Many television programs contain offensive material. Bad language, blasphemy, sexual relationships and homosexuality are increasingly portrayed in programs.

Sometimes a TV program promotion is in an inappropriate time slot or ads appear in the wrong time zone...

This page contains links to the TV station websites - with contact details.

There is also information about making a complaint to the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA).

We can make a difference by taking ACTION!

When you see a program that is inappropriate or offensive:

1. Phone the station to record your concern
Don't JUST change the channel!
Have the phone numbers for each station close to the phone.

2. Write to the station
Most stations do not receive complaints by email. If you want a response you need to write a letter and post it to them!

3. Writing to ACMA
When you get a reply, if you are not satisfied, write to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (formerly the Australian Broadcasting Authority) - they monitor complaints and standards.
Click here for contact details and full description of the process. Details also below...

4. Code of Practice
Each form of TV (ABC, SBS and commercial) each have their own 'Code of Practice' which lays out their code of ethics. Complaints can be made to the TV station and then to ACMA if the TV station acts outside this code.

More information on making a complaint, ACMA and the Codes of Practice is on our "Making a Complaint - Television" webpage - click here.

Links and Details for Australian TV stations 

Click here for ABC website.
Click here to contact the ABC.
Click here for an online form to contact the ABC.
Click here for contact details for individual programs.
Click here for contact details for ABC offices.

Click here for SBS website.
Click here to make a complaint to SBS.
  - A formal or informal complaint can be made - read the page to find out more...
  - To obtain a response, you need to make a 'formal complaint'.
Click here for contact details.

Channel 7
Click here for Channel 7 Yahoo website.
To make a formal complaint: Click here for description of process.
Seven West Media - owner of Channel 7 - click here.

Channel 9
Click here for web page.
Click here for a description of the complaint process and contact details.
There are sections on making a formal complaint, a complaint about a specific program and advertisement placement.

Channel 10 
Click here for Channel 10 website.
Click here for contact details. No email addresses.
On that page, following the address section there is a description of the contact and complaint process. At the bottom of the page there is a downloadable contact/complaint form which can be filled in and mailed.

More information on making a complaint, ACMA and the Codes of Practice is on our "Making a Complaint - Television" webpage - click here.


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