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News Update - 23 October 2014

Australian news
1. 17 year old Australian ‘jihadi’ threatens Australia and Tony Abbott
2. Former Qantas worker claims airline discriminated against her religious beliefs
3. Another protest against a venue hosting a ‘hate conference’
4. Halal certification of ‘Anzac cookies’
5. REPORT: March for the Babies
6. Gough Whitlam dies at 98 – Fabianism and Family Law

Overseas News
1. Canada – attacks by Islamic converts on soldiers and at the parliament
2. On being relevant or Biblical? More on the statements by Hillsong and Brian Houston
3. USA: Idaho has homosexual ‘weddings’
4. UPDATE: The sermons of the Houston pastors
5. Another Houston pastor… Joel Osteen prayed at Annise Parker’s swearing-in!
6. Pakistan: Asia Bibi’s death sentence upheld by Lahore Supreme Court

Coming Events
-      National Prayer Breakfast – 27 Oct
-      Prayer for Victoria’s Elections – Sat 15 November


Australian news

1. 17 year old Australian ‘jihadi’ threatens Australia and Tony Abbott
Abdullah Elmir, a 17 year old from Sydney, is fighting with ISIL/IS in the Middle East – he recently gave a chillingly explicit and threatening message on video as part of IS propaganda, where he threatened Australia and Tony Abbott.

Political leaders soundly condemned the message – and some Muslim leaders criticised him (the ABC showed two female Muslim leaders), but the boy’s friends generally supported his right to say such things! One of his friends told the media, "His close friends are trying to get everyone to respect Abdullah's decision and not cuss him as he was just as normal as anyone else."

Meanwhile, terrorism expert Greg Barton talked of the ‘grooming’ of young people to participate in ISIL atrocities. What about Abdullah’s friends? Are they being ‘groomed’ also?

-    Islamic State: Australian 17yo Abdullah Elmir's friends defend his decision to join jihadists, ABC, 22/10/2014.
-    Teen jihadist Abdullah Elmir groomed like paedophile victim: terrorism expert, SMH, 22/10/2014.

2. Former Qantas worker claims airline discriminated against her religious beliefs
Georgina Sarikoudis, who worked for Qantas for 19 years before taking a redundancy package, is taking action against Qantas in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She claims that the airline discriminated against her and other Christians by insisting they remove Christian jewellery. Georgina says that she wore a cross and bracelet for all the time she worked there, but last year was told she couldn’t wear them anymore.

Apparently the Qantas dress code prohibits the wearing of bracelets and necklaces – though they can be worn ‘under a uniform’. Georgina points out that Muslims are allowed to wear headscarves, for ‘religious or cultural reasons’.
Article: Qantas worker accuses airline of banning crucifixes while allowing Muslim women to wear head scarfs, Daily Telegraph, 21/10/2014.

3. Another protest against a venue hosting a ‘hate conference’
In August we saw the power of social media in protesting against a venue that was going to host the Melbourne World Congress of Families event. Eventually the venue cancelled the booking when they received threats of ongoing protests against weddings!

This week homosexual activists launched a campaign against the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra – because they were hosting the annual conference for the Australian Christian Lobby, which they described as a ‘hate group’

It just goes to show the activists want FULL ACCEPTANCEACL has opposed homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoption, but had supported the changes to 84 Commonwealth laws giving rights to homosexual couples and they support ‘Relationship Registers’ for homosexuals!

4. Halal certification of ‘Anzac cookies’
We’ve regularly reported on the issue of Islamic halal certification of an increasing range of foods.

Byron Bay Cookies has succumbed to the pressure to gain ‘halal certification’ for their biscuits – this one gained even more public attention because it was their ‘Anzac’ biscuits that were halal certified! Much of the backlash came from social media, especially Facebook, with people saying it was “disrespectful” to the memory of the ‘Anzacs’…

In an article by Smart Company, the headline screamed that this was “racist abuse” but the two comments quoted stated… “What a disgrace. Halal certified Anzac biscuits?!! Seriously how disrespectful!!!” and “Shame on you. Don’t insult our boys by sending Halal certified Anzac biscuits overseas.”

The company said they had been the subject of a ‘well-orchestrated campaign’ for the past six months. The Facebook page Boycott Halal in Australia, has called for people to boycott Byron Bay Cookies. Other companies mentioned are Cadbury and Coopers beer.

Now Coopers beer is a real irony for ‘halal certification’ since Muslims aren’t supposed to drink alcohol!

Article: Byron Bay cookies cops racist abuse for “disrespectful” halal-certified Anzac biscuits, SmartCompany, 20/10/2014.

5. REPORT: March for the Babies
The police presence at March for the Babies this year (11 Oct) was extensive. The ‘March’ didn’t go into the city this year – instead it went from Treasury Gardens along Spring St to Parliament House. When the 5,000 or so marchers arrived, protestors were already at the parliament, but police ‘corralled them’, allowing the March for the Babies to walk past and assemble on the steps of parliament House.

Prior to the March the police wrote to all 200 people who had expressed concern to them about the attacks on the 2013 March, assuring them the police would provide extensive measures to protect the March for the Babies this year.
So writing those letters we ask you to DOES make a difference!

Watch the 5 minute video overview of the 2014 March for the babies on their website – click here.

Lord Christopher Monckton, from the UK, spoke at the rally – he outlined a plan to highlight the international torture laws of which Australia is a signatory. Since babies from 17 weeks gestation can feel pain, he insists that babies should be given an anaesthetic before being killed in an abortion in order to avoid torturing them (as well as killing them).
He wrote, “This unspeakable law permits abortion right up until birth. A couple of dozen disconsolate supporters of baby-butchering were kept at bay by an impressive police cordon. They shrieked obscenities and waved malicious slogans. One of these, crudely lettered on a large piece of white card, said this: “The only good baby is a dead baby.” There speaks the voice of pure evil….”
He then went on to detail the plan regarding ‘torture laws’, as put in his speech at the rally.
Click here to read Lord Monckton’s speech.

6. Gough Whitlam dies at 98 – Fabianism and Family Law
Former Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam died this week at the age of 98. Many words have been spoken – both commending and criticising him.

Mr Whitlam certainly did change Australian society and introduced social reforms – many of them we would not support. His government was also acknowledged to be poor financial managers.
Greg Sheridan of The Australian highlighted Mr Whitlam’s poor record on foreign affairs.
Article: Busting decades of myths on Gough Whitlam, The Australian, 22/10/2014.

Labor had been in opposition for many years prior to Gough’s ‘It’s Time’ election win in 1972. As a member of the Fabian Society (promoting socialism) [Now Australian Fabians], and later their President and Patron, Gough Whitlam had planned for years before being elected. The Fabian motto is ‘”When I Strike, I Strike Hard.” They often use an image of a tortoise with a paw lifted to strike. Another image of Fabianism is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ (read more here.) The current image for the Australian Fabians is much more understated!

In a 1984 speech, Bob Hawke referred to Gough Whitlam as their ‘Fabius Maximus’ – after the Roman general – because he had planned for a long time and then, once elected, ‘struck hard’ in implementing changes (see article). Others have also referred to him in this light – see here.

But it is the area of family law which has perhaps affected our society most.

During Gough Whitlam’s three-year reign as Prime Minister before ‘The Dismissal’ by Governor –General John Kerr, his government passed the Family Law Act (put forward by Attorney-General Lionel Murphy) which allowed for ‘no-fault’ divorce.

Ros Phillips, of FamilyVoice, issued a Media Release, which began by commending Gough on his long and faithful marriage to his wife Margaret. But she went on to contrast his personal relationship to the Family Law Act, noting the problems that have resulted from this law. Ros said that the Family Law Act has not only facilitated divorce, it has led to less marriage.
Media release: Gough Whitlam: a faithful husband and father, FamilyVoice Australia, 21/10/2014. 

Overseas News

1. Canada – attacks by Islamic converts on soldiers and at the parliament
A gunman has attacked Canada’s Parliament House this week in Ottawa – and a soldier was killed at a nearby war memorial. The gunman in the parliament was shot dead. The incidents have been linked to Islamic militants, perhaps in response to Canada cancelling passports of people suspected of going to fight with ISIL/IS. Extremists.

The attacks followed an attack in Quebec earlier in the week, when two soldiers were attacked, and one of them killed.

BOTH the gunmen, in Ottawa and Quebec were Canadian “converts to Islam”.

Article: Canada's parliament attacked, soldier fatally shot nearby, Reuters, 22/10/2014.

2. On being relevant or Biblical? More on the statements by Hillsong and Brian Houston
Michael Brown has written an insightful article about churches and church leaders wanting to be ‘relevant’… addressing the recent controversy about Brian Houston’s press conference in New York (see our detailed report here).
Article: On Gay Marriage and the Hillsong Movement: Did Jesus Call Us to be Relevant or Biblical?, Michael Brown, Christian Post, 20/10/2014.

James White, of Alpha and Omega Ministries, wrote on Facebook about ‘cultural relevance’:

“Brian Houston says, "he notes that the Western world is shifting its thinking on this issue, and churches are struggling to stay relevant." Relevant to whom? The Church has an audience of One before whom "relevance" is to be judged. Our aim is to be pleasing to Him (2 Cor. 5:9), not to the "Western world." In fact, a biblical worldview would lead brother Houston to recognize that the more pleasing we are to Christ, the more of a stench of death we will be in the nostrils of those who have been given over in judgment to their own lusts and rebellion. Relevant? Was Elijah relevant during the judgment of drought and famine? Was Jeremiah relevant as the armies of Nebuchadnezzar marched on Jerusalem? I guess it all depends on one's perspective as to what "relevance" is all about.
Read comment on Facebookclick here.

Statements by the Assemblies of God on homosexuality
I mentioned that the Assemblies of God (now Australian Christian Churches) had changed their position paper regarding homosexuality in March 2006, just a few months after homosexual activist Anthony Venn-Brown had met with the executive.
Since then I have found the original 1992 position and the March 2006 position papers both posted on a website by Rowland Croucher, who now fully supports homosexual ‘marriage’.
Both statements posted at

3. USA: Idaho has homosexual ‘weddings’
The state of Idaho has legalised homosexual ‘marriage’, from 15 October, following a federal court decision which had overturned a ban on homosexual ‘marriage’.
Two Christian ministers, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who run the ‘Hitching Post’ wedding chapel, which includes Christian services, have been told they may be required to perform ‘wedding ceremonies’ for homosexual couples since they are a ‘business’ – or face fines or jail time. They received a letter from their local town officials, at Coeur D'Alene, which has passed a non-discrimination ordinance.
The couple are being legally supported by Alliance Defending Freedom.

Article: City in Idaho may arrest two ministers for not performing gay weddings, Right Wing News, 19/10/2014.
Article: Idaho ministers face fines, jail time for refusing to perform same-sex ‘marriages, Lifesite News, 20/10/2014.

4. UPDATE: The sermons of the Houston pastors
Last week we reported that five pastors in Houston had been ordered to turn over their sermons and communication that mentioned homosexuality to the City of Houston – so the City could see if they were talking about politics (specifically the Equal Rights ordinance demanding shared bathrooms) or the mayor, Annise Parker, who is a lesbian ‘married’ to her female partner.

The pastors had run a ‘petition drive’ to collect signatures to have the issue placed on the ballot paper during the next election. The bid for a ballot was thrown out, with claims they didn’t have enough valid signatures – but the pastors sued, claiming that thousands of valid votes were rejected. The subpoenas were a bid to get information about what was being said in churches for the city to ‘defend’ the legal case.

Following a national outcry about the imposition on freedom of speech, Mayor Annise Parker partially backed down on her demand – changing it from ‘sermons’ to ‘speeches’!
The subpoena's new wording removes any mention of "sermons". The Mayor said "We don't want their sermons, we want the instructions on the petition process.”

However, she acknowledged that this COULD actually include ‘sermons’!

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the pastors. World Net Daily reports, “Christiana Holcom, ADF litigation counsel, dismissed the notion that the city had in any way backed off. “The shame that the city of Houston has brought upon itself is real, but the claim that it has changed course is not. The city has so far taken no concrete action to withdraw the subpoenas. Furthermore, the subpoenas themselves are the problem – not just their request for pastors’ sermons,” she said.”

Defend Christians reports that their letters to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott resulted in him writing “to the Houston city attorneys demanding that they stop bullying these pastors!” Now they are asking that the Mayor and City of Houston take note of the letter.
Read report at World Net Daily: 'Houston 5' pastor: Sermon fight 'hit nerve' for America, 21/10/2014.
One of those 'ah-ha moments' exposing 'path to tyranny'

Alliance Defending Freedom report:  Houston We Have A Problem…And A Constitution!, 15/10/2014.

Article: Mayor Parker revises, narrows sermon subpoena request, Chron News, 17/10/2014.

5. Another Houston pastor… Joel Osteen prayed at Annise Parker’s swearing-in!
Joel Osteen is a pastor in Houston – of the largest church in the USA.
At the 2010 swearing-in ceremony of lesbian Mayor Annise Parker, he provided the ‘Prayer’.

Now the End Begins provides a video of the prayer – and notes his comments on homosexuality. They report that he said on a TV interview ‘he grudgingly admits that the bible does indeed say that homosexuality is a sin’ – but says repeatedly that he doesn’t preach against it…”

Article: Houston’s Lesbian Mayor And Why Joel Osteen Won’t Preach Against Homosexuality (VIDEO), Now the End Begins, 17/10/2014.

6. Pakistan: Asia Bibi’s death sentence upheld by Lahore Supreme Court
Please PRAY for Asia Bibi...
Asia Bibi, a Christian mother in Pakistan, has been on ‘death row’ in Pakistan on charges of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam for years. Asia Bibi had appealed to the Lahore High Court – last week (16/10) the Lahore High Court upheld the death sentence against her. The appeal was initially scheduled for March 2014, but was delayed until October.

Asia Bibi has now appealed to Pakistan’s Supreme Court to have the death sentence overturned.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has called on the Supreme Court to ‘expedite the hearing’. CSW also called for “proper security for Bibi” – They said she who has "endured gruelling conditions in nearly four years of detention on death row, much of it spent in solitary confinement. Her health has suffered and she has had severe restrictions on visitors."

And what is the charge of ‘blasphemy’ based on?

Christian Post writes, “Bibi was sentenced in 2010 following an incident the previous year where she was harvesting berries with a group of Muslim women in Sheikhupura. The Muslim women accused her of drinking from the same water bowl as them, which was considered unclean as she is a Christian. Following an argument, the women went to a local cleric and told him that Bibi had blasphemed against Islam.”
Article: Pakistan's Supreme Court Urged to Expedite Asia Bibi Hearing After Her Death Sentence for Blasphemy Upheld, Christian Post, 19/10/2014.


Coming Events

National Prayer Breakfast
The National Prayer Breakfast will be held in Canberra next Monday, 27 October.
Please pray for our federal parliamentarians who are Christians, and for Christians from across Australia who will meet at Parliament House in Canberra for the Prayer Breakfast.

Prayer for Victoria’s Elections
It is important that we pray for our Government and the coming election.

The Victorian Parliamentary Prayer Network will be holding a public prayer meeting for the elections on Saturday afternoon, 15th November from 1 - 3.15pm.
It will be in Queens Hall, Parliament House, Spring St. East Melbourne.
There is easy access from Parliament Station.
An offering will be taken to cover costs.
Inquiries to Lynn,   Mob. 0407525335



News Update – 17 October – Homosexual convictions, porn in parliament, racism, censorship, discrimination…

News jigsaw Fotolia 59083953 320x200I started this News Update thinking there wasn’t much to report – but, as always, there is a lot going on, both here in Australia and overseas…

The Victorian parliament passed legislation to remove ‘convictions for homosexual sex’, a former adviser claims pornography was distributed in the Victorian parliament, kinders claim ‘Baa baa black sheep is ‘racist’, ‘Secularist Manifesto’ signed in the UK (by a homosexual activist’) and the City of Houston demands to see pastors’ sermons (as part of a legal case regarding homosexuality and city ordinances)….



News for 17 October 2014

Australian News

1. Vic: Parliament passes legislation to “expunge historical convictions relating to homosexual sex’

2. Claim: Pornography distributed inside Victorian parliament

3. ‘Baa black sheep’ accused of being ‘racist’ (and ‘purple penguins’)

4. Australia - decrease in asylum seeker deaths
5. Norfolk Island Homosexual Marriage Bill

Overseas News

1. UK: Secularist Manifesto calls for removal of religion and likens Christians to terrorists

2. USA: Now it’s ‘National Coming Out Day’

3. USA: Houston demands pastors SUBMIT THEIR SERMONS

4. Refusing to print homosexual ‘Pride’ T-Shirts – against the law!

Coming Events

International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church

Australian News

1. Vic: Parliament passes legislation to “expunge historical convictions relating to homosexual sex’
The Victorian Parliament has passed legislation that will enable people who have convictions for homosexual sexual activity prior to 1981, when homosexuality was decriminalised, to have them ‘expunged’ or removed from their criminal record.

Attorney-General Robert Clark said,

"It is generally accepted that consensual sexual acts between two adult men should never have been a crime, and the legislation passed today recognises this. Historical convictions have caused ongoing harm and hurt to those who were prosecuted and can limit their employment, travel and volunteering options. People should not be subjected to unjust discrimination on account of their sexuality, and this reform will help to put an end to the harm these convictions have caused."

Mr Clark’s statement continued:

“Mr Clark said people who were convicted of a range of offences designed to target homosexual behaviour such as buggery, gross indecency and public morality offences (such as loitering for homosexual purposes) will be able to apply to have these convictions expunged.

Under the scheme, a person with such a conviction will be able to make a confidential application to the Secretary of the Department of Justice. Applications will also be able to be made on behalf of a person who is deceased.

The Secretary will assess the application together with any relevant official records to determine whether the person was convicted because of the homosexual nature of the conduct and whether that conduct would be legal today.

When an application is approved, the Secretary will notify the courts, police and office of public prosecutions and the records of the conviction will be expunged.

"Once a conviction is expunged, the applicant will be treated as if the conviction had never occurred," Mr Clark said.

Attorney-General’s Media release: Historical homosexual convictions to be expunged, 16/10/2014.


2. Claim: Pornography distributed inside Victorian parliament
Former political adviser Don Coulson has claimed that he distributed pornography from inside the Premier’s office whilst he was working as an adviser to former Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu.

Coulson is suing the government for ‘wrongful dismissal’ – he was sacked shortly after Denis Napthine became the Premier. The Premier said he was sacked for an unrelated matter, but in ‘cleaning out the office’, pornography was found on USB memory sticks. It is said that the pornography was “inappropriate” but “not illegal”.

Coulson is now claiming the pornography was not for his own use, but was ‘exchanged’ amongst Members and staff so they did not have to download it on to government computers.

Mr Napthine has said that the story is “bizarre” and that during meetings with Mr Coulson and his advisers the ‘pornography story’ had not been mentioned.

Former Liberal adviser says pornography was distributed inside Victorian Parliament, The Age, 16/10/2014.

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine: MP porn claims bizarre and absurdThe Australian, 16/10/2014.


3. ‘Baa black sheep’ accused of being ‘racist’ (and ‘purple penguins’) 
First we had restrictions on ‘golliwogs’ because they were thought to be racist – Enid Blyton’s ‘Noddy’ books were ‘rewritten in the 1980s with the golliwogs being replaced by teddy bears…

Now, in the latest example of political correctness, some kindergartens have BANNED ‘Baa black sheep’ because of some perceived connection to ‘racism’! Well, at least the ‘black’ is being banned - the colours of the sheep might be changed “to reflect a multicultural community”. Fortunately one pre-school, Bubbles, said they were sticking with the original words.

Of course, the fact that some sheep ARE black seems to have totally escaped the politically correct brigade.

But some kindergarten teachers said there was also consideration being given to changing the line, “one for the little boy who lives down the lane” in case it could be deemed sexist!!

Article: Racial connotations over black sheep prompts changes to Baa Baa Black Sheep at Victorian kindersHerald Sun, 17/10/2014.

Meanwhile, on the subject of 'gender',  in the USA, one school district in Nebraska provided information to teachers about how to be more ‘gender inclusive’ – one suggestion was to call the children ‘purple penguins’ instead of ‘boys and girls’ or ‘guys’!
Some reports claimed that was a mandated instruction to teachers, but the schools have said it was just some information provided to teachers! Nevertheless, a lot of information was provided to teachers by the ‘gender equity office’ – read more details at this article…

Article: Purple Penguins and the Radical Gender Agenda, Front Page, 15/10/2014.


4. Australia - decrease in asylum seeker deaths 
The Inter­national Organisation for Migration has released a report highlighting the dramatic decrease in deaths of people trying to reach Australia by boat.

The Australian states, “The 212-page report — Fatal Journeys, Tracking Lives Lost during Migration — counts one asylum-seeker death in 2014– there was one death last year… The one recorded death compares with 212 fatalities in 2013 and 356 in 2012 during the flood of asylum-seeker boats under Labor…”

In contrast there were “up to 3072 migrants are believed to have died in the Mediterranean — accounting for about 75 per cent of all migration-­related deaths — and “making it the deadliest sea in the world for migrants’’. This compared with an estimated 700 deaths in 2013...”. 
Article: Dramatic decrease in asylum-seeker deaths, The Australian, 14/10/2014.

Click here for IOM Press release and the REPORT.

5. Norfolk Island Homosexual Marriage Bill
Please continue to pray about the debate on this private member’s Bill.
If you would still like to write, please contact the Administrator Mr Gary Hardgrave, asking that he not give his ‘assent’ to the Bill.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


Overseas News

1. UK: Secularist Manifesto calls for removal of religion and likens Christians to terrorists

Christian Institute reports,

“A manifesto calling for the establishment of an “international front against the religious-Right and for secularism” has been signed by homosexual-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the National Secular Society’s president Terry Sanderson and prominent atheist A C Grayling. The Christian Institute has criticised the signatories for equating Christians with groups such as the Islamic State and Boko Haram….”

Of course, these people ALSO have a WORLDVIEW that is equally forthright – if someone called for ‘secular’ ideals’ to be removed from public life they would be outraged!

Listing Christian groups alongside Boko Haram and Islamic State as ‘terrorist’ groups is totally offensive.

Homosexual activist Peter Tatchell commented:

“The launch of the Manifesto for Secularism is a challenge to the global rise of the Religious Right and its menacing values. Even when religion has little or no formal political power, such as in the UK and US, the Religious Right has often sabotaged women’s reproductive rights and equality for LGBT people.”

Interestingly the Manifesto is not available online at the original link on Peter Tatchell’s website.

Read the Christian Institute’s report…

Christians likened to terrorist groups in secularist manifesto, Christian Institute, 15/10/2014.

2. USA: Now it’s ‘National Coming Out Day’

The US lobby group, the National LGBTQ Task Force, is always celebrating SOMETHING! 
Last week the National LGBTQ Task Force celebrated ‘Bisexual Awareness Week’, saying bisexuals are “misunderstood”. That, of course, is mostly because they embrace BOTH homosexual AND heterosexual relationships!

This week, they are celebrating the “26th Annual National Coming Out Day” with the tagline “Be You!”

Interestingly, they state, “We know that coming out, sharing our personal stories, has significantly contributed to the rise in support for the LGBTQ community. In fact, today 75% of Americans say they have a family member, friend, or co-worker that is LGBTQ—compared to only 24% in 1985.”

Which just goes to prove how MUCH acceptance they have gained in recent years – yet they still claim ‘prejudice’ and ‘discrimination’!

3. USA: Houston demands pastors SUBMIT THEIR SERMONS

Yes, the city of Houston is demanding that pastors submit their sermons for inspection by local government authorities. Any sermons dealing with dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker (the mayor) are being asked for!

Why has that happened?
The city has a new ‘discrimination ordinance’ - they passed the ‘Equal Rights Ordinance’ in May 2014. Among other things, it allowed men to use women’s restrooms.

World Net Daily reports, “A lawsuit challenging Houston’s move alleges the city violated its own charter in its adoption of the Equal Rights Ordinance, which in May designated homosexuals and transgender persons as a protected class.” The lawsuit was filed against the city and the Mayor by a coalition of people, including some local pastors.

WND reports that the city wants to see the sermons as part of their defence of the lawsuit against the city: “The recent move came in a subpoena from the city to pastors for copies of their sermons and other communications in the city’s legal defense of a “non-discrimination” measure that allows “gender-confused” people to use public restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

The mayor, Annise Parker, is a lesbian who “married" her female partner in California earlier this year. She has acknowledged that the ordinance “is all about me”.

The Alliance Defence Fund is defending the pastors and opposing the subpoena that demands the sermons to be submitted!

Article: Houston demands oversight of sermons, World Net Daily, 14/10/2014.

Bill Muehlenberg comments:  Revealed: Big brother is a homosexual activist

4. Refusing to print homosexual ‘Pride’ T-Shirts – against the law!

A Christian who refused to print T-shirts for the Lexington homosexual Pride Festival has been found to have acted unlawfully…

Christian Institute reports:
“The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) asked Hands On Originals, a Christian-run business, to print t-shirts for its Pride Festival in 2012. Blaine Adamson of Hands On Originals, which is based in the Lexington-Fayette area of Kentucky, declined the order because he did not want to promote the message of the event.

But last week an administrative law judge Greg Munson concluded that the Christian printer had acted unlawfully by refusing the order. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission will now decide whether to adopt or modify Munson’s recommended ruling….”

But would a homosexual owned printing company want to print T-Shirts saying ‘Homosexuality is a sin’ or something similar?
Perhaps more importantly, would they be FORCED to by the law?

Article: US Christian’s refusal to print gay pride t-shirts ‘unlawful, Christian Institute, 16/10/2014.


Coming Events

International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church
IDOP 2014: Sunday 2 or 9 Nov.  
For full information and prayer points, see: Critical Prayer Requests (CPR) 


News Update - 10 Oct 2014 - Child marriage, Child abuse, Drugs, Transsexuality...

News with hand-SXC-1109654 23086232 320x200News from the past fortnight - on child marriage, homosexual 'marriage', drugs, child abuse, transsexuality and more. . .

Don't forget two upcoming events
- the March for the Babies in Melbourne on Sat 11 October at 1 pm and our Annual Dinner next Saturday 18 October.


News Update - 10 Oct 2014

Australian News

1. Child brides – “assault on values” says Scott Morrison
2. Marriage Update
    2.1 Norfolk Island - Bill
    2.2 Glen Eira Council passes motion on same-sex ‘marriage’
3. Royal Commission on Child Abuse: Case Study – responses by Australian Christian Churches
4. Islam: Money possibly sent from Sydney to the Middle East for fighting
5. Transsexual prostitute killed by husband
6. Legalising marijuana – Insight discussion and POLL
7. Victoria: Young people addicted to ICE
8. Victorian election – campaign on in earnest

Overseas News
1. USA: Supreme Court WON’T HEAR marriage cases
2. USA: 'National Bisexual Awareness Week'
3. UK: Couple called racist for singing ‘Peppa Pig’
4. Transsexuality – Manning sues US Defence Dept
5. USA: Southern Baptists expel church that supports homosexual ‘marriage’


News Update - 10 Oct 2014

Australian News

1. Child brides – “assault on values” says Scott Morrison
A 14 year old girl was detained at Sydney Airport recently - it is alleged that she was leaving for an ‘arranged marriage’ in Lebanon. The girl and her uncle were prevented from leaving Australia.Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the practice was “an assault on Australian values” and that "Where children are involved (arranged marriage) is an abomination."

The article below doesn’t mention the word ‘Muslim’, but there have been a number of Australian cases where underage girls have gone overseas to marry, and others where they have been forced to marry here in Australia. Recently, 'Islamic State' make a public call for young women to travel to the Middle East to be ‘brides’ for 'Islamic State' fighters.

Scott Morrison’s interview on 2GB (29/9/2014) – click here.

Article: Child brides 'assault on values': Morrison, AAP, 28/9/2014. 


2. Marriage Update
2.1 Norfolk Island - Bill on same-sex 'marraige'
On Wednesday we mentioned that the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly will be debating a private member’s Bill on same-sex ‘marriage' next week.
We asked you to write to Attorney General George Brandis and Prime Minister Tony Abbott to ask them to ensure that this Bill is overturned if the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly passes the Bill.

ACTION: If you haven’t written to them yet, please write to them TODAY!

Attorney-General George Brandis - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott - contact form:

2.2 Glen Eira Council passes motion on same-sex ‘marriage’
The Glen Eira Council in Melbourne has voted to publicly support same-sex ‘marriage’.
Of course, this has no effect on legislation – it is largely symbolic but it seeks to further undermine the Marriage Act. Other councils, such as Geelong, have already passed similar motions. Watch out to see if YOUR Council is planning simialr moves!

Article: Council backs same-sex marriage, 3AW, 25/9/2014.


3. Royal Commission on Child Abuse: Case Study – responses by Australian Christian Churches
This week the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse is investigating the responses by the Australian Christian Churches (formerly Assemblies of God) and some associated churches.

In particular, they are investigating:
1. The response of the Sydney Christian Life Centre and Hills Christian Life Centre (now Hillsong Church) and Assemblies of God in Australia (now Australian Christian Churches) to allegations of child sexual abuse made against William Francis “Frank” Houston.
2. The response of the Northside Christian College and the Northside Christian Centre (now Encompass Church) in Bundoora, Victoria and Assemblies of God in Australia (now Australian Christian Churches) to allegations of child sexual abuse made against former teacher Kenneth Sandilands.
3. The response of Australian Christian Churches to allegations of child sexual abuse made against Jonathan Baldwin.
4. The systems, policies, practices and procedures for the reporting of and responding to allegations of child sexual abuse of:

Click here for the Case Study 18 webpage, with full details and live streaming of the public hearing.

On Thursday, 9 October, Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong, was questioned about his handling of the child sex abuse allegations against his father – at the time, in 1999, Brian Houston was the President of the AOG - counsel at the Royal Commission questioned him about a possible ‘conflict of interest’ because of his personal relationship with Frank Houston. Brian Houston told the Commission that he was shocked by the revelation but didn’t report it to the police because, at the time the allegations were revealed, the man was about 35 and the abuse had happened in 1969 -1970.

ABC PM program - audio and transcript of the questions and responses at the Royal Commission – click here.

4. Islam: Money possibly sent from Sydney to the Middle East for fighting
A Sydney money transfer business that is owned by “the sister and brother-in-law of Sydney terrorist Khaled Sharrouf will be permanently shut down after it failed to convince authorities that millions of dollars sent to the Middle East concerns were not being used to fund terrorism.”

Article: Fears firm sent $21m to terrorists, SMH, 30/9/2014.


5. Transsexual prostitute killed by husband
This might seem like a rather grisly story – a man who killed and cooked his wife, who then took his own life.

But behind it is another story, showing the results of lives lived outside of God’s plan.
The murdered wife was a pre-operative transsexual, advertising as a ‘shemale’ for sex to help support family in Indonesia…. And there have been further revelations that the man, Marcus Volke, had also worked in a brothel as a prostitute. A former friend of Marcus Volke said he had mental health problems and was involved in playing the online computer game, ‘World of Warcraft’.

- Killed and cooked trans woman was high-class sex worker, Herald Sun, 7/10/2014.
- Killer chef Marcus Volke worked as sex worker before murdering wife at Teneriffe, Courier Mail, 8/10/2014.
- Teneriffe murder-suicide: Former friend describes Marcus Volke as paranoid, in poor mental health, ABC, 9/10/2014.

6. Legalising marijuana – Insight discussion and POLL
The SBS Insight program this week discussed the legalisation of marijuana.
Click here for the PROGRAM episode website.

Of course, there is a confused mix as to whether this is about the legalisation of ALL marijuana (as in the POLL below) or ‘medicinal marijuana’ as in the program title, “Is medicinal marijuana doing good or harm?”

Even regarding the use of ‘medicalised cannabis’, some groups are calling for ALL marijuana to be legalised for medical purposes whilst others are talking about only pharmaceutical substances that are approved by the TGA.
More on the campaign around ‘legalising marijuana’ next week and the positions of the political parties in Victoria.

The vote poll at this stage has 87% saying it should be legalised.
Click here to VOTE NO!


7. Victoria: Young people addicted to ICE
A Victorian Regional Court Judge, Magistrate Stella Stuthridge, has spoken about the huge increase in the use of the drug ICE by young people – and also children as young as 11 on ICE….

Compelling listening…

SBS Video and article: Kids as young as 11 addicts in towns gripped by drug ice, 25/9/2014.

Listen to the interview on ABC 774click here.


8. Victorian election – campaign on in earnest
In Victoria, the major parties are campaigning for votes, with funding announcements being made daily in the lead up to the November 29 election.

We’ve previously reported that Australian Christians, Democratic Labor Party and Rise Up Australia Party have signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to exchange preferences to increase the prospects of pro-family, pro-life candidates being elected.

Last week, one media report noted that pamphlets highlighting the ‘pro-abortion’ views of some candidates are already being letter-boxed. Labor MP Danielle Green, who was the target of such pamphlets, complained that the pamphlets weren’t properly ‘authorised’.

Danielle Green is a member of Emily's List (click here) and also voted for the Abortion Law Reform Act and AGAINST any of the amendments (see Life Vote for voting record).

Article: Anti-abortionists target state's most marginal seat, The Age, 29/9/2014.

Overseas News

1. USA: Supreme Court WON’T HEAR marriage cases
The US Supreme Court has decided that it will DECLINE to hear appeals in cases dealing with same-sex ‘marriage’!
This will effectively allow lower courts to make the decisions. The court has refused to hear appeals relating to five states, where lower courts had overturned referendums which supported marriage between a man and a woman. Six other states are also waiting for appeals to be heard, and are also likely to be affected.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, was highly critical of the decision.

Article: U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear marriage cases, allows judges to redefine marriage in up to 11 states, Lifesite, 6/10/2014.

Read Media Release, National Organisation for Marriage, 6/8/2014.


2. USA: 'National Bisexual Awareness Week'
Yes, I’m not kidding. The main homosexual rights group in the USA, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, recently held their first ‘National Bisexual Awareness Week’.

Their aim: “Educating the public about people who identify as bisexual.”

They obviously think the public understand homosexuals fairly well – now they state, “Bisexual people are some of the most misunderstood members of our LGBTQ community.”

Read their Press Releaseclick here.

3. UK: Couple called racist for singing ‘Peppa Pig’
A couple who were singing the ‘Peppa Pig’ song to their 15 month old autistic daughter on a bus were accused by a Muslim passenger of being ‘racist’ because she thought the ‘pig noises’ were defamatory to Islam – the couple say they were then ordered to get off the bus!

Article: Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler 'forced off bus after complaints they were being racist' because it goes against Muslim pork ban, Daily Mail, 26/9/2014.

4. Transsexuality – Manning sues US Defence Dept
Army private Bradley Manning is currently serving a 35 year sentence for leaking security information.

Bradley Manning, who now says he is a woman called Chelsea, is suing the US Defence department because they aren’t providing enough ‘treatment’ for his gender identity disorder…

Article: Manning sues over gender treatment in US, AAP, 24/9/2014.


5. USA: Southern Baptists expel church that supports homosexual ‘marriage’
World Magazine reports, “The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday voted to remove a Los Angeles-area church from its membership after its pastor, Danny Cortez, announced support for same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships. The national organization’s action came 10 days after the California Southern Baptist Convention voted to remove New Heart Community Church from its fellowship . . .”

Article: Southern Baptists expel church that defied marriage doctrine, World Magazine, 24/9/2014.


News Update - 26 Sept - homosexual 'marriage', jihad in Australia, mosques, 'climate disruption' summit

Newspaper-dog shutterstock-SmAnother busy week - with an update on homosexual 'marriage' and various reports relating to the Islamic terrorism threat in Australia...



News Update - 26 Sept 

Australian News

1. Update: homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia
    1.1 Senate Committee opposes recognition of foreign same-sex ‘marriages’
    1.2 Liberal Craig Laundy changes view on conscience vote
    1.3 Julia Gillard says homosexual ‘marriage’ will be legalised in Australia

2. SRI & ACCESS Ministries – Uniting Church resolution expresses ‘concerns’

3. Islam and jihad in Australia
    3.1 Islamic State leaders call for followers to ‘kill infidels’
    3.2 Muslims near Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor in Sydney questioned by police
    3.3 Muslim teen attacks police and is shot at Endeavour Hills
    3.4 Goulburn jail – convicted terrorists using ‘secret code’ to communicate
    3.5 Goulburn Jail riot – shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’
    3.6 Sydney teen charged over ‘IS death threat’ at school and church
    3.7 Religious leaders – statement calling for calm
    3.8 Article by Paul Sheehan on terrorism

4. Queensland: church properties now used for MOSQUES

Overseas News 
1. UN Climate Change Summit - Global warming, then climate change – now “climate disruption”
2. Arab Bank and connection to Hamas – US court decision

Coming Events
- Salt Shakers Dinner – Sat 18 October – BOOK NOW!
- Kameel Majdali’s lecture: The Big 'I'

Australian News

1. Update: homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia

1.1 Senate Committee opposes recognition of foreign same-sex ‘marriages’
Good news! The Senate Committee that conducted an Inquiry into the Greens’ ‘Recognition of foreign same-sex marriages Bill’ has opposed the Bill.
The Committee only made one recommendation: “The committee recommends that the Bill not be passed.”

The Greens and one Labor Senator, who support the Bill, made ‘Dissenting reports’.

Committee page on the Bill – click here.

REPORT on the Billclick here.

1.2 Liberal Craig Laundy changes view on conscience vote
Liberal MP Craig Laundy recently stated that he no longer supports a ‘conscience’ vote on homosexual ‘marriage’ for Coalition MPs – partly because he realises MPs would be the subject of ‘vigorous lobbying’ from both sides!
Craig personally opposes homosexual ‘marriage’ because of his religious beliefs.
Article: Same-sex marriage: Liberal MP Craig Laundy changes stance on free vote, SMH, 21/9/2014.

1.3 Julia Gillard says homosexual ‘marriage’ will be legalised in Australia
In an interview on Channel 9 this week, titled Julia Gillard: The Whole Truth former Prime Minister Julia Gillard told Ray Martin, “I accept the course of human history now is that we are going to see same-sex marriage here and in, you know, most parts of the developed world."  As you know, during her time as PM she refused to support homosexual ‘marriage’.

Why did she oppose it? Because her feminist beliefs led her to support relationships outside of ‘traditional marriage’. This comment is revealing: “I've got what may be in the modern age a kind of old-fashioned, feminist view about, can we take the traditional institution of marriage and stretch it? Or do you create some other way of solemnising relationships and recognising them as of worth and status? When I was a young feminist I would've said overwhelmingly the gay community was on that track too, but things have changed.”

Of course, the homosexual groups now support ‘marriage’ because it would ‘normalise their relationships’ and because it would change the actual meaning of marriage and destroy the church’s influence and involvement in marriage itself.

The interview this week came just before her memoir ‘My Story’, was released – which Kevin Rudd, not surprisingly, has already dismissed as inaccurate

Article: Julia Gillard on gay marriage: Former PM says only a matter of time before same-sex unions legal in Australia, ABC, 23/9/2014.

Article: Julia Gillard's memoirs a 'fiction', says Kevin Rudd, Nine, 24/9/2014.
Range of media reports on the interview and memoirclick here


2. SRI & ACCESS Ministries – Uniting Church resolution expresses ‘concerns’
The Uniting Church in Victoria passed a resolution on religious instruction in schools at their synod this week. It expressed concern about some elements of the operation of ACCESS (which runs Christian SRI in Victorian schools) including consultation, governance, the training of instructors and payment of a ‘compulsory’ fee by volunteers - and gave them until July 2015 to respond to their concerns. The resolution follows ‘a three-year investigation by a Uniting Church task group’.

In recent times ACCESS has improved training, and the payment of a fee is currently under discussion as some volunteers are concerned about this new requirement.

ACCESS says they are working with the Uniting Church and all member denominations. This is an internal matter between ACCESS and the Uniting Church – but the media highlighted it after the Uniting Church issued a Media Release with their ‘five requests’! The media report focused on what they saw as the most controversial aspects – the training of volunteers and payment of the fee.

Article:   Uniting Church threatens withdrawal from Access Ministries' religious instruction program, Age, 24/9/2014.

3. Islam and jihad in Australia
In the past week there has been an escalation of threats of ‘jihad’ and violence relating to ISIL/Islamic State. In response, Mr Abbott has introduced even more changes to the anti-terrorism laws relating to detention of suspects. Jason Wood, an MP and former member of Victoria Police’s anti-terrorism squad, says the laws need to be even stronger, with increased questioning powers.

Some of the incidents relating to Islam from the past week:

3.1 Islamic State leaders call for followers to ‘kill infidels’
This week, a leader of Islamic State made a PUBLIC call for followers to take action and kill non-Muslims at random in countries that are taking action against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – and that includes Australia. The statement said, “If you can kill an American or European infidel – especially the spiteful and cursed French – or an Australian or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the infidel fighters ... then rely upon God and kill them in any way possible. Do not consult with anyone and do not seek anyone's advice. Whether they are civilian or military, the same ruling applies.”
The public, all-encompassing instruction may be a way of them avoiding being ‘tracked’ when phones are used to receive messages, as was the case in the raids last week!
Article: Islamic State: Militant group calls on supporters to kill Australians 'in any possible way', ABC, 23/9/2014.

3.2 Muslims near Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor in Sydney questioned by police

Five Muslims, whose cars were parked 100 metres from the entrance to Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney, were questioned by police – and then released.
Lucas Heights was the target of the foiled Pendennis terror plot involving Australian-born terrorist Mohamed Elomar (now fighting with ISIL) – so it’s not surprising the police responded quickly!
Article: Australia: Five Muslims released after police called to area near nuclear reactor, Jihad Watch, 22/9/2014.

3.3 Muslim teenager attacks police and is shot at Endeavour Hills
A Muslim teenager, whose passport had been cancelled by ASIO to prevent him leaving Australia to fight with ISIL, attacked and stabbed two police outside the Endeavour Hills police station this week – the police then shot and killed the teenager.
One report said he was a “known terrorist suspect and past member of radical Islamic group Al Furqan.” Some reports said he had tracked Mr Abbott's movements.
Almost immediately Muslim leaders called for a ‘full investigation’ into the Muslim man’s death. TheICV Media ReleaseICV Media Release said the government needed to “deal with” the root causes of “alienation and disaffection” – but didn’t mention terrorism or Islamic State.

Sheik Omran, from another ‘radical group’, visited the family home and radical preacher Junaid Thorne claimed the teenager was “innocent: “we see that he was killed - he was innocent and he was killed unjustly, so we want justice brought to him.”

Article: Muslim leaders call for full investigation into Melbourne teen terror suspect shooting, Herald Sun, 24/9/2014.
7.30 Report: Melbourne shooting - picture emerges of a journey into radicalism, 25/9/2014.

3.4 Goulburn jail – convicted terrorists using ‘secret code’ to communicate
Senior corrections officials have told the Daily Telegraph that they are concerned that convicted terrorists in high security section of Goulburn Jail are communicating freely with the outside world – through visits, mail and phone calls. Prison sources told the paper that the prisoners communicate via a prepared code. Khaled Sharrouf, now fighting with ISIL, claimed on Twitter to have received religious instruction from one inmate via the jail phone!
Article: Cell block terror: Jailed terrorists continue jihadi activities from inside Goulburn Supermax, Daily Telegraph, 21/9/2014. 

3.5 Goulburn Jail riot – shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’
When some aboriginal prisoners were denied a BBQ, they protested – and were supported by Muslim prisoners shouting Allahu Akbar! Seven prisoners were segregated and some had minor injuries in the ensuing riot.

We have frequently reported that some aboriginal people in prison are becoming Muslims, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the Muslims ‘supporting’ aboriginal prisoners.
Article: Goulburn Jail: Allah is the cry in the worst riot for ten years, Daily Telegraph, 22/9/2014,

3.6 Sydney teen charged over ‘IS death threat’ at school and church
Last week we reported about threats to kill Christians that were made outside a school in Sydney – a 14 year old boy has been arrested and charged over the incident.
Article: Sydney teen charged over ‘IS death threat’ at school and church,, 24/9/2014.

3.7 Religious leaders – statement calling for calm
In the wake of the ISIL call to kill people, several religious leaders in Australia issued a statement and held a media conference, calling for calm.
“The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, joined senior leaders from the Greek Christian, Maronite and Catholic Churches” to “call for calm” and to reject the fatwas from ISIL/Islamic State calling for Australians to be killed.
Article: Religious leaders called for restraint in the face of escalated terrorism fears within Australia, ABC, 24/9/2014.

3.8 Article by Paul Sheehan on terrorism
Article: It only takes one drop to swell the tide of terrorism

An insightful article on the current threat by Paul Sheehan. He points out that only a small number of Muslims may be involved in ‘terrorism’ – he notes that it only takes 1% of the population committed to an ideology to take over – in previous times that was Communists or Maoists, but now it is "Islamists”.

Paul writes, “The Muslim world has about 1.5 billion adherents. If just one hundredth of one per cent interpret the Koran as a command to perform unforgiving jihad, then 150,000 people will engage in violent war. That is what we are seeing. One per cent of one per cent. It is a statistic we must not forget….”

4. Queensland: church properties now used for MOSQUES
Maroochydore – the ‘Muslim Organisation of the Sunshine Coast’ is planning to build a mosque and Islamic Centre on land formerly owned by the Uniting Church – the land, in Church Street, is next to the Catholic Church and just up the street from the Anglican Church. [Article]

Since then, a ‘Stop the Mosque in Maroochydore’ Facebook page has been set up, and is planning a peaceful protest at the site – a spokeswoman said, “There is currently no approval for use of the site as a 'place of worship' and this would need to be obtained”. [Article]

Toowoomba – in January 2014, the Islamic Society of Toowoomba opened a mosque in a property that had previously been the home of Westside Christian Church. In his speech, founding President of the Islamic Society, Dr Shahjahan Khan, said “… the worshippers will worship the same Almighty God, the Lord of all prophets …” [Article]

Really? We don't think so!

He then went on to state that this mosque will actually be a place to worship ALLAH and knowing about ISLAM!This will serve as a source of Divine inspiration, spiritual guidance, and revealed knowledge for the benefit of humanity.  It will remain open to everyone interested in worshipping Allah or knowing about Islam and Muslims, followers of the second largest religion on earth.”

Another story then emerged – Westside Christian Church had been renting the property for 14 years – and was critical that their landlord, Lifeworks Uniting Church, gave them very short notice to leave when they decided to SELL the property. [Article]

Meanwhile, this week a controversial mosque proposed for the Gold Coast was REJECTED by the local Council. Opponents of the mosque were present at the Council meeting. [Article]

Overseas News

1. UN Climate Change Summit - Global warming, then climate change – now “climate disruption”
The United Nations held a summit on ‘climate’ in New York this week. UN and world leaders have said it is the ‘biggest ever threat to humanity’. The ABC's report is typical - saying that UN leader Ban Ki-Moon said this is the greatest challenge we have faced - "The human environmental and financial cost of climate change is fast becoming unbearable."

Barack Obama echoed those sentiments... Hollywood actors urged everyone to ACT!

Tony Abbott didn't attend - he sent Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who outlined Australia's 'direct action plan' to deal with 'climate change'. The leaders of Russia, China, India and Canada didn't attend either!

Another meeting to 'plan action' is scheduled for next year...

But the terminology has changed – some leaders said it should not be called ‘global warming’ or even the revised term ‘climate change’ – but is should now be called ‘climate disruption’!

Read Townhall's news item:  The UN Has Renamed Global Warming/Climate Change Again

Perhaps the word ‘disruption’ comes from the new documentary on climate called 'Disruption'!

Read the OFFICIAL UN page on the Climate Summit – click here.

Article: Climate summit: Humanity has never faced a greater challenge, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon says, ABC, 24/9/2014

2. Arab Bank and connection to Hamas – US court decision

In a historic decision, Arab Bank PLC has been found to have knowingly passed funds to Hamas that were used for terrorist activities. The decision was made by a jury in the US federal court. The Arab Bank, which has its HQ in Jordan but has branches around the world, says it will appeal against the decision.
Arab Bank also operates in Australia – Arab Bank Australia is "a wholly owned subsidiary of Arab Bank plc, the first private sector financial institution in the Arab world, with over 80 years of experience." (source Bank website)
Article: Arab Bank found liable over Hamas attacks, US jury says, Jerusalem Post, 22/9/2014.

Article: Arab Bank Found Liable for Providing Assistance to Hamas, Wall St Journal, 22/9/2014.

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Kameel Majdali’s lecture: The Big 'I'

Dr Kameel Majdali teaches around the world through his ministry 'Teach All Nations' - he also holds meetings in Melbourne that address world affairs, in particular what is happening in the Middle East. Kameel is the former Principal of Harvest Bible College in Melbourne, and ran the 'Trends' conferences.

Kameel's next lecture is titled 'The Big 'I' - where Islam stands for Iraq, Iran, Islamic State and Israel. He's subtitled it, "What's next for the Middle East and the World".

Date: Monday 6 October at 7.30 pm

Venue: Christian Life Assembly, 374-378 Blackburn Rd, Glen Waverley (Mel 70 J3)
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News Update 19 Sept - Marriage Week; Jihad threats in Australia; AFL supports ssm; Child care; Persecuted Christians

News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200This week is 'Marriage Week' so it is an opportunity to focus on what is good!
However, there is a lot happening around us that is 'not so good'! With the raids and arrests relating to terror threats in Australia, that is a major focus in this report...



News Update - 19 September

Australian News

1. Marriage Week in Australia: 14-20 September
2. Jihad In Australia – IS/ISIL terrorism
3. Charities and the funding of IS terror and jihad
4. PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie says ‘sharia supporters should leave’
5. AFL officially supports same-sex ‘marriage’
6. Expert warns of problems with ‘long day care’
7. Fred Nile moves his ‘face covering Bill” in NSW

Overseas News

1. Miss America worked at Planned Parenthood . . .
2. On persecuted Christians – please pray and act


News Update - 19 September

Australian News

1. Marriage Week in Australia: 14-20 September
Starting with the good news! This week is ‘Marriage Week’ in Australia and it’s a special opportunity to focus on the importance of marriage.

See the National Marriage Week website for ideas to strengthen marriage and to promote the value of marriage based on the Bible, with God’s design laid out for us in Genesis. Some events are being held across Australia – a variety of resources are available for you to read and download. Spread the word and celebrate marriage!

2. Jihad In Australia – IS/ISIL terrorism
Yesterday (Thursday) police conducted raids on more than a dozen properties in Sydney and Brisbane – the raids were conducted after specific information was obtained regarding IS/ISIL leaders exhorting their followers in Australia to carry out ‘public beheadings’ in Australia.
Mr Abbott said, “The exhortations, quite direct exhortations, were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country. So this is not just suspicion, this is intent and that’s why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have.”

Today, it was revealed that terrorists were suspected of planning an attack on Parliament House and our leaders. Security at Parliament House has been immediately upgraded, with the Australian Federal Police taking control of security and armed officers protecting the Prime Minister’s office and Ministerial wing.

Earlier this week, a Christian school in Sydney received deaths – they came from men who were in car and displaying an Islamic flag.

Andrew Bolt provides a good overview of who is involved in the ‘terror cell’ and how events have unfolded – read Jihadists in our suburbs
He also notes with concern that Waleed Aly, who he describes as "in my opinion, our most prominent apologist for Muslim extremism”, rejects any claim that ISIL is committing ‘genocide’ – Andrew also points out that Waleed Aly, in his article on yesterday’s raids, doesn’t mention the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ (Aly’s article here).
Yet Waleed Aly is a favourite on ABC radio and a lecturer in politics and ‘global terrorism’ at Monash University!

Media reports:
- Police swoop on Sydney, Brisbane homes in terror raids, The Australian, 18/9/2014.
- Terror raids: Red alert over the plot to attack our nation’s leaders, Daily Telegraph, 19/9/2014.
- Sydney Christian school targeted by death threats from car with flag 'similar to Islamic State's', SMH, 18/9/2014.
- Click here for a range of responses from political and community leaders.

Bill Muehlenberg writes about these events… Jihad in Australia

3. Charities and the funding of IS terror and jihad
New reports of Islamic organisations being used to raise funds that are then siphoned off to support terrorist activities…
The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) raised the concerns in their just-released 2014 ‘Australian Terrorism Financing’ report.

The report says, “Some Australian based charities and NPOs (non-profit organisations) have been exploited by terrorist groups to raise money. The risks associated with the misuse of charities and NPOs are high as these organisations offer the capacity for groups to raise relatively large amounts of money over time. Domestic charities and NPOs are at risk of being misused by overseas terrorist groups which have a supporter base among communities in Australia.’’

Article: Charity ruse is funding terror of Islamic State, Daily Telegraph, 16/9/2014.

AUSTRAC terror finance report - on their website

Actual report at

4. PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie says ‘sharia supporters should leave’
Jacqui Lambie, the outspoken Tasmanian Senator for the Palmer United Party, made the headlines again this week with a call for those who support sharia law in Australia to leave the country. She said, “Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote, should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here. Anybody supporting or calling for sharia law in Australia can get out. Simple as that.”

Article: Lambie: Sharia law supporters 'get out',, 15/9/2014.

5. AFL officially supports same-sex ‘marriage’
Since when was football about homosexuality and the political battle over marriage?
Not only do we have ‘anti-homophobia’ campaigns by the AFL (as a result of action by homosexual activist)… Now the AFL has announced that they SUPPORT homosexual ‘marriage’!

Apparently the AFL stated their decision to endorse homosexual ‘marriage’ in their response to a letter from Geelong woman Sharyn Faulkner, whose son is homosexual. A former local mayor, she is actively campaigning for the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage’.
Of course, the pro-homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality then made the response PUBLIC in a Media Release!

But what if a woman writes that her son is in a polygamous relationship and wants to ‘marry’ them all? Would the AFL endorse polygamy in order to ‘not discriminate’?

ACTION – Write to AFL’s Chief Executive, Mr Gillon McLachlan, and express your concern at their endorsement of homosexual ‘marriage’. You could encourage them to stick to FOOTBALL! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Article: AFL supports same-sex marriage, SMH, 1/9/2014.

6. Expert warns of problems with ‘long day care’
Dr Sue Packer, ‘a respected pediatrician and vice-president of the leading advocacy body for prevention of child abuse and neglect (NAPCAN) says leaving babies in long-day care can be a form of child abuse’ when the child finds it “traumatic”.

Dr Packer said, “There is a looming risk for children brought up in an untested environment (long-day care). They are a social experiment now. We will see how much alternative care they than cope with without compromising development.''

She was particularly critical of parents who put their children in long-day-care when they were less than 12 months old.

Article: Long day-care 'form of child abuse': Expert': Expert, Sunshine Coast Daily, 16/9/2014.

VOTE IN POLL: Do you think children today need more attention from their parents?
Please choose response: “I don't think we should be relying on child care centres to raise our kids.” Click here to VOTE.

7. Fred Nile moves his ‘face covering Bill” in NSW
Fred Nile has again moved a Bill in the NSW Parliament to ban the wearing of ‘face coverings’ in public. Of course, many media reports and politicians have condemned him and claim he is using it to criticise the wearing of Islamic burqas.

Yes, the Bill does deal with burqas, and other face coverings. His Media Release stated, “It follows similar bans in Belgium, France Italy and Switzerland etc.
Rev Nile denies the bill is anti-Muslim, saying his concern lies with national security and the ISIS threat.”

Fred’s Second Reading speech on the Bill outlined the major concerns.
The Bill is yet to be debated and voted on. If you live in NSW, please encourage your MPs to vote FOR the Bill – click here for MP contact details.
Article: Christian Democrat Rev Fred Nile again moves to ban burqa in NSW, SMH, 11/9/2014.

Fred Nile’s second reading speechclick here.

Overseas News

1. Miss America worked at Planned Parenthood . . .
Joe Miller, of Restoring Liberty, writes, “Kira Kazantsev, who represented New York state as Miss New York, worked at the Planned Parenthood abortion business — the nation’s biggest abortion company…”

He writes, “According to her Linked-In profile, Kazantsev interned at Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, New York. Her job duties at the company that snuffs out of the lives of young baby girls? “Assisted delivery of programs in local public schools, teaching children about mutual respect & self-esteem” and “Conducted research on Planned Parenthood Education.

Article: Newly-Crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev Worked at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Joe Miller, 16/9/2014.

2. On persecuted Christians – please pray and act

CUP- petition and letter writing…
As we mentioned earlier this week, ‘Christians Under Persecution’ ask us to WRITE letters to PM Tony Abbott, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Treasurer Joe Hockey, as well as our own federal MPs and Senators – and also sign a petition asking the government to act regarding religious persecution.
See the CUP Facebook page for details.

Citizen Go petition – provide shelter for Christians in Iraq
Citizen Go is running a petition… “Please help by calling on the European Union to provide immediate shelter to the persecuted Christians of Iraq. As a community, we cannot look away any longer. . ." 
To sign the petition, click here.

Barnabas Fund petition
Barnabas Fund is running a petition titled ‘Save the Christians of the Middle East’.
The petition calls on our nation and the United Nations
“to intervene actively to protect Christians and other minorities in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria, from genocide, persecution and terror; to allow Christian refugees into our countries and to take active steps to promote humanitarian asylum and a positive welcome; and to support and give humanitarian aid to Christians in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and to provide assistance to those fleeing as refugees.”
Click here to sign the petition.


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