominational leaders across a wide range of denominations.

In contrast, John noted that the ‘40 leaders’ were generally just ministers of churches… expressing their own view

A close look at the list reveals many who are well-known to us as supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’, such as:

-      Margaret Mayman, lesbian minister at Pitt St Uniting Church

-      Matt Glover – pro-homosexual, runs counselling and coursed supporting LGBTI theology and practice.

-      Nathan Nettleton, Baptist Minister who has long supported same-sex ‘marriage’

-      Father Rod Bower, the priest of Gosford Anglican Church (the one with the billboards)

-      Muriel Porter – lay Anglican, and long-time supporter of homosexual relationships!

The list is printed in FULL at the Star Observer.

John Sandeman’s article:
Who does the ACL speak for? and why Kerryn Phelps was wrong on Q&A, Bible Society, 1/3/2016.


2. Tony Abbott speaks about his government’s record and the ‘scurrilous rumours’
This week a new book about Tony Abbott and his government was published by journalist Nikki Savva. The book includes material about the relationship between Tony Abbott and his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin, and discusses ‘rumours’ that Mr Abbot was having an affair with Peta Credlin.

Both Mr Abbott and Peta Credlin have vehemently denied the rumours. Peta Credlin said that the rumours were ‘vicious and malicious’ (source).

Mr Abbott released a statement, and posted it on his website. He wrote, “The best response to this book is the objective record of the Abbott government.” In response to the rumours, he stated, “That said, I‘m not in the business of raking over old coals nor am I in the business of responding to scurrilous gossip and smear.”

Statement from Hon Tony Abbott MP: Savva Book, 7/3/2016.

3. Mardi gras – Turnbull, Shorten, homosexual ‘marriage’, Facebook & SBS
The mardi gras parade was held last week, on Saturday 5 March, with a theme of supporting homosexual ‘marriage’.

Some media outlets exaggerated the crowd numbers – some said ‘thousands’, some said 300,000 and one report said 500,000! The reporters aren’t very good at counting – or didn’t read our analysis of the maximum crowd you could fit in the street (see our previous reports and analysis of crowd numbers here).

3.1 Turnbull and Shorten at the mardi gras parade
Malcolm Turnbull attended the parade – the first time a sitting Prime Minister has done so (he said he has often attended before being PM).

Bill Shorten marched in the parade with his wife Chloe and family. Chloe even wrote an Opinion article about how wonderful it was to march in the parade – AND defending the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’!

One controversy was a photograph showing Bill Shorten embracing openly homosexual Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman (who was elected to replace Joe Hockey this year). Zimmerman defended his actions, saying ‘mardi gras is above politics’.

Article: Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten join gay revellers at Mardi Gras, Australian, 6/3/2016.

Article: Opposition leader Bill Shorten meets Trent Zimmerman at the Sydney Mardi Gras on March 5, 2016, ABC, 6/3/2016.

Article: Gay Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman defends his friendly Mardi Gras embrace of Labor’s Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese, Daily Telegraph, 9/3/2016.

Opinion Article by Chloe Shorten: Children need us to support the Safe Schools program for their sakes, The Age, 7/3/2016.

3.2 SBS broadcasts the mardi gras
Yes, SBS, one of our national broadcasters paid for by our taxes, featured the mardi gras parade, in a program with extra stories and excerpts broadcast on Sunday night.

Fred Nile challenged the SBS for broadcasting the program, referring to their Charter.

Article: SBS to broadcast mardi gras, SBS, 8/2/2016.
Article: Hosts revealed – mardi gras 2016, SBS, 8/2/2016.


4. Kinder children being taught about sex and gender!
The notions of gender and sexuality and cross-dressing are being taught at our kindergartens, with a new program being rolled out at kindergartens by Early Childhood Australia from next month.

The Herald Sun reported, “Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative. Teachers will use material provided by Early Childhood Australia, and books such as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke.
“Suggestions in the book include teaching about sexuality in a positive way as a healthy part of life, ensuring children aren’t forced to kiss anyone they don’t want to and letting children know that “all parts of their body are good”.

The spokeswoman for ECA said, “Children are sexual beings”!

Various commentators criticised the proposed program – including Miranda Devine who wrote, “You may not be thrilled about the highly sexualised Safe Schools program being forced on children without parental knowledge, and its attempt to rebrand as “heterosexism” the idea that heterosexuality is the norm in human relationships. But wait till you see what the sexual social engineers have in store for preschool kids…”
Of the comment “Children are sexual beings”, Miranda asked, “What on earth does that mean?”

She concluded, “It was bad enough when we heard 11-year-olds were being advised to bind their breasts and tuck in their penises to practice being a member of the opposite sex. But the thought police invading preschools is positively Orwellian. Has the world gone mad?”

Bill Muehlenberg wrote about the program here. In a later post he investigated an ECA Journal from 2010 which focused on sexuality, gender and queer ideas – that’s what the educators are being ‘taught’! Then he looked at the content on the ECA website and examined it – read it and be shocked.

FamilyVoice analysed a presentation about “Children’s Sexual Development” on the ECA website. They found it extremely concerning and issued a Media Release – click here.

Article: Toddlers to be taught about cross-dressing in controversial sex ed program, Herald Sun, 6/3/2016.

5. LGBTI Aged Care – Michael Kirby lobbies on the issue
Openly homosexual former High Court Judge Michael Kirby was vocal again this week…

He has become an advocate for LGBTI causes. His concern this time?

That homosexual people in aged care have to ‘come out’ to their fellow residents!
He claims they are often not accepted in aged care facilities.

A lot has already happened in this area… but he wants full acceptance…

There is even a ‘Rainbow Tick’ accreditation for aged care facilities that are welcoming and inclusive! Uniting (a ministry of the Uniting Church) is the first ‘faith-based’ facility to receive this ‘Rainbow Tick’ (source)!

This ‘aged care’ issue has been around for many years – in fact, an attempt was made by homosexuals years ago to establish aged care for LGBTI people, but it failed. Now they want governments to do it!

Of course, we already have ‘LGBTI awareness training’ for people working in aged care – see ‘Silver Rainbow’ as part of LGBTI Health!

And the official federal government website speaks of providing for LGBTI people in aged care in their page: “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex”.

It says, “Older people of diverse gender identity, sexual orientation or who have intersex status should be able to access care services that are responsive and respectful to their care needs. Appropriate care should be available which considers their history and their experiences of discrimination and marginalization. . .”

There is even a ‘Strategy’…
The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Ageing and Aged Care Strategy was released by the Australian Government (Labor) in December 2012.

Along with the ‘Strategy, in 2012, the Labor government announced that they were planning THREE specific aged care facilities for LGBTI people!

Article: LGBTI people face coming out all over again in aged care, ABC, 3/3/2016.

6. Medicinal marijuana will be ‘legally grown in Australia’
The Senate has passed legislation that will allow the growing of marijuana for ‘medicinal purposes’…

There will be a ‘a national licensing scheme for growers’.

There are already trialled and approved medications that include products from marijuana available in Australia. This development could include ‘oil’ products – but marijuana will not be able to be smoked under the proposed law.

Article: Senate passes medicinal cannabis legislation, SMH, 23/2/2016.

7. Islamic School of Canberra – funding withdrawn
The Islamic School of Canberra has had education funding support withdrawn by the Commonwealth – following an investigation that revealed money was being “siphoned off for other purposes”. They received a compliance notice in 2015 and will lose funding at the end of this term.

“ACT Education Minister Shane Rattenbury said the Government would follow the lead of their federal counterparts, and remove funding from the school.”

Earlier in February 2016, the Malek Fahd Islamic School in Sydney's south had its funding cut by the Government.

SIX Islamic schools are under review for problems with how the funding is spent…
”Last year, the department announced a review into six school authorities affiliated with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), after concerns were raised about the group profiting from taxpayer funds distributed to the schools.”

Where does the money go???
Perhaps to the umbrella Islamic organisations… or…

ABC states, “In December last year, the ABC obtained leaked documents alleging some AFIC representatives had received up to $500,000 of the funding distributed to its schools.”

Article: Islamic School of Canberra's funding axed over concerns about financial management, ABC, 28/2/2016.

8. Vic: Govt in talks to ‘draft treaty with aboriginal people’
The Andrews Labor government has announced they plan to have talks to “draft Australia’s first treaty with Aboriginal people.”

What about everyone being equal?

Lateline - 26/02/2016: The Victorian Government will enter talks to draft Australia’s first treaty with Aboriginal people

9. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
The latest hearings at the Royal Commission focused on the responses of the Catholic Church in Ballarat to child sexual abuse. It included evidence given by George Pell in Rome.
This was Part 3 of this Case Study – click here.

The Royal Commission also investigated the tragic abuse situations regarding abuse by a leader of RG Dance in Sydney - here.

The Royal Commission has released a CONSULTATION PAPER into ‘out-of-home care’ – click here. |
SUBMISSIONS are due by 11 April 2016.

Next week the Royal Commission is holding a TWO-WEEK hearing into the criminal justice system.
They have released THREE papers on the subject - read full details and reports here (also here).

Overseas News

1. Romania: 2.1 million signatures on PETITION supporting traditional marriage
A growing movement in Romania is supporting real marriage – after nine weeks, organisers have already collected 2.1 million signatures in a bid to get a constitutional amendment stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Agenda Europe write, “The citizens’ initiative for a constitutional amendment to clarify that marriage means (only) the union between a man and a woman is meeting overwhelming support: the official task was to collect 500.000 signatures in 6 months.”

Article: Romania: now it’s 2.1 million signatures for marriage and family!, Agenda Europe, 24/2/2016.

2. UK: Christian magistrate removed from office by Lord Chancellor
Christian Concern report, “Christian magistrate Richard Page has been removed from office by the Lord Chancellor after sharing his personal conviction in a media interview (on the BBC in 2015) that there is not enough evidence to show that placing children in the care of same-sex couples is in their best interest...”

Christian Concern tell the full story – they are helping him take legal action against his removal…

Article: Christian magistrate removed from office for belief about family, Christian Concern, 10/3/2016.

3. UK: Treatment for ‘gender confusion’ in children rises 1,000%
In Australia, there are hundreds of children going to the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic in Melbourne and some are ‘transitioning’ into the OPPOSITE gender as young as FIVE years old.

It’s also happening in the UK…

Christian Concern have a recent report: “The number of children being given medical treatment for "gender confusion" has risen 1000 percent over the past five years. The NHS's Gender Identity Disorder Service treated 1,013 children, between April and December last year, a freedom of information request by The Sun revealed. In 2010, just 97 cases were recorded.
“The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, based in London, is the only clinic in the U.K. that provides such treatment. But as demand for the treatment increases, the Trust may seek to offer treatment in their Leeds, Brighton and Exeter clinics. . .”

As Andrea Williams of Christian Concern said, "When children express confusion like this, we need to be affirming their God-given identity and helping them to understand their birth gender. It is clear from this group's comments that many children are simply following the lead of others, without truly understanding the implications..."

Article: 'Gender Confusion' Treatments Rise 1,000 Percent among Children in the UK, Breaking Christian News, 10/3/2016.


News hand Fotolia 43542893 320x200This week the PM has ordered a review of the Safe Schools Coalition (and more developments); ‘reform’ proposals have been announced for the way we vote for the Senate; and mardi gras is on in Sydney… and more…

Apologies for the length – but more than half is on the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’!

Next week the Prayer Focus will be published, so the next News Update will be on 11 March.


News Update 26 Feb 2016

Australian News
1. Brisbane ‘March for Life – Sunday 5 March
2. NSW: Apology given to homosexuals who were in the 1978 ‘protest’
3. Safe Schools – PM orders review – and more developments
       3.1 PM Malcolm Turnbull orders a ‘review’ of the Safe Schools Coalition
       3.2 Barnaby Joyce criticises ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program
       3.3 Labor split on the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program
       3.4 Senator Cory Bernardi presents petition to Senate
       3.5 Bill Shorten calls Cory Bernardi a ‘homophobe’
       3.6 Another parent speaks out – journalist Karalee Katsambanis
       3.7 ‘Safe Schools’ – and Marxist philosophy – the connection
       3.8 Safe schools – Lifesite News reports on the developments
       3.9 NSW: Newtown – anyone can wear the uniform of either gender
       3.10 Articles supporting ‘Safe Schools Coalition’
4. Reform – Voting for the Senate… voting above the line – group tickets to go
5. Transgender – lobbying in Canberra by families & children
6. Marriage plebiscite – exemption from anti-discrimination laws?
7. Mardi gras – parade, messages of support, ‘Partners’
       7.1 Messages of support – inc the PM & NSW Premier
       7.2 ‘Partners’ – sponsors of mardi gras
       7.3 ‘Queer Thinking’ events

Overseas News
1. Malta – Government wants to criminalise ‘gay conversion therapy’
2. Ireland – AG intervenes in Ashers Bakery ‘gay cake’ case
3. USA: CDC reports that ‘Half of gay black men will get HIV’

News Update 26 Feb 2016

Australian News

1. Brisbane ‘March for Life – Sunday 5 March
If you live in or near Brisbane you might like to join the ‘March for Life’ on 5 March.

Starting at 2.45 pm, the March will go from QUEENS PARK (cnr George, Elizabeth & William St, Brisbane CBD) to Speaker's Corner (between the Old Parliament House building and the Botanical Gardens) where a short rally will be held.
More details on the Facebook event page – click here.

2. NSW: Apology given to homosexuals who were in the 1978 ‘protest’
Back in 1978, a group of homosexuals protested in the streets of Sydney – it followed similar protests in the USA. A march followed a public meeting; the organisers had “obtained a permit” but this was withdrawn “mid-march” and police ordered the crowd to disperse – as a result 53 people were arrested. This event later formed the basis of the Sydney mardi gras. (ALGA report.)

Now the NSW government has ‘apologised’ to homosexuals who took part in the first protest march in 1978. The apology was given in the NSW parliament on Thursday 25 February – the motion of apology was introduced into the NSW Legislative Assembly by Coogee MP Bruce Notley-Smith. Bruce Notley-Smith is a Liberal party MP who is openly homosexual.

Article: 'Thrilled and emotional' 78ers to take to Parliament for state apology, SMH, 21/2/2016.
Article: Sydney Mardi Gras: NSW Government apologises to first generation of protesters, ABC, 25/2/2016.

3. Safe Schools – PM orders review – and more developments

3.1 PM Malcolm Turnbull orders a ‘review’ of the Safe Schools Coalition
Good News! On Tuesday, at the Coalition Party room meeting, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ordered a review (or investigation) of the controversial Safe Schools Coalition and associated material. A number of Coalition MPs expressed their concern about the program. The review will be conducted by an independent person and should be completed by mid-March.

George Christensen, LNP Qld, spoke in the House about his concerns, noting that the website directs young people to a range of other websites, including Minus18, where explicit material can be found. He said, “This material is putting children at risk of being sexualised at an early age. If a man exposed a child to these websites, sex clubs, sex shops and online communities on the internet we would call this a paedophile grooming a victim." (article/video)

Of course, he copped flak for his speech and calls to Mr Turnbull to ‘discipline him’…!

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia said they ‘welcomed the review’ and wanted to show the “benefits” of the program (see report at Star Observer and Statement from SSCA).

In response… “News of the investigation also prompted openly gay South Australian Greens Senator Robert Simms to call for a Senate enquiry into transphobia and homophobia in schools.”

Article: Safe Schools: Malcolm Turnbull requests investigation into program helping LGBTI students, ABC, 23/2/2016.

3.2 Barnaby Joyce criticises ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program
It was great to hear Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Nationals, speak out against the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program this week….

FamilyVoice noted, “Barnaby Joyce says Australia’s mums and dads would not be happy with the ‘social entrepreneurship’ of the Safe Schools Coalition program.”

FamilyVoice Media Release: Safe Schools concern grows, 22/2/2016.

3.3 Labor split on the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program
This week Senator Joe Bullock, a Labor Senator from WA, criticised the Safe Schools Coalition program – he said the program was “terrible” and "This program is so narrowly focused on homosexual issues that it doesn't provide the sort of balance one would hope."
He called for the program to be SUSPENDED whilst the government conducts a review.

Article: Safe Schools 'terrible, focused on homosexual issues', Labor senator Joe Bullock says, ABC, 25/2/2016.

3.4 Senator Cory Bernardi presents petition to Senate
Thanks you to all of you who signed the petition. Cory presented the petition to the Senate on Tuesday 23 February, with 9,499 signatures (see media report here, Hansard lodgement of petition here (Page 32) and Cory’s petition page here).

Meanwhile, the Greens organised a ‘counter petition’ to support the Safe Schools Coalition, and got 20,000 signatures (now 27,000 - petition here).

3.5 Bill Shorten calls Cory Bernardi a ‘homophobe’
Cory Bernardi walked past whilst Bill Shorten was giving a press conference about the Safe Schools Coalition. Bill was supporting the program and criticising the Coalition decision to review the program. Cory interjected and Bill called Cory a ‘homophobe’!
Video of exchange between them is at link.

The exchange:
"We see this ridiculous, absurd obsession by the right wing of the Liberal Party about Safe Schools," Mr Shorten told reporters.
"That'd be me," Senator Bernardi interrupted. "At least I'm honest, Bill. You're a fraud."
Mr Shorten replied: "No, mate. At least I'm not a homophobe either, mate."

Article: 'At least I'm not a homophobe': Bill Shorten in tense exchange with Cory Bernardi, SMH, 24/2/2016.

Cory Bernardi responds in a blog – click here.

3.6 Another parent speaks out – journalist Karalee Katsambanis
Writing as a parent, Karalee objects to the explicit teaching about sexuality and fluid gender to children in Year 7….

She writes, “However, the 'All of Us' material, along with other Safe Schools Coalition materials is ironically intolerant of WA's cultural and religious diversity. It fails to provide guidance as to how students are to respect those people who for cultural or religious reasons consider the LGBTI sexual activity unacceptable.
Has anyone thought of the negative impact on children and their families if these discussions or topics are introduced to children in a group environment where a child may not be ready to receive this information? These topics should instead be addressed with children as and when a parent feels that they are ready to understand and process the information….”

Article: Karalee Katsambanis: Don't teach my kids about LGBTI issues... that's my job, SMH, 22/2/2016.

3.7 ‘Safe Schools’ – and Marxist philosophy – the connection
The Australian recently reported that Roz Ward, who set up the Safe Schools Coalition, gave a talk to a Marxism conference in Melbourne in 2015.

Pat Byrne explores this further…
|He writes, “To the Marxism Conference, Roz Ward gave a Marxist analysis of how the ruling capitalist class imposed conventional notions of male and female, sex, marriage and natural family on society to “break the spirits of ordinary people”.”

Roz Ward said, “To smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited, and continues to benefit, from oppressing our bodies, our relationships, sexuality and gender identities alongside sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Both serve to break the spirits of ordinary people, to consume our thoughts, to make us accept the status quo and for us to keep living or aspiring to live, or feel like we should live, in small social units and families where we must reproduce and take responsibility for those people in those units.”

Roz Ward advocated sexual liberation, saying, “Marxism offers both the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today, because Marxism has a theory of social change.”

Pat writes, “Echoing this classical Marxist doctrine, Ward paraphrases gay academic Dennis Altman, saying that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

Article: Safer schools or a radical Marxist sexual revolution?, Pat Byrne, Online Opinion, 19/2/2016.

3.8 Safe schools – Lifesite News reports on the developments
International news site Lifesite has reported on the controversy…

Article: Aussie Family Group stands up to LGBT program for 11 year old, Lifesite, 17/2/2016.

3.9 NSW: Newtown – anyone can wear the uniform of either gender
In light of current concerns being expressed about the “Safe Schools Coalition” program, the following from an article about Newtown High School is interesting: the school has ruled that students of either (or any) gender can wear whatever uniform items they like, that have been previously considered as ‘boys’ uniform and girls’ uniform’. Thus boys can wear a girl’s skirt, without having to seek permission or formally identifying as a ‘girl’!

Perhaps not surprising, LGBTI advocacy group Safe Schools Coalition Australia is encouraging all NSW schools to consider adopting the policy!

Article: Newtown High School of the Performing Arts changes gender rules for uniforms, SMH, 23/2/2016.

3.10 Articles supporting ‘Safe Schools Coalition’
Of course, there have also been articles supporting the Safe Schools Coalition – and opposing any criticism!

These included an article by Jill Stark in The Age, where she claimed “religious zealots who dress up their bigotry as concern for children” were “trying to drag us back to the dark ages”!

4. Reform – Voting for the Senate… voting above the line – group tickets to go
This week the Turnbull government released their proposals for ‘reforming’ the way voters will vote for the Senate. The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reports that one major change is “giving voters the option to have their vote counted as valid if they only number one (or less than 6) boxes above the line”.

They note that would give voters the ability to direct their preferences by party as they want to, rather than their vote being distributed by a ‘group voting ticket’. We would agree with that, as group voting tickets can get unexpected results!

The AFR states that “the changes to Senate voting will reduce the number of micro parties and "accidental" senators.”

Other changes: “The other major reforms – getting rid of group tickets and stopping  individuals holding official positions in multiple parties - get rid of the source of votes richocheting around the system and being gamed by micro parties.”

Election analyst Antony Green notes that it is odd that the new reforms would still require a voter to fill in ALL squares if they vote below the line: “By far the oddest feature of the proposed Senate electoral reform legislation is the retention of full preferential voting for below the line (BTL) voting. Having abolished group ticket voting, and having accepted that voters can't be asked to fill in every party square in the above the line (ATL) option, it seems very strange not to acknowledge that preferencing all candidates below the line is as onerous and unrealistic as preferencing all parties above the line.”

Having optional preferential voting below the line, as well as above, would seem a fairer way of giving people all the options, including selecting candidates WITHIN parties!

Australians for Honest Elections says that many of the BIG issues regarding our electoral system have been ignored in the proposed reforms… including vote fraud and electoral roll integrity, and that small parties will be wiped out. See their Media Release here.

Article: Senate reform shock: it's actually good for voters, AFR, 22/2/2016.

Article: Turnbull government to introduce Senate voting reforms, leaving open prospect of double dissolution election, SMH, 22/2/2016.

5. Transgender – lobbying in Canberra by families & children
On the transgender issue, Australian Family Court permission used to have to be obtained in situations where a child wanted to ‘change gender’ – first to go on ‘puberty blockers’ at around 12 or 13 and then to go on ‘hormone treatment’ at age 16.

Following a court decision by the Family Court, permission is no longer need for ‘puberty blockers’ – but it is needed for Stage 2 ‘hormone treatment’.

This week families with ‘transgender children’ went to Canberra to lobby for the removal of the requirement for the Family Court to approve hormone treatment. They were supported by the doctor who runs the ‘Gender Clinic’ at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Article: Families with transgender children gather in Canberra to lobby for hormone treatment law changes, ABC, 22/2/2016.

6. Marriage plebiscite – exemption from anti-discrimination laws?
Last week we reported (item 4) that Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs said it would be “disgraceful” to set aside anti-discrimination laws for the debate on marriage and plebiscite.

This week law professor George Williams supported her call – and even suggested that 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote in the plebiscite!

Of course, the vilification laws are problematic all the time, not just during a plebiscite!

Article: Voting in the same-sex marriage plebiscite should be extended to 16 and 17 year olds, SMH, 21/2/2016.

7. Mardi gras – parade, messages of support, ‘Partners’
The mardi gras parade will be held in Sydney on Sunday 5 March. A range of events are held in the weeks leading up to the Parade. List of events here.

The Festival Guide is online – click here. Click on pages to enlarge.

7.1 Messages of support – inc the PM & NSW Premier

Messages of support have been given by Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, NSW Premier Mike Baird, and David Hurley (Governor of NSW).

Malcolm Turnbull wrote, “We cannot forget the history of mardi gras and the ongoing need to promote inclusion and deliver equality for all Australians. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable mardi gras.”

7.2 ‘Partners’ – sponsors of mardi gras
Check out the list of sponsors. The Principal Partner is the ANZ Bank. ‘Strategic Partners’ are the NSW government – NSW Make it Happen and Destination NSW. The “Government partner” is the City of Sydney.

‘Major Partners’ include Qantas, airbnb, Canon, Google, Facebook, Brown-Forman and Medibank! See the list of partners here.

7.3 ‘Queer Thinking’ events
A range of events have been organised under the topic ‘Queer Thinking’. One of these is a panel discussion on ‘LGBTI Refugees’. It will be held at Pitt St Uniting Church in Sydney – hosted by Uniting Network and Pitt St Uniting Church. The event will be moderated by Margaret Mayman, the minister of the church – who is a lesbian with a partner she ‘married’ in New Zealand before coming to Sydney in 2013 (article).

One of the people on the panel is Gillian Triggs, the Human Rights Commissioner.
Report of event and Gillian Triggs participating here.
Event details on the Pitt St Uniting Church website here.

It’s enlightening to see the wide range of topics being discussed at Queer Thinking!
They include domestic violence in LGBTI communities, IVF and families, Chemsex, the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of online dating’.

There’s also a Conversation with Gillian Triggs about Dennis Altman’s book ‘Queer Wars’ which “asks why sexuality and gender identity have become so vexed an issue between and within nations, and how we can best advocate for change”!
See the ‘Queer Thinking’ event list here.

Overseas News

1. Malta – Government wants to criminalise ‘gay conversion therapy’
Yes, another country wants to make ‘gay conversion therapy’ criminal! The Catholic Church has issued a position paper, criticising the proposal.

It was summarised, “In a position paper, Church warns Bill to criminalise gay conversion therapy 'promotes discrimination', violates Constitution, will 'affirm superior status of homosexuals' and will 'make it a crime to assist paedophiles whose condition is manifested in same sex behaviour'.”

The Church’s paper said the law would discriminate against those who wanted to change their homosexual feelings and against professionals who offered support.

Article: Church's conversion therapy arguments 'based on false premises' - Dalli, Malta Today, 20/2/2016.

2. Ireland – AG intervenes in Ashers Bakery ‘gay cake’ case 
The Attorney-General of Northern Ireland has intervened in the Ashers Bakery case, in which the McArthurs were fined $500 for refusing to bake a cake celebrating homosexual ‘marriage’. The appeal has now been delayed until May.

At the start of the appeal against the decision, the AG asked the court “whether Northern Ireland's law banning workplace discrimination "impedes or places a burden on certain forms of political or religious expression given the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religious belief or political opinion contained in section 24 (1) (c) and (d) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998," the latter being a constitutional document.

A few days before, homosexual activist Peter Tatchell (formerly from Australia but now in the UK) had written in The Guardian, supporting Ashers Bakery.

“Much as I wish to defend the gay community, I also want to defend freedom of conscience, expression and religion," wrote Tatchell. "In my view, it is an infringement of freedom to require businesses to aid the promotion of ideas to which they conscientiously object. Discrimination against people should be unlawful, but not against ideas."

Article: Northern Irish bakers get reprieve as AG and major gay activist come to their defense, Lifesite News, 4/2/2016.

Article: I’ve changed my mind on the gay cake row. Here’s why, Peter Tatchell, Guardian, 1/2/2016.

3. USA: CDC reports that ‘Half of gay black men will get HIV’
The official US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a study on the lifetime risks of various groups of people getting HIV.

They report, “If current HIV diagnoses rates persist, about 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men (MSM) and 1 in 4 Latino MSM in the United States will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime, according to a new analysis by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The study, presented today at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, provides the first-ever comprehensive national estimates of the lifetime risk of an HIV diagnosis for several key populations at risk and in every state. ..”

The CDC reports, “At current rates, 1 in 6 MSM will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime, including 1 in 2 black MSM, 1 in 4 Latino MSM, and 1 in 11 white MSM.”

Compare that to the OVERALL RISK for ALL Americans: “Overall, the lifetime risk of HIV diagnosis in the U.S. is now 1 in 99.”

They talk about the ‘unacceptably high risk’ of gay and bisexual men getting HIV, but don’t want to look at the cause!

CDC Press Release: Half of black gay men and a quarter of Latino gay men projected to be diagnosed within their lifetime, CDC, 24/2/2016.

CDC FACT SHEET: Detailed findings, including data for all states and racial/ethnic and risk groups, are available in the Lifetime Risk of HIV Diagnosis in the United States Fact Sheet.

Media Report: CDC: Half of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV, Daily Beast, 24/2/2016.



News jigsaw Fotolia 59083953 320x200Another BUSY week!

More developments re Safe Schools Coalition program. Bill Shorten and the Defences Forces marching in the mardi gras parade and so on...

Along with the news, I’ve written one in-depth item with information about what state government Education Departments are ALREADY teaching about ‘sexual diversity’!
See Item 2. It’s an eye-opener!



News Update 19 Feb 2016

Australian News

1. Update – Safe Schools Coalition
   1.1 FamilyVoice presents Open Letter to PM
   1.2 FamilyVoice article on the ‘All of Us’ curriculum
   1.3 AFA petition
   1.4 List of all schools – a List of QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS
   1.5 Bill Shorten supports the ‘sexual diversity’ lessons
   1.6 QLD: Opposition LNP’s Tim Mander calls for review and notes activist involvement
2. Do YOU know what happens in YOUR schools?
Education Departments promote teaching of sexual diversity
3. STD tests – men and young people less likely to get tests
4. Marriage Plebiscite – exemptions?
5. Freedom Commissioner Tim Wilson resigns to run for Liberal Party
6. Mardi Gras – Bill Shorten participating - Defence participating again
6.1 Bill Shorten announces he will participate in the mardi gras parade on 5 March
6.2 Defence participating in mardi gras parade – AGAIN!

Overseas News

1. UK: Attempt to shut down ‘extremism’ threaten freedom of religion and speech
2. UN releases stamps celebrating homosexuality
3. PRAY for the release of Dr Ken Elliott
4. USA: Twins – heartbreaking sonogram shows unborn baby holding the hand of her dying twin brother

News Update 19 Feb 2016

Australian News

1. Update – Safe Schools Coalition

It’s not just government schools that are part of the Safe Schools Coalition – many private schools have joined up as well. Anglican schools are often members – and in Melbourne, Carey Baptist Grammar is also a member.

  • There are continuing calls to de-fund the program and withdraw the ‘All of Us’ Year 7 curriculum…
  • FamilyVoice present their Open Letter to PM Malcolm Turnbull
  • Bill Shorten supports the program…

1.1 FamilyVoice presents Open Letter to PM
FamilyVoice have presented their Open Letter, calling on the federal government to stop funding for the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’, to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The Open Letter has more than 14,000 signatures.

Please pray that Mr Turnbull carefully reads the Open Letter and investigates the program, and the ‘All of Us’ curriculum and stops the funding for the program.

FamilyVoice Media Release:
PM receives 'Safe Schools' letter signed by 14,100 Australians, 18/2/2016.

1.2 FamilyVoice article on the ‘All of Us’ curriculum
FamilyVoice has published an article on the Safe Schools program and the Year 7 ‘All Of Us’ curriculum in their latest Vox Point. It was written by Peter Abetz, a State Liberal MP in WA.
See attached.

1.3 AFA petition
Australian Family Association is running a petition – calling on the program to be de-funded and the ‘All of Us’ curriculum to be stopped.

Please sign the petition – click here.

1.4 List of all schools – a List of QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS

If you are in Queensland, you may not have been able to find out which schools are part of the Safe Schools Coalition. In the FULL LIST of the 495 Member Schools, on the Safe Schools Coalition website, the Queensland schools are only listed as ‘Government’ or ‘Independent’.

A LIST of Queensland schools has been compiled by the Australian Family Association.
Click here to read it.

Click here for the FULL list of Member Schools.

1.5 Bill Shorten supports the ‘sexual diversity’ lessons

Labor leader Bill Shorten announced this week that he supports the ‘sexual diversity’ lessons offered in the Safe Schools’ ‘All of Us’ curriculum.

But that’s hardly surprising, given his support for homosexual rights!

1.6 QLD: Opposition LNP’s Tim Mander calls for review and notes activist involvement

LNP Opposition Education spokesman Tim Mander has criticised the Safe Schools Coalition program and the ‘All of Us’ curriculum, stating it had been “hijacked by activists” and called for an urgent review of the program.

Not surprisingly the Labor government Education Minster criticised him – she ignored the criticisms about the content of the program, and focused on saying that ‘Principals can choose to use the resources to support their students’.

2. Do YOU know what happens in YOUR schools?
Education Departments promote teaching of sexual diversity

It’s not just the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ that is promoting ‘sexual diversity’ in schools… in recent years, sexual and gender diversity have increasingly become part of the official ‘curriculum’…

Consider this official ‘Curriculum’ webpage of the NSW Department of education and Communities:

Teaching Sexual Health – Sexual Diversity

It asks the question, “Are you catering for sexual diversity in your school?” and provides a link to the Safe Schools Coalition.

In the section, “Defining Sexuality”, they write:

Sexuality is diverse. Sexuality is not simply a person's sexual behaviour, it also involves their sexual orientation and sexual identity. Sexuality becomes easier to understand if it is broken up into 3 parts.
- Sexual orientation - the attraction a person has to other people.
- Sexual behaviour - what a person does sexually e.g. a person may be involved in heterosexual behaviour but feel their orientation is homosexual.
- Sexual identity - how people see themselves and how they present themselves to others.

Sexuality is both fluid and dynamic. A person's sexuality is constantly changing and can vary throughout different periods of their lives. At different times in people's lives their sexuality may differ.”

Ironically this ‘fluidity’, which is also promoted in Safe Schools Coalition material, is not proclaimed by those objecting to the support groups that help people deal with “unwanted same-sex attraction”!

The CURRICULUM guide then provides THREE classroom activities to “investigate sexual diversity and challenge homophobia.” There is no suggested ‘age’ for when the material should be presented to students…

These are Opposite ends of the pole, to give students an “opportunity to view sexuality as dynamic and fluid.” The lesson uses temperature (which is not JUST hot or cold) as an analogy to describe sexuality, concluding that someone may not be JUST ‘gay or straight’!  Words are simply inadequate to describe the RANGE of sexual relationships presented to the students. Read it for yourself!

Stepping Out - gives “students with the opportunity to experience someone else’s situation.” It asks students to imagine they are someone else and answer questions (like the activity in Lesson 2 of ‘All of Us’). In this activity the focus is on LGBTI but includes some ‘characters’ that are in mixed religion or mixed age relationships.

And Looking into homophobia which defines “homophobia” and encourages students to “think about the role that they and the community can play to address homophobia and abuse against young people who do not identify as exclusively opposite sex attracted or those perceived to be same sex attracted.” Again, an activity to ‘imagine’ themselves as a same-sex person is used. The research quoted is from the ‘Writing themselves in’ studies.

You get the idea… similar to some of the ideas promoted in the ‘All of Us’ curriculum – this time from an OFFICIAL NSW Education Department source!

Read the page for yourself: Teaching Sexual Health – Sexual Diversity

Then I took a look at Victoria…

Yes, here’s the official Victorian Education Department document Supporting Sexual Diversity in Schools

The ‘Sexuality Education’ webpage talks about “respecting diversity”.
A link from there goes to the ‘Teaching Programs’ page, and that has a section titled “Respecting diversity in sexuality education programs”.

Go from that to the ‘Learning and Teaching’ page and you get “Respecting Diversity”.
And that page has lots of instructions and resources for teaching about ‘sexual diversity’.

It includes the “Kaleidoscope Lesson Plan” – it includes a similar ‘imagine if you’re same-sex attracted’ activity, a ‘spectrum of sexuality’ and more… click here.

When time permits I’ll have a look at the other states – but you get the idea!!!

3. STD tests – men and young people less likely to get tests

The SMH reports on tests for sexually transmitted diseases (now called ‘infections’ to make it sound ‘nicer’…

“It's easily treatable with antibiotics, and testing is as quick and painless as a urine sample or a swab. Yet one in five young Australians ignores their GP's request to get tested for chlamydia, which can lead to infertility if untreated. Men are the worst offenders, as are teenagers aged 16 to 19, according to joint research which examined more than 10,000 chlamydia test requests for Australians aged 16 to 29. The statistics are worrying because sexually active young people are the most likely to contract an infection, while testing rates for men are about half what they are for women….”

The research actually states that “One in five young people did not submit a specimen for chlamydia testing despite their GP requesting it.

Of course there is NO mention of the fact that one can avoid sexually transmitted diseases by abstaining from sex before marriage!

Research: Socio-demographic and structural barriers to being tested for chlamydia in general practice, Medical Journal of Australia, 2/2016.

Article: Chlamydia culprits: men, teenagers more likely to skip STI tests, SMH, 15/2/2016.

4. Marriage Plebiscite – exemptions?

There are increasing calls for the government to ensure there are ‘exemptions’ from anti-discrimination laws relating to matters discussed during the proposed plebiscite on homosexual ‘marriage’.

This week the Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs said it was a "disgraceful way of dealing with the issue". She told Fairfax, “[They] are saying that we have to stand down or suspend the laws so that you can do what would otherwise be a vilification. "It's an outrageous proposition and it's highly misguided."

She pointed out that it would require the FEDERAL government having to ‘override’ state laws.

ACL defended their call to have the anti-discrimination laws.

There are federal and State/Territory laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Most states and territories also have ‘anti-vilification laws’ which prohibit people saying things that might ‘incite hatred’ and so on. In Tasmania, the law states that one can’t ‘offend or insult’ someone on the ground of sexual orientation. It’s this law that activist Martine Delaney used to bring a complaint against Catholic Archbishop Bishop Julian Porteous because of the Church’s book ‘Don’t Mess with Marriage’.

We’ll have to await and see if the states and territories will agree to grant exemptions to their laws! I’m not holding my breath!

Article: Call to suspend hate laws 'disgraceful': Gillian Triggs, SMH, 17/2/2016.

Media Release from ACL: ACL stands by calls for anti-discrimination laws to be set aside to allow free speech, 17/2/2016.

Article: Christian lobby seeks anti-discrimination 'override' for plebiscite campaign, SMH, 15/2/2016.

5. Freedom Commissioner Tim Wilson resigns to run for Liberal Party

Soon after the election of the Abbott government, they appointed Tim Wilson as the ‘Freedom Commissioner’ – on a $400,000 salary. Tim Wilson, who is openly homosexual, was known as a ‘classical liberal’. But it didn’t take him long to openly support same-sex ‘marriage’ and campaign for LGBTI rights!

Now he wants to be a Liberal politician, and is running for pre-selection for Andrew Robb’s seat, Goldstein.

What is the Liberal party starting to look like?
It seems to be drifting to the left…

Article: Tim Wilson resigns as Human Rights Commissioner, seeks pre-selection for Liberal Party, ABC, 15/2/2016.

6. Mardi Gras – Bill Shorten participating - Defence participating again

6.1 Bill Shorten announces he will participate in the mardi gras parade on 5 March

Yes, full on support from the leader of the Opposition. Perhaps that isn’t surprising since he recently marched in Melbourne’s Midsumma Pride March (with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews).

Article: Bill Shorten to appear at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, The Guardian, 12/2/2016.

Article: Bill Shorten will march at 2016 Mardi Gras Parade, same-same, 12/2/2016.

6.2 Defence participating in mardi gras parade – AGAIN!

Despite complaints by Bernard Gaynor about the involvement of the defence forces in the Mardi Gras, the Defence Forces are gearing up to participate again. The activist group DEFGLIS is co-ordinating the participation in the mardi gras parade, but the information about participation, and regulations about uniform etc were officially published by the Defence Forces in a DEFGRAM.

In January, Bernard Gaynor explored the connection between, or lack of connection, between DEFGLIS and the Defence Forces – read his article here.

Even more concerning is the Defence Forces policy on ‘diversity’ – this is the official policy of our armed services about inclusion and diversity!

The Diversity and Inclusion document talks about the “immediate diversity priorities for Defence”. It states, “These priorities align with each stage of the employment life cycle of Defence people - attract, recruit, develop, retain and transition. They also reflect those groups in Defence requiring priority attention, including: Women, Indigenous Australians, People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, People with Disability, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons, Mature age and an Intergenerational workforce, and Youth.”

Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2012-2017

The 32 Page Strategy document – click here.

Overseas News

1. UK: Attempt to shut down ‘extremism’ threaten freedom of religion and speech

The British government is planning to introduce legislation to clamp down on ‘extremism’.

This is supposed to be about ‘radical Islamic extremism’. However, numerous Christian groups are concerned that it will adversely impact on Christians, and the right to speak freely about controversial (and even non-controversial) issues.

The plan seems to also target church Sunday Schools and home-schoolers.

At the end of January 2016, Christian Concern provided an informative overview of the proposed measures.

A week later, they reported, “The Joint Committee for Human Rights (JCHR) has launched a "sharply focused inquiry" into the government's 'counter-extremism' plans, ahead of the introduction of the Counter-Extremism Bill….”

Article: Education Secretary reveals new counter extremism measures, 29/1/2016.
Article: Scrutiny of government’s “extremism” plans, 5/2/2016.
Article: UK targets Christians and home-schoolers in extremism scheme, New American, 5/2/2016.

2. UN releases stamps celebrating homosexuality

If you didn’t think things could get worse… think again!

The United Nations has issued a set of special stamps to celebrate homosexuality.

C-FAM reports that, “six explicit UN postage stamps to promote homosexuality, transsexuality, and gay parenting” were unveiled at “UN headquarters last week.” The New York Gay Men’s Chorus sang at the launch.

Which countries supported the pro-homosexual stamps?

Yes, Australia is on the list! Gay Star News reported, “The series is co-sponsored by the permanent missions of Argentina, Australia, Chile, El Salvador, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay, the delegation of the European Union, in addition to OHCHR and UNPA.”

The stamps celebrate the “controversial LGBT Free and Equal Campaign”. C-FAM stated, “The stamps capture the efforts of the “Free and Equal Campaign” a unilateral initiative of the UN Secretary General’s human rights bureaucracy that promotes a right to engage in sodomy, same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption, and other LGBT rights.”

But the ‘Free and Equal Campaign’ is not fully supported by the UN: “Since its launch in 2012 it has yet to garner substantial support from the full membership of the United Nations. No UN treaty includes LGBT rights or protects homosexual conduct explicitly or implicitly.”

Thankfully, not all countries agreed with the release of the stamps…

C-FAM reports, “Nearly half of all UN member states unsuccessfully sought to prevent the issuance of the stamps on the eve of their unveiling. Three powerful UN blocs, totalling 86 countries, sent letters to Radcliff’s boss, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, including the Organization for Islamic Cooperation representing 57 UN member states. The 54-member African Group denounced the event for “undermining the respected flagship of the UN” and “associating it with issues that do not enjoy universal consensus.”

“And, the Group of Friends of the Family, numbering 24 countries and spearheaded by Belarus, Egypt, and Qatar, criticized the secretariat for promoting a “deeply controversial agenda” that “thwarts unity, dialogue, and mutual respect. Nigeria also issued a stern reprimand ahead of the unveiling in the course of the ongoing Commission on Social Development.”

Article: UN Stamps Celebrate Homosexuality, Gay Parenting, Transexualism, C-FAM, 11/2/2016.

Article: UN introduces new stamps to promote LGBT equality worldwide for the first time, Gay Star News, 5/2/2016.

3. PRAY for the release of Dr Ken Elliott
Dr Ken Elliott, who has run a hospital in Burkino Faso in Africa for more than 40 years, is still missing after being kidnapped, along with his wife, Jocelyn. The kidnapping was carried out by Islamic militants affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Jocelyn was released on 7 February, following international pressure. Jocelyn is calling on the kidnappers to release her husband.

Please continue to pray for them both and pray that Ken will be released.

Article: Burkina Faso Kidnapping: Australian woman released, ABC, 7/2/2016.

4. USA: Twins – heartbreaking sonogram shows unborn baby holding the hand of her dying twin brother

An amazing, but heartbreaking, ultrasound image – a mother is expecting twins. But one is not growing and is not expected to live. In the latest ultrasound, the healthy girl is holding the hand of her dying brother…
Article: Heartbreaking sonogram shows dying twin holding unborn sister’s hand, Fox News, 18/2/2016.


News ball Fotolia 31010118 320x200There is so much going on with the promotion of homosexual rights these days, so I’ve included numerous items report on the latest developments… but there is also news on Islam and euthanasia…

With our Prayer Focus last week, this News Update covers news from the past couple of weeks… browse and read the items that interest you – or cause concern!

I liked this quote from Mark Twain:

“If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”

At Salt Shakers, we aim to help sort the rhetoric from the truth…




News Update 12 Feb 2016

Australian News

1. Midsumma Pride March - Bill Shorten and Daniel Andrews MARCH
2. Tasmania to ‘apologise’ for former laws against homosexuality
3. Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop – statement seems to allow students to bring ‘same-sex partner’ to school formals
4. Victoria: Same-sex partners for a school ‘Deb Ball’…
5. Play School – all kinds of families including TWO HOMOSEXUAL FATHERS
6. SA: Government changes law to allow lesbian partners to be on a child’s birth certificate
7. SA: Euthanasia Bill introduced by Steph Key
8. Homosexual marriage – MP numbers and news
     8.1 Activists claim they ‘have the numbers’ in the parliament to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
     8.2 Nationals Senator says she ‘won’t support’ homosexual ‘marriage’!
9. Kevin Rudd lobbying for the UN Secretary-General position
10. Lesbian couple, ‘quasi adoption’ and the biological mother

Overseas News

1. ITALY considers legislation for homosexual ‘unions’ & adoption
2. Norway: Largest bank calls for the country to STOP using cash
3. David Daleiden charged - lead investigator into Planned Parenthood’s sale of ‘baby parts’
4. Europe: Abuse by ‘migrants’
5. USA: Professor at Christian college who wore HIJAB LEAVES the college
6. Oregon USA: Doctor-prescribed suicides (euthanasia) INCREASE


News Update 12 Feb 2016

Australian News

1. Midsumma Pride March - Bill Shorten and Daniel Andrews MARCH

Shorten and Andrews Pride March 2016 CustomFederal Labor leader Bill Shorten joined Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to march in Melbourne’s homosexual Pride March on Sunday 31 January. Both men spoke to the crowd after the March. Bill Shorten reiterated his promise to introduce legislation for “marriage equality” within 100 days of being elected – they ‘tweeted’ and posted on Facebook about their participation (see here for example)!

Daniel Andrews also supported homosexual ‘marriage’ and announced that the Victorian Labor government will give a formal ‘apology’ to homosexual men who were convicted of ‘homosexuality crimes’ in Victoria prior to 1980, when homosexuality was legalised. Mr Andrews said the apology would be given in the parliament in May. The government passed a law last year, which came into effect in September 2015, which “expunges” these criminal convictions for “consensual sex and fraternisation”. The Age reports that “about 12 people so far have applied through the Department of Justice to have their records wiped.”

For the first time, AFL footballers marched under a club banner, with St Kilda Football Club taking part. The Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, also marched for the first time – along with Victoria's Gender and Sexuality Commissioner Rowena Allen. Deborah Glass said, “For me it's very much about a demonstration of my personal commitment, both to a diverse community and to a diverse workforce. It's a message around me being an Ombudsman for all Victorians – whatever their background, their culture, their race, or their sexuality."

Premier Daniel Andrews’ Media Release: Righting The Wrong: Date Set For Historic State Apology
Article: Same-sex marriage needs to be legalised, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews tells Midsumma Pride March, ABC, 31/1/2016.
Article: Righting the wrongs: Gay community to receive formal state apology, The Age, 31/1/2016.
Photo from homosexual paper, Star Observer article – click here.

2. Tasmania to ‘apologise’ for former laws against homosexuality
It seems that Daniel Andrews is trying to keep up with Tasmania… The Tasmanian Liberal Government announced in December 2015 that it will ‘apologise’ to people who were convicted of homosexual acts prior to 1997, when homosexuality was decriminalised. The government will also ‘expunge’ their criminal records. Other states have ‘expunged’ criminal records – South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT - but Tasmania was the first state to announce an ‘apology’.

Tasmanian Liberal Media Release: Expunging historic homosexual convictions, 17/12/2015. 
Article: Homosexual convictions to be expunged by Tasmanian Government, ABC, 17/12/2015.
Article: Tasmania to officially apologise for former laws against homosexuality, IB Times, 19/12/2016.

3. Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop – statement seems to allow students to bring ‘same-sex partner’ to school formals
Last year, a Catholic school in Melbourne, Academy of Mary Immaculate, decided to allow a female student to bring a same-sex partner to a school formal. The girl was initially refused permission, but the school changed its stance after the girl ran a petition on

Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop, Denis Hart, was recently asked about the situation by Fairfax – he said schools should be ‘sensitive’ and ‘respectful’. They report that, in a statement to Fairfax, he made comments that indicated schools could allow students to take a same-sex partner to school formals: “Students in a secondary school are growing up and in developmental stages where relationships are more like strong friendships and are not usually permanent, they are not in a situation where they are committing.” He added, “The Catholic Church respects any relationship but always sticks quite firmly with its teaching that a relationship in the eyes of the church is heterosexual, between a male and female, and that is something we would always stand by." He said schools would make their own decisions.

Article: Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart gives green light to gay couples at Catholic school formals, The Age, 22/1/2016.

4. Victoria: Same-sex partners for a school ‘Deb Ball’…
The Victorian government actually ruled EIGHT years ago that students in government secondary schools could take a same-sex partner to a school formal.

The latest campaign has been over whether a student could have a same-sex partner in a school debutante ball- a classic male-female event! Two girls from Bundoora Secondary College have been granted the right to participate together - the girls are not actually a ‘couple’ but decided they wanted to “promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) equality and the value of friendship” and “pushed for the school to accommodate ‘changing times’.They also ran a petition on Change.orgto get the school to agree…

Article: Melbourne teen girls granted right to participate in debutante ball as same sex pair, Yahoo, 5/2/2016.
2008 Article: Gay students get OK for school formals, Herald Sun, 15/4/2008.

5. Play School – all kinds of families including TWO HOMOSEXUAL FATHERS
The ABC’s Play School has been criticised this week for deciding to include two homosexual fathers in their Through the Windows “My Family, Your Family” segment later this year.

It’s 12 YEARS since Play School was in the centre of a similar controversy… by having a segment about a ‘girl with two Mums’ in 2004.

The executive producer of the show confirmed this week that they are featuring lots of different families… “an adopted family, an extended family, a blended family, an Indigenous nuclear family and a family with two dads…”

We are concerned at this development – other Christian groups have called for the segment to not be shown – ACL called for the ABC to ‘Keep rainbow politics out of Play School’.

It’s insightful to compare the responses in 2004 to the responses in 2016… In 2004, Prime Minister John Howard was highly critical of the move
– in 2016, where is PM Malcolm Turnbull???

CONTACT the ABC to voice your concern – click here for the Contact page and feedback info.

Article: Play School segment to feature gay fathers, SMH, 4/2/2016.
2004 Article: Play School's lesbian tale sparks outrage, SMH, 4/6/2004.
2004 Article: PM accuses Play School over gays, The Age, 7/6/2004.

6. SA: Government changes law to allow lesbian partners to be on a child’s birth certificate

South Australia’s House of Assembly has passed legislation, 29-12 in a conscience vote, to allow two female same sex parents of a child to be registered on a child’s birth certificate.

Up to now, the law had required that the lesbian couple had to have lived together for three years prior to conception in order to put both of them on the child’s birth certificate.

The Bill, introduced by the Greens’ Tammy Franks into the Legislative Council last year, was passed by that House in June 2015. Since some amendments were made by the House of Assembly, the Bill will go back to the Legislative Council for final approval. (See details of Bill here and the Bill itself here.)

Article: Female same-sex parents win right for both to be on child's birth certificate as SA Parliament backs rule change, ABC, 11/2/2016.

7. SA: Euthanasia Bill introduced by Steph Key
The push to legalise euthanasia continues. This time, it’s South Australia. A bill to legalise euthanasia, called the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016, was introduced this week into the House of Assembly by Labor MP Steph Key (she’s already tried to get euthanasia legalised before!).

FamilyVoice South Australia Director David d’Lima has warned of the dangers of passing the Bill: “Incredibly, the proposal would grant medically assisted suicide to people whether they are terminally ill or simply unwell.” Ms Key said that the central requirement for assisted suicide is that the person’s suffering is ‘unbearable’ and ‘hopeless’.  Mr d’Lima said, “These are highly subjective terms.  What is deemed ‘unbearable’ one day may become bearable the next, depending on the circumstances…”

If you live in SA, please contact your MPs in both Houses to ask them to vote AGAINST this Bill. Click here for contact details.

FamilyVoice Media release: Euthanasia bill warning, 11/2/2016.

8. Homosexual marriage – MP numbers and news

8.1 Activists claim they ‘have the numbers’ in the parliament to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
Homosexual activist Rodney Croome, leader of Australian Marriage Equality, recently claimed that they now ‘have the numbers’ to pass a Bill to allow homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia. He told the media, “We're confident the numbers are there for marriage equality to pass both houses of federal Parliament right now if a free vote is granted to Coalition members." He added, there was "no need for an expensive and divisive plebiscite".

The media reported, “AME's assessment puts support for a broadening of the definition of marriage, at a conservative 76 in the 150-member House, and at 41 in the 76-seat Senate. And it says its talks with several others suggests they too were leaning towards change, if given a free vote.”

A list was provided to the media – there are 72 MPs in the House of Representatives who have ‘publicly supported’ homosexual ‘, and another six who AME claims have "confidentially" flagged their intentions’. Since the numbers come from Rodney Croome, it is impossible to verify his claims at this point.

Article: Majority of MPs would back marriage equality, SMH, 30/1/2016.

8.2 Nationals Senator says she ‘won’t support’ homosexual ‘marriage’!
Some good news. Bridget McKenzie, a Nationals Senator for Victoria, has said she would vote against same-sex ‘marriage’ regardless of the result of a plebiscite. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, one of her Nationals colleagues, Michael McCormack (MP, Riverina), told the same media conference, “If the plebiscite said yes to same-sex marriage, I would support the fact that the will of the people said that.”

Article: Gay marriage: Senator Bridget McKenzie vows to vote against change, contradicting colleague at media conference, ABC, 28/1/2016.

9. Kevin Rudd lobbying for the UN Secretary-General position
Yes, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd appears to be lobbying for the job… this week he was offering advice on the handling of North Korea.

The Turnbull government is “considering” whether they will back Mr Rudd for the job – and say they’ll wait until he “puts his hand up for the job”.

Meanwhile, Julie Bishop criticised Tony Abbott for supporting another candidate for the job, former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clarke, leading to a strong commentary from Andrew Bolt, saying the government would be ‘crazy’ to support Rudd”. He wrote, “Rudd was not only one of our worst prime ministers, branded dysfunctional even by his Labor colleagues. He also stands for Big Government and the erosion of national sovereignty — values no Liberal government should promote.”

Article: Kevin Rudd ramps up his bid for United Nations Secretary General,, 10/2/2016.
Article: We'll consider backing Kevin Rudd for top UN spot: Julie Bishop, SMH, 24/1/2016.

10. Lesbian couple, ‘quasi adoption’ and the biological mother
This story shows how problematic the issues of surrogacy, ‘adoption’, and non-biological parents can be…

In this case, the Australian Family Court has ordered a lesbian couple to hand back a toddler to its biological mother. During the mother’s pregnancy, the mother decided to give her baby, once it was born, to the lesbian couple, who had tried to have a child through IVF but failed. A legal agreement was drawn up by a lawyer. All three women are deaf and communicate using Auslan.

The mother has since ‘changed her mind’ about giving her child to the lesbian couple. The girl is now almost three years old – and the Family Court has ordered that the child be returned to the biological mother and her half-siblings, although she will continue to have contact with the lesbian couple.

Article: Lesbian couple ordered to hand toddler back to biological mother, SMH, 30/12/2016.

Overseas News

1. ITALY considers legislation for homosexual ‘unions’ & adoption

The Italian Senate is currently considering a Bill that would legalise homosexual ‘civil partnerships’ and adoption by homosexual couples.

A huge rally was held in ROME in late January to protest against the proposed legislation.

How many attended?
It depends who you listen to… Breitbart reported that more than one million attended, the organisers were quoted as saying either one million OR two million (Guardian report) – but some media said it was just ‘thousands’, Yahoo stated “tens of thousands”, with journalists doing the estimating!

Last year the European Union condemned Italy for not having a law to allow ‘civil partnerships’ for homosexuals. But Italian politicians across the parties are objecting. As the debate continued, Pope Francis recently spoke out defending the traditional family and marriage.

Article: Pope defends traditional marriage as Italy debates civil unions, Reuters, 22/1/2016.

2. Norway: Largest bank calls for the country to STOP using cash
An interesting development in Norway – some banks have stopped issuing cash – and now the country’s largest bank has called on the country to stop using cash…

The reason? To prevent money laundering!

Article: Norway's Biggest Bank Calls For Country To Stop Using Cash, IB Times, 22/1/2016.

3. David Daleiden charged - lead investigator into Planned Parenthood’s sale of ‘baby parts’

Bill Muehlenberg writes, “When the rule of law and the criminal justice system is broken, and broken badly, then no country can last for long. That is exactly what we find occurring in the United States with the recent shock announcement that charges would be laid – not against the baby killing and baby parts selling Goliath but the David who caught them out. This is what has just happened:

“The lead investigator behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos faces up to 20 years in prison after a Houston grand jury decided on Monday not to charge Planned Parenthood with any wrongdoing – and instead indicted him for offering to purchase human organs from the abortion provider….”

Article: Planned Parenthood, Daleiden, and the Inversion of Justice, 27/1/2016.

4. Europe: Abuse by ‘migrants’
We have read numerous accounts of abuse by the ‘migrants’ that have been flooding into Europe form Syria, Iraq and other places. Often the reports do NOT mention the religion of the person…

In this recent account, a 10 year old Austrian boy was raped at a swimming pool – by a 20 year old Iraqi man who had ‘entered the country in September from the Balkans’…

Article: 10-year-old raped by Iraqi migrant at swimming pool in Vienna,, 8/2/2016.

5. USA: Professor at Christian college who wore HIJAB LEAVES the college
When Larycia Hawkins, a professor at Wheaton College, a ‘small Christian school outside of Chicago’ wore a HIJAB to proclaim her "solidarity" with Muslims, in December 2015, there was an outcry. She had also said that ‘Christians and Muslims worship the same god!

It has now been announced she will leave the school. Rick Moran discusses the ‘processes’ undertaken, including talk of her being suspended or ‘resigning’.

He concludes, “That the Wheaton administrators bowed to political correctness on such a fundamental issue of faith is troubling. If I were a parent and was sending my child to a Christian school because of its purported dedication to Christian principles, I would think twice about enrolling them in Wheaton.”

Article: Professor at Christian college who wore hijab in 'solidarity' with Muslims leaves school, American Thinker, 7/2/2016.

6. Oregon USA: Doctor-prescribed suicides (euthanasia) INCREASE

Citizen Link reports…

“The numbers are in and doctor-prescribed suicides in Oregon are on the rise: 132 people last year. The number of deaths has gone up each year since the state legalized it.

“If much of the nation succumbs to assisted-suicide advocacy,” said Wesley J. Smith with the Center for Bioethics and Culture, “and the numbers keep climbing consistently as is the usual pattern wherever assisted suicide/euthanasia are legalized – it would not be long before tens of thousands of people died by lethal prescription or injection, each year.”…

Article: Oregon doctor-prescribed suicides increase, Citizen Link, 11/2/2016.


News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200When I started analysing the news this week, there were several items that deserved some ‘in-depth’ reporting. Rather than fill your Inbox with emails, I’ve reported on several current items in more depth in this News Update… Happy reading!

I hope to see some of you at Endeavour Forum’s Birthday meeting next Friday (5 Jan) to hear Liberal MP George Christensen and DLP MP Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins (see LAST item). I’ll be chairing the meeting.



News Update – 29 January 2016

Australian News

1. National Day of Prayer and Fasting – Sunday 7th February
2. Victoria: Labor plans to legislate to ‘crack down’ on “Gay 'conversion' therapy”
3. Australian of the Year – more politically correct ‘causes’
4. Melbourne’s ‘Midsumma’ - homosexual Pride March
5. Tony Abbott speaks to pro-family ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ in the USA
6. Marriage Equality – will the plebiscite be a ‘binding vote’ on MPs?
7. Endeavour Forum - Public Meeting for their 37th Birthday – Friday 5 Feb

News Update – 29 January 2016

Australian News

1. National Day of Prayer and Fasting – Sunday 7th February

This year the National Day of Prayer and Fasting will be held on Sunday 7th February – the theme is ‘JESUS’. The key event will be held in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra from 10 am to 4 pm.

For those who can’t be in Canberra, you’re encouraged to participate where you are – either personally or at your church. Full information is on the National Day of Prayer website – click here.  Suggestions, including a Declaration and Prayer for Australia, are posted there, as well as Posters, Guidelines and a 2 minute promotional video.   You can also REGISTER on the website.

The National Day of Prayer and Fasting will be followed by 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting from 10 February – 20 March 2016!

2. Victoria: Labor plans to legislate to ‘crack down’ on “Gay 'conversion' therapy”

This week the Victorian Labor government, led by Daniel Andrews, confirmed that they will introduce legislation to ‘clamp down’ on any therapy or assistance that is provided to people who choose to deal with unwanted same-sex attraction. This is particularly targeted at Christian groups and churches that provide such support.

The Age has been running articles opposing any kind of support or counselling that addresses homosexuality. The latest article, on 24 January, stated that, 

“Legislation will be introduced into parliament later this year to establish a new watchdog – the Health Complaints Commissioner – with the power to investigate and sanction anyone claiming they can treat homosexuality. While registered practitioners can already be investigated by authorities, the legislation will close a loophole that currently exists regarding unregistered practitioners making unproven claims that they can covert gay people.”

The Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, said, “If they are found to be making false claims and to be acting in a manner that puts people's physical, mental or psychological health, safety or welfare at risk, the Commissioner will be able to ban them from providing such services."

WHO will to decide what is ‘false’?
WHO will decide what is putting someone’s mental health ‘at risk’?

Premier Daniel Andrews posted the article on his Facebook page with the comment “Gay 'conversion' therapy? In the bin.”

This proposal is actually in the Victorian Labor Platform 2014 on Page 48:

“Ensure the Health Services Commissioner and Consumer Affairs Victorian have the necessary powers to investigate people conducting unregulated and unproven therapies, such as ‘gay-conversion therapy’ or ‘miracle cancer cures’.”

The website, documentary and interviews at the website insideexgay have been targeting such counselling and therapy, with calls to close down any groups offering this kind of support. Last year, Nicole Conner, wife of City Life senior pastor Mark Conner, did an extended interview on insideexgay, where she agreed with the proposal that these groups should be shut down (from 48:40). Anthony Venn-Brown, the founder of a support group for homosexuals in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches, Freedom2Be, has also been campaigning for the closure of such groups.

Churches and groups that provide support to people who seek help and WANT to change in the area of same-sex attraction are concerned that their activities, teaching and counselling could be targeted under such legislation.

Bill Muehlenberg wrote about the Age articles this week – click here.

Media reports:

Zero tolerance: Andrews to crack down on gay 'conversion' therapy, The Age, 24/1/2016.
Calls to investigate 'ex-gay' movement, The Age, 17/1/2016.


3. Australian of the Year – more politically correct ‘causes’

In recent years we have seen a trend towards selecting people as ‘Australian of the Year’ who use the platform to promote left-wing political ideas.

As Miranda Devine rightly said, “The award, which ought to ­reflect and unite this great ­nation, has evolved into a mere plaything of social engineers and reflects all of the unhealthy preoccupations of the Left. The lucky recipients announced on Australia Day then spend a year lecturing the rest of us about how backward and awful we all are compared to their enlightened selves. From Adam Goodes to Rosie Batty and now Morrison, you would think we are an irredeemably racist, sexist nation in which every man is an incipient wife basher…”

This year the recipient is David Morrison, who was Chief of Army for four years before he retired. In his time as Army Chief he focused on ‘gender equality’ – trying to increase the number of women in the Army and complaining about sexism and following the ideology of left-leaning feminists.

Miranda writes, “Then, of course, there was his celebrated 2013 video lambasting as sexists the male soldiers who were risking their lives in service of our country. The video catapulted him into the pantheon of politically correct saints.” The speech was partly written by Group Captain Cate McGregor, the transgender army officer [formerly Malcolm] who has been celebrated by the left as the epitome of ‘acceptance’.

When David Morrison retired he became Chair of the Board of the Diversity Council of Australia – which focuses on gender equality, homosexual rights, racism, sexism, etc. David Morrison has added ALL of these causes to his MISSION for the year ahead. In addition, in his acceptance speech, he said he supported a REPUBLIC, and would use his time as Australian of the Year to campaign for that as well!

David Morrison also said there is ‘religious discrimination’ in Australia which needs to be addressed. He wasn’t talking about discrimination against Christians – he was saying we must all be nicer to Muslims and Islam. The day after his appointment he told ABC Breakfast Radio,

"We hold people back in this country for the most peculiar of reasons — their gender or the god they believe in or the colour of their skin or sexual orientation."

On Islam, he said, “ "I think we need to listen to the men and women of Islamic faith who are part of Australia's society. We need to understand the challenges they face. We need to see where the rest of Australia can work with them. And, of course, there are issues within the Islamic community that only they can solve, but that's OK." (Watch the 7 minute video here.)

Michael Smith highlighted David Morrison’s statements about Islam and religious discrimination, noting some of the “issues within the Islamic community” and concluded, ”The material makes me feel too ill to go on.   That stuff makes me very sick, but something here is worse.  You David.  Anyone who could say "but that's OK" about this stuff is no Australian of the Year.”


Even Morrison's support for ‘diversity’ wasn’t enough for Catherine (or Cate) McGregor, a fellow finalist, who told the homosexual paper Star Observer that Morrison was a ‘weak choice’ and that the Board missed the opportunity of appointing an LGBTI person! McGregor also said, “He’s on a steep learning curve when it comes to LGBTI and trans issues, he needs to learn a lot and rapidly” – and offered to ‘help’ him! McGregor later apologised for the comments… see ABC report.

Regardless of who the title went to, Catherine McGregor announced, in late December, a planned retirement from the defence force to advocate for transgender rights … to “make this a year in which, if I achieve anything, it is to show just the common humanity of transgendered people to the rest of Australia". 

Back to David Morrison…

As Miranda concluded, “The bottom line is that a former chief of army honoured with the title of Australian of the Year in 2016 should be advocating for wounded returned soldiers and those suffering post-traumatic stress rather than treading the overtilled ground of gender complaint and a republic.”

Family Voice called for ‘an Australian of the Year who unites us’ rather than another ‘social engineer’ - a sentiment we heartily endorse!

Miranda Devine
: Sorry David, but it’s the wrong fight, Daily Telegraph, 27/1/2016. Article ATTACHED.
David Morrison ‘Acceptance speech’ – click here.
David Morrison – 2013 video - Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison message about unacceptable behaviour
Media report: Australian of the Year David Morrison pulls no punches in first speech,, 26/1/2016.
Family Voice Media Release: Oh for an Australian of the Year who unites us!
Michael Smith: “David Morrison - Australia must change to suit Muslims. On Muslim problems with West, "that's OK".

4. Melbourne’s ‘Midsumma’ - homosexual Pride March

Melbourne’s homosexual festival ‘Midsumma’ is in full swing… from 17 January to 7 February.

The Pride March will be held in St Kilda this Sunday, 31 Jan. They’re still claiming to have 50,000 people there – they’ve maintained this ‘estimate’ for years, although we’ve counted the crowd and the marchers in previous years to show this number is hugely inflated!

Each year more groups are persuaded to participate – with companies and even the emergency services being encouraged to ‘accept diversity’ by groups such as the Diversity Council. The CFA marched last year with the emergency services and are planning to participate again. There is even a CFA Pride group and three ‘Ambassadors’! (See CFA News report – click here).

Last year, Premier Daniel Andrews LED the Pride March (report here). This year the Equality Minister, Martin Foley, is planning to march (see his Facebook page).

As for sponsors, AGL energy is one of the ‘partners’, promoting diversity… they even have a new acronym … DGS – “diverse gender and sexuality” communities. See their statement and Media Release.

Partners include the City of Melbourne, Yarra Trams, Australia Post, Herald Sun, NAB, IBM, Telstra, Seek, Jetstar, Coles, Creative Victoria and more – see list here.

5. Tony Abbott speaks to pro-family ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ in the USA

This week Tony Abbott spoke to a meeting in New York organised by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The ADF promotes religious freedom and Biblical values and is opposed to homosexual ‘marriage’ and abortion. The ‘About Us’ page states, “Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for your right to freely live out your faith”. It was started in 1994 by more than 30 Christian leaders – with founders including James Dobson, James Kennedy, Larry Burkett and Marlin Maddoux. The ADF provides legal assistance to people who are subject to discrimination claims.

Tony Abbott’s speech was on “the importance of family". We applaud Tony Abbott for speaking at the meeting.

Outcry in Australian media…

But to read the media reports in Australia, one would think that this is a nasty and furtive ‘hate group’! Some media reports claimed the meeting was ‘secretive’ – since details of the location weren’t public. The ADF said it was a private function for members and thus event details were not publicised. We can understand that, since such events are regularly targeted by left-wing activists!

A report in the SMH called the ADF “one of the religious right's most reactionary bodies” – and highlighted the “trenchant criticism from the left” when the ADF “opposed "tolerance training" for schools aimed at reducing bullying of LGBTI students.”

Alan Sears, the President and CEO, was said to have “argued that America's growing tolerance of homosexuality was being achieved through the indoctrination of children, tacit support of corporate America, and through "positive" television depictions of alternative family structures.”

Sounds like the right conclusions to us, but the media meant this to be a criticism!

Some of the media focused on the response from Malcolm Turnbull.

He was asked a question about Tony Abbott speaking to the ADF by Waleed Aly on The Project on 26 January (see episode here). Waleed stated that the group was an “anti-gay” group and said that Mr Abbott was “defending Yanks’ rights to preach hate”. [Of course, Waleed made no comment about what ISLAMIC groups think on the subject!]

Mr Turnbull stated, “There are people in the Parliament, there are colleagues, there are, you know, fellow members of the Coalition, who have different views, and they are...entitled to express them, and I respect their right to do so, just as they would respect my right to disagree with them.”

How did the MEDIA report the events…?

It’s always interesting to see how the media reports such events – it often gives a clear indication of their bias!

The Australian’s headline was “Tony Abbott to speak at US family event in New York” (article available to subscribers). The ABC’s headline was “Tony Abbott to address US conservative Christian lobby group on marriage views” – but they later focused on the response by Malcolm Turnbull (see here).

Almost every other media report was condemning…

The Guardian’s headline said Mr Abbott was speaking to a ‘far right US lobby group”. The Sydney Morning Herald’s headline was Tony Abbott jets to US to address abortion and gay-marriage opponents Alliance Defending Freedom. The SMH ran another article about the ADF, calling it a “gay hate group”. The headline of one SBS’ article was “Abbott to deliver speech to US group opposing abortion, same-sex marriage” and a follow-up article published by SBS highlighted the fact that Tony’s lesbian sister was “disappointed”.

Then The Monthly joined in, to discuss Malcolm Turnbull not censoring Tony Abbott…

6. Marriage Equality – will the plebiscite be a ‘binding vote’ on MPs?

The plebiscite on homosexual ‘marriage’ that has been proposed by the federal Coalition government is a huge ‘opinion poll’ to find out ‘what the people think ‘.

In October 2015, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull indicated that, if the people vote in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’ in the plebiscite then the parliament WILL pass legislation to legalise homosexual ‘marriage', saying, "When the Australian people make their decision, that decision will stick... It will be decisive. It will be respected by this government and by this parliament and this nation."

However, this week Senator Eric Abetz has stated that a plebiscite result in favour would NOT ‘bind his vote’ and will NOT force him to vote FOR homosexual ‘marriage’ in the parliament.

The Guardian reported that he said, “Every member of parliament will make up his or her mind after the plebiscite is held. People will take into account the views of the electorate, the views of the nation and their own personal views."

Senator Cory Bernardi said that he would vote AGAINST legalising homosexual ‘marriage’, even if a plebiscite was ‘in favour’. See a media report on the controversy here.

Congratulations to Sen Abetz, Sen Bernardi and other conservatives who refuse to be dictated to by political leaders or the masses.

Interestingly, Rodney Croome, leader of pro-homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality, used the statement by Sen Abetz to call for an immediate vote in parliament:

“With or without a plebiscite, this issue will be resolved by a free vote of all members of the parliament, so let’s just get on and have that vote. People are attracted to the idea of a plebiscite because at first glance it seems like a circuit breaker, but what Eric Abetz is saying shows it won’t be conclusive at all, and he’s right about that."

Meanwhile, it was reported that Attorney-General George Brandis is drafting the legislation for the plebiscite:

“The attorney general, George Brandis, is drafting legislation to define the question to be put to a plebiscite after the federal election, the exemptions that would apply to churches and other organisations, and whether voting would be compulsory. It will go to cabinet, and the Coalition party room, next month.”

Who is ‘helping him’ draft the plebiscite question?

Warren Entsch, a Liberal MP who is strongly in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’!


Eric Abetz Says Marriage Equality Plebiscite Would Not Bind His Vote, Huffington Post Australia, 27/1/2016.
Eric Abetz: Coalition MPs will not be bound by plebiscite on marriage equality, The Guardian, 27/1/2016.
'Bizarre and extraordinary': Coalition tensions flare over same-sex marriage, SMH, 27/1/2016.
Same-sex marriage threatens Coalition unity, SMH, 27/1/2016.

7. Endeavour Forum - Public Meeting for their 37th Birthday

Hope to see you at this meeting if you can make it – I’ll be chairing the meeting, which has TWO excellent speakers!

7.20 pm, Friday, 5th February 2016

The O'Hanlon Centre, Mitchell St., Mentone, Vic. 3194.

Mr. George Christensen (LNP, Qld) on "The Culture Wars"
Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins (DLP, Vic) on "The Infant Viability Bill".

Babette writes,
“All welcome, free attendance, donations gratefully accepted. . ."


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